Written by Amanda

25 Nov 2013

Thank you for your interest and kind comments. I hope this second part doesn't disappoint. Those who read the first part will recall that Erica had just led me into their lounge, where instead of just Jeff, her husband, and one or two guys there was him and four others, all naked, three of them stroking their pricks, sporting what were to me impressive erections. What the other two were doing stopped me in my tracks I was so surprised. I'd admitted to her when we first discussed my unsatisfactory sex life, that I found the idea of sex with complete strangers arousing and exciting. With the exception of her husband, the other four were total strangers, one of them having his cock sucked by Jeff.

With hindsight, after what Erica and I had done in the shower, I shouldn't have been so surprised to see Jeff sucking one of the guys cocks. It was just so unexpected to see him kneeling on one of the large sofas with an erect cock in his mouth, while the guy he was sucking wanked his prick. I realised Erica and Jeff were both bisexual. I wondered if I was. On the evidence of my behaviour in the shower I thought I might be. There was no denying that I had enjoyed sex with Erica and the orgasm alone was enough to convince me I would repeat it given the opportunity.

Erica nudged me to get my attention and made the introductions. “The guy Jeff's sucking is Adam” Adam grinned and said “Hi” There was a glass coffee table between the large sofa they were on and the identical one opposite. “The two sitting down are Ben and Mark and the smug bastard by the fireplace, with the big cock is Ryan” they all greeted me. I couldn't help staring at Ryan's cock, rock hard, a good 9 or 10 inches long, standing almost vertically, practically touching his belly, he had plenty to be smug about. It was far, far larger than my husbands or the only other man I'd ever had sex with. I wondered what it would feel like to to be fucked by him, that's if I could take him. She introduced me. “This is Amanda. It's her first time so be gentle with her, especially you Ryan if she lets you fuck her” Not if he fucks me, but when I thought, wondering, but not daring to ask, if she was serious about all five fucking me. I smiled at them all and said Hi, raised my hand to wave, realised I was still holding the vibrator and giggled.

One mentioned the photo Erica had sent, said I looked even better in the flesh and asked if I'd been masturbating when it was taken. Before I could answer, Erica chipped in and said that I had been. “That's why she's brought her vibrator, she thought you would like to watch her using it. Get her in the mood before she lets you fuck her. WHO WANTS TO SEE AMANDA WANKING?” she shouted. They all did. “Bitch” I mouthed. I'd considered “Cunt” to be a disgusting word until earlier. The idea of someone being watched performing a sex act in front of people, I'd have thought outrageous and obscene before that evening, if it had ever occurred to me. Now here I was on the brink of doing just that, being challenged to masturbate while they watched. It was such an outrageous and shameless thing to do it excited me. I wanted to do it, reasoning that if Erica could behave like that, their was no reason why I shouldn't. I just needed a little nudge to persuade me.

She saw my hesitation, moving closeer, whispering to me that I could do it, encouraging me to look at their hard cocks, reminding me who they were there to fuck. I felt her hand on my shoulder, pulling the dress strap down my arm. “Take your dress off, let them see your gorgeous body. Show them your wonderful tits. Look they're wanking, you know you want to too” her voice was seductive, persuasive. I glanced over towards Jeff, he'd stopped sucking Adam's cock, both now holding and stroking the others cock, looking at me expectantly.

The strap slipped down my arm, the front of the dress open exposing my left breast. You can do it. You can do it, I repeated silently to myself. There's nothing to be embarrassed about, no else seems to have a problem with nudity or performing sex acts in front of everyone, I persuaded myself. Still holding the vibrator, I slid the other strap off my shoulder, pulled the dress down to my waist. With my tits exposed I relaxed a bit more and eased the dress over my hips, pushing it down my legs. I bent to pull it over my shoes, lifting one foot at a time, aware that as I stepped out of it I was flashing my pussy.

