Written by Paul T

30 Jan 2016

This is going to be the strangest thing you have ever heard. Even my wife and I can't believe what happend which is why we have to write in down. We have a great sex life and have talked about spicing things up but never done anything about it.

Let me tell you a little about us. I'm Paul, I'm 52 and my wife Amanda is 49. Amanda is very attractive, have a great figure with an impressive attention grabbing chest.

Yesterday we had a visit from our new neighbour Shelly. Shelly is in her mid 20's, single, she's plain looking with a not very curvaceous figure and a small chest. But she has a huge personality. Within half and hour it was as though we had known her for years.

In fact before the first hour was past she had asked and we had told her about our sex life and how often we have sex which is something we just don't talk to strangers about. We asked her if she had a boyfriend to which she replied, ' hell no I prefer girls. It went quiet for a while and she looked at is and threw her arms up and said ' I'm a lesbian guys!

We laughed but then she asked Amanda if she had ever been with a girl. Amanda told her that ' of course she hadn't . To which Shelly replied, why of course ? She went on to explain that 99% of straight women have at least though about it with 85% considering it and 45% trying it.

Shelly then said that she bet Amanda would enjoy kissing a woman to which she replied that she probably would. In a moment Shelly was at next to her and said ' so lest see'. Amanda looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders.

I couldn't believe that in less than and hour and a half of meeting this complete stranger my wife was kissing her passionately.

In a mater of a about 10 minutes more her top was off and Amanda's breasts where swinging free and about 10 min later she was completely naked with a girl half her age grinding herself against her. I just sat and watched the two of them have the most amazing sex ever and all I did was play with myself until they screamed and groaned as they both reached orgasm . Then our new friend says she wants to watch as I fuck my wife so not being one to disappoint I'm in Amanda's wet pussy in a flash with Shelly playing with herself watching is.

I'm embarrassed to say I only lasted a few minutes, the sight of Shelly and Amanda and then Shelly finger fucking herself whilst I fucked Amanda was too much. But instead of us cleaning ourselves up and getting dressed, as soon as I slid out of Amanda, Shelly was down on her lapping up my cum.

So needles to say we will be repeating this quite soon I expect ( hope).