I stood in front of them in all my naked glory. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest but it was as if a weight had been lifted, a feeling liberation and freedom being so exposed. I could feel sex juices seeping from my pussy. I felt the need to fully expose my Cunt to them, certain that once I'd crossed that bridge I'd have nothing to constrain me or feel self-conscious about. “Good girl, you're doing great. Use the chair, over there” Erica suggested, pointing at a recliner, positioned at end of the coffee table where they would all be able to see.

She walked with me, gave me a pat on the bum and an encouraging smile. I turned to face the guys, only then noticing the camcorder on a tripod and the huge widescreen TV on the wall opposite, behind the door we'd come through. On the TV it showed us being videoed. Erica saw me looking, assured me it was for their eyes only, gently pushing me into the chair. I looked from one to the other, realising that in the room were more cocks than I'd seen in my whole life. Erica knelt on the floor next to me, her hand stroking my thigh, fingers touching my pussy. I glanced up at the TV, Jeff had the camcorder remote, zooming it in on me and Erica.

Being able to watch myself, see what the guys could see increased my excitement. I pushed against the back of the chair, partly reclining it. I took a deep breath and began to part my legs, eyes fixed on the screen as my pussy was revealed, my crinkly pussy lips parted like petals, my hole slightly open. I felt a surge of excitement displaying my Cunt to them all, needed and wanted them to see everything. I spread my legs wider, my sex gaping as I spread, wantonly exposing my Cunt.

Jeff zoomed in, the TV screen filled by a close up view of my gaping pussy. Erica's fingers came into view, sliding into my sex, holding my pussy lips and stretching my Cunt open, displaying the inside my wet, pink fuck tube. I looked from the screen to the guys, all of them wanking, either watching me directly or on the TV. I was beginning to enjoy being the centre of attention, revel in the knowledge that although my husband was disinterested in me, I could have this effect on men, and that they were more than eager to fuck me.

Having watched the video several times since, I think this was the moment when the few remaining reservations I had were swept away and I knew I could go through with it. My body visibly relaxed, as I spread my legs as wide as I comfortably could, letting them hang over the side of the chair. The tension and nervous look on my face changed to one of pleasure and unbridled lust.

I moved my right hand to my pussy, sliding my fingers between Erica's. Brazenly and unashamedly I began to masturbate. I felt an immediate a frisson of excitement, thrilled by what I was doing and switched on my penis vibe and used it on my nipples. Erica moved her hands from pussy, knelt back to watch me wanking, my fingers sliding in and out of my Cunt faster. “Use the vibrator” she suggested I moved it from my tits, using my fingers to guide it into my hole “Don't push it straight in, using it on your clitoris first” she advised.

I held the tip of the vibrator against my clit, the humming tone changing as I moved it in a circular motion, pressing it more firmly against my button. My tummy seemed to flip as the vibrations pulsed through my pussy, the flow of my pussy juices increasing. I heard one of the guys telling me to use it in my pussy and masturbate. I held it against my clit for a few moments longer then slid it along my slit, coating it with juices and slowly pushed it into my Cunt and began to fuck myself with it. It felt wonderful, being able to behave in such a debauched manner, performing a very private sex act in front of a group of people, four of whom I'd only been introduced to minutes previously.

Using the flexibility of the vibrator I fucked myself with 6 or 7 inches in my Cunt. I plunged the pulsating artificial prick in and out of my fuck hole. I turned it up to maximum, rubbing the multiple raised nubs near its base on my clit, bringing myself closer and closer to orgasm. I was almost there when Erica said she wanted to finish me. She took control of the vibrator using it on me for only a minute or two before pulling it from my pussy, and dropping it, still buzzing on the floor. She moved between my legs, rested her head on my thigh, ensuring she wasn't obstructing the camera. She pushed four fingers into my pussy, began sliding them in and out, stretching my Cunt. I felt her rotating her hand, glanced at the TV, noticed she was working her thumb in as well.

Before I fully appreciated what she was doing, her thumb had joined her fingers, and she'd pushed her hand and wrist inside me. My pussy tight around her lower arm as she began to fist me. She has small hands fortunately and I found the sensation of being so full, distinctly pleasurable. It reminded me about Ryan's cock. He was sitting on the arm of the sofa nearest to me, slowly stroking his beautiful cock. I looked up at the screen, comparing Ericas arm pumping in and out of my Cunt with Ryan's prick, deciding I'd be able to take him and hopefully soon. Meanwhile Erica had twisted around, and whilst still fisting me had lowered her head, and just like earlier was flicking her tongue on my engorged clitoris. Through my gasps and moans I could hear the guys, some calling for her to fist me harder, the others shouting encouragement to me to cum. It was to much, the whole erotic situation, overwhelming me. I just let myself go and climaxed.

She waited until I'd more or less come back down to earth, withdrew her fist from my Cunt, stood up, pulling me to my feet. Holding her hand out while Ben licked my juices off her fingers she told me how proud she was of me. I replied I was proud of me too and asked “Can one of them fuck me now. “You are in a hurry. Have a drink first. Sit with them, play with their cocks or try sucking them. Let them touch you. It will be far more erotic and stimulating if you build up to it” she told me. Reluctantly I accepted a glass of wine from Jeff, looking at the naked guys, or more precisely their cocks.

It was liberating being naked with them, the atmosphere sexually charged. Erica was still next to me, enquired who I wanted to fuck me first. My eyes immediately darted towards Ryan. She laughed, “You greedy slut. Best you go and sit next to him before I do” Ryan was sitting at one end of one of the sofas, Mark at the other. I sat in between them, as Erica squeezed between Jeff and Adam on the sofa opposite removing their hands from each other pricks and replacing them with hers. She started to wank them, turning her head, towards Adam and kissing him while Jeff slipped lower and started to fondle her tits, suck her nipples and finger her pussy.

Next to me, Ryan and Marks cocks looked close to being erect, I asked Ryan if I could touch his prick. “Be my guest” he replied, taking my hand, placing it on his cock. I attempted to close my fingers around it, it was to thick to totally enclose but it felt lovely. I could feel it hot and throbbing as I stroked him. I turned towards Mark and asked him to move nearer so I could wank him too.

A guy each side, a cock in each hand, I was in heaven. Leaning back, I lifted my legs over theirs, instinctively opening myself to them, giving them access to my pussy. Mark accepted the invitation and began to finger fuck me. Ben returned from the loo or somewhere, picked up the camcorder moving around videoing us. I couldn't resist showing off, raising my legs, keeping them together until the were pointing straight up. I slowly parted them in a “V” smiling at the camera between my legs while Ryan and Mark stretched my Cunt open. What a Slut I looked.

I lowered my legs, lifting then back over theirs, spreading myself wide open again. Ryan moved down, sucking my tits, Mark continued to finger me while I happily wanked their cocks, squeezing them on the up stroke, spreading the precum that oozed from the tip over their glans. After several minutes, Ryan stopped sucking my tits, turned me on my side facing away from him, put his hand on my neck, pushing my head down towards Marks cock. Ryans cock slipped from my hand, I twisted trying to grab it, slipping off the sofa, on to my knees, Marks cock, slapping against my face. Kneeling on the floor at least I could reach both their cock again and more importantly try and suck them.

I could hear sucking and slurping noises from behind me, glanced at the TV. Erica was laid across the sofa, one of her legs on the back of the sofa, Adam between her thighs fucking her, with her other leg over his shoulder. At the other end her was head hanging off the sofa, Jeffs cock practically down her throat. I wasn't going to get any useful cocksucking advice from her. It can't be that difficult to suck a cock I thought, lowering my head, giving Marks cock tentative lick, reaching out for Ryans erection.

Ryan shuffled closer, I turned to him, licked his shaft, tasting his precum when I ran my tongue around his knob. Turning back to Mark I licked his prick tasting him too. I knew I couldn't put off sucking one for much longer. Turned back to Ryan, kissed the very end of his cock, parting my lips slightly, taking just the tip, sucking it against my teeth. I felt him trying to push his cock into my mouth. Hoping for the best, I opened my mouth. He slid a couple of inches of his thick cock into my mouth and I did my best to suck it. I wrapped my fingers around his girth in case he tried to push more in. I began sucking, bobbing my head up and down, taking another inch in my mouth, relieved he didn't attempt to shove more in, and he was heeding Erica's warning to be gentle with me.

From behind me I could hear grunting, the moans and sighs of Erica being fucked and sounding close to climaxing. From the corner of my eye I could see the TV. Jeff had cum in Erica's mouth, spunk dribbling from between her lips, running down the side of her face and he was watching Adam still fucking her. It was a bit distracting listening to her cumming, but I did my best to concentrate on the two cocks I had, as the camera swung around and the picture on the screen changed to me with Ryans cock in my mouth.

I was kind of getting the hang of it and switched to Marks cock, shorter and thinner but still quite large compared to what I was used to. I lowered my head, and took his hardness in my mouth, sucking him steadily for a minute or two before moving back over to Ryans rampant cock. I moved back and fore between them, taking their cocks in my mouth, inexpertly sucking as much of their length as I could, my lips clamped around their shafts, trying my best to please them. Ryans cock was particularly thick filling my mouth, my lips stretched tight around his girth. My inexperience was obvious, but they were both really sweet, telling me what men liked, when to use my tongue or suck harder, squeeze their balls gently, not to get to carried away and bite their cocks, at least not to hard.

As they say practise makes perfect and I've now had lots of practise and I am an avid and enthusiastic cocksucker and adore the taste of spunk. I was sucking Marks cock for about the sixth time when Ryan sat up, leaned forward, put his hand between my legs felt my pussy and said he wanted to fuck me. I stopped sucking Marks cock, “Where do you want me to lie?” I asked, expecting he'd fuck me in the missionary position which was really all I was accustomed to. It was a surprise and a joy to be asked if I would like to try another position. “You can try being on top or I can fuck you from behind and you can carry on sucking Marks cock” he suggested.

I thought of what I'd seen and heard Erica doing, fucking and sucking and only moments before, climaxing very loudly. “Take me from behind and I'll try to suck Marks cock. Where do you want me?” I answered, clambering to my feet. Erica, Jeff and Adam had finished fucking, the two guys still sitting on the Sofa. Erica walked over, her hand covering her pussy and asked if I'd mind if Mark licked her out while Ryan fucked me. I was new to it all, wanted to see and experience everything so wasn't going to object.

They knew what they wanted to do, Mark lay back on the Sofa, one foot on the floor. Erica waited while Ryan bent me over the arm of the sofa where I could see the TV. Resting one hand on the seat cushion the other on Mark I got ready to take another mans cock in my married Cunt. Did I even think of my husband? No, not for a single second. Watching the screen, I moved my legs apart, my Cunt gaped open, slick with my juices, highly aroused and ready for Ryans cock. He moved behind me, blocking the cameras view of my waiting pussy. The moment I'd been eagerly anticipating had finally arrived and I was about to be fucked by only the third man in over twenty years of sexual activity.

Erica straddled Marks head, removed her hand from her pussy, Adam's spunk immediately running out of her hole, into his open mouth as she lowered herself onto his face. She grinned at me, stroking her clit as Mark began to lick her clean. I quickly lost interest, I felt Ryans hands on my bum then his cock touching my leg. He spread my buttocks, I could feel his cock moving closer to my pussy. The tip touched my hole, I gasped, wiggled my bum, wanting to feel him inside me. He stopped and asked Ben for the camcorder. He kept one hand on my bum, holding my buttock. On the screen, my bum came into focus, my puckered anus in the centre. Just below, his large heavily veined cock, the bulbous knob just in my glistening pink hole, my labia splayed either side.

I stared the screen, transfixed, Marks cock all but forgotten. I watched, enthralled as Ryan entered me, his cock stretching my Cunt open and disappearing into my hole. As it had when Erica fisted me, my neglected pussy stretched elastically, easily accepting his thick cock. I groaned, sounding almost like an animal, “Oh my God. That's wonderful” I sighed to myself, almost to quietly for the camcorder to pick up. I could feel his large throbbing cock deep inside me. I could see on the screen he'd fully penetrated me, his pubes against my bum, my pussy hidden, but feeling wonderfully full. Speaking louder this time, “That's awesome. I've never felt anything like. Please fuck me”

He started to pull out, my Cunt and his shaft, shining with my juices appeared on screen, my anus winked open a little. He pulled almost completely out, then drove his cock back into me hard. I gasped. He paused then began to fuck me. I moaned with pleasure, sighed dreamily, elated that after all those years I was being fucked properly. He fucked me in a steady rhythm, his heavy balls slapping my clit each time he thrust his cock into my grateful and increasingly aroused Cunt. It felt marvellous, my pussy seemed to be quivering already as he changed the angle and depth of penetration. I smiled gleefully at Erica, she grinned back, pointing at Mark, wanking his ignored cock. I got the hint, bent forward and took him in my lips and began sucking his cock.

To be honest, it was hopeless. I couldn't concentrate, the feelings building in my pussy impossible for me to ignore. For the first time I was getting real stimulation, pleasure from being fucked. I tried to continue sucking Marks cock but kept getting distracted, finding it increasingly difficult to breath and suck. In the end I gave up, selfishly wanting to concentrate on my own pleasure and sexual gratification. With an understanding shrug, Erica bent forward and took over, expertly blowing Mark while he licked her pussy clean.

Free to enjoy myself, I started to push back each time Ryan thrust his cock into me. I felt the first flutters of an imminent orgasm, seeming to radiate out from my Cunt, my nipples hard, body flushed pink, breathing in short gasps. Bracing myself on one arm, I moved my other hand to my pussy, rested it on my mound. My fingers on my clitoris I began frigging. He'd been fucking me for several minutes, I'd been vaguely aware of his finger pressing against my anus, then feeling him sliding it into my pussy. Now it was touching my bum hole again, this time being moving in circles, pressing more firmly against my puckered arse hole. He pushed his finger in the next time my anus winked open. I'd been rocking back to take his cock, his finger overcame the tight anal muscles and he slid it up my bum.

Close to cumming, I moaned at this added stimulus, enjoying the sensation of his cock in my pussy, his probing finger moving in my arse. The flutters in my pussy increased, pulsating and quivering inside me. I cried out that I was cumming, went rigid, arching my back as I orgasmed, waves of pleasure coursing through my body, my Cunt seeming to spasm, gripping his cock. I stopped frigging my clitoris, hanging onto the sofa to prevent myself collapsing. The fluttering began to subside but not completely. I realised that he hadn't ejaculated and was continuing to fuck me. I hadn't thought it possible but he fucked me to a second orgasm 2 or 3 minutes later, cumming inside me moments later, pumping three or four heavy spurts of spunk deep in my Cunt. My legs finally gave way, I collapsed over the arm of the chair, flushed, perspiring and panting like a dog. Oh wow, sex was fucking wonderful.

Erica and Mark had finished and Ben was sitting on the Sofa. I looked up with a triumphant expression on my face. My very first orgasm from penetrative sex. I was certain it wouldn't be my last. I looked greedily at Ben's hard cock, realised he hadn't had a fuck. I looked towards Erica, “Can I have Ben too?” I asked hopefully. “That's why they're here. Why don't you get on top so we can all see his cock in your Cunt while he fucks you” she suggested.

I hauled myself to my feet, a little unsteady on the 5 inch heels, still quivery and excited. I could feel Ryans spunk leaking from my pussy, running down my legs, soaking into my stocking tops as I moved over to Ben. In this situation I didn't think I needed to wait for an invitation to touch his prick. I bent over and stroked his cock, I suddenly felt more spunk run from my cunt, looked between my legs, a long string of sperm dangled from my pussy swinging between my legs. Erica hurried over, scooping it with her fingers, wiping more from my pussy before it dripped on the carpet. “You better get on him before any more leaks out” she laughed, raising her hand to her mouth, licking his cum off her fingers. I moved to climb on facing him. “OTHER WAY ROUND” Erica and one of the guys shouted.

I turned, backing towards him and his lovely stiff prick. Looking between my legs I could see he was holding it steady. I lowered myself onto him, felt his cock sliding along my inner thigh, touching my pussy and being guided into my Cunt. My fuck hole was still dilated. Lubricated with my sex juices and probably a large amount of Ryans spunk, Bens cock slipped into me. I was so wet it just glided in, fully penetrating me with ease. He put his arms around me, fondling my tits, squeezing my nipples, pulling me back against his chest.

Erica had the camcorder. On the screen I understood why she'd recommended this position. Everything was visible, between my spread legs. My sodden cunt, swollen clitoris poking out from under its hood, Ben's long thin, slightly bent cock, moving in and out, my tits swinging when he moved his hands under my bum supporting me as I began to ride his cock. The combination of his bent cock and a different angle of penetration made this fuck as pleasurable as the first. I was starting to learn to read what a guy wanted me to do. I rode him until he held my bum to stop me, keeping still while he fucked me, ramming his cock in and out, hard and fast. I rode him when he stopped, experimenting by moving and changing position, discovering that I could increase my arousal. We fucked for almost 15 minutes, he brought me almost to the brink after only a few minutes, then slowed down, tormenting me by keeping me simmering, preventing me from cumming when I rode him. In the end I was practically begging him to make me cum. He relented, drilling his cock into me rapidly, while I furiously frigged my clitoris. My whole body shook as if I was convulsing when I came. My Cunt muscles rippling along his shaft, milking every drop of spunk from his balls when he grunted and ejaculated, adding his sperm to Ryans swimming inside me.

I was still shaking when I climbed off him. Erica ensured I didn't drip any spunk on the carpet, laying me back, going down on me, slowly and carefully licking and sucking every drop of spunk from my gaping pussy. I was physically and mentally drained, slightly overwhelmed by what I'd done, but far from regretting anything. Ben had to leave, Ryan and Adam and Mark were, like me, staying. It was just assumed that I would be sleeping with two of them. I was allowed to choose who I went with and chose Ryan immediately and Mark because he hadn't fucked me yet.

Like Erica's bedroom, there was a super kingsize bed, plenty of room for three, an en-suite which unfortunately only had a single shower which we all used first. What a joy to be climbing into bed naked and snuggling between two guys, with no hang ups about nudity or sex. What a pleasure to be able to explore their bodies, stroke and suck their cocks, let them explore my body, with their mouths and fingers. The bliss of Ryan going down on me while I practised cocksucking on Mark. The satisfaction of spreading my legs for them both to fuck me before we slept, sent me to sleep very happy and wanting more.

I slept well, other than half waking during the night when I felt them move and heard the loo flush. I woke holding a stiff cock in one hand. Still half asleep I murmured I wanted fucking again and parted my legs. He rolled on top of me. As he entered me I half opened my eyes to see who it was. I don't think I was even really surprised to find that the guys had swapped rooms during the night and to find Jeff looking down at me or Adam laid beside us.

I wrapped my legs around him, wanting to feel his cock inside me. He fucked me slowly, taking his time. Adam knelt by my head offering me his cock to suck. I sucked it for a minute before he offered it to Jeff. I found sharing Adams cock with Jeff incredibly horny a real turn on. We took it in turns, Jeff sucking Adams cock, then returning it for me to suck. Jeff continued fucking me deep and slow then faster and harder when he knew I was close, ensuring I orgasmed before he came. He lay on top for a few moments after he'd cum before rolling off. Adam instantly replaced him, sliding his cock into my spunk drenched pussy, fucked me to a second orgasm and deposited a second load of spunk in my Cunt.

In the previous twenty something years I'd only had sex with two men. In less than twelve hours I'd gone from one extreme to the other and been fucked by five guys, four of whom I'd never met before, and had sex with my friend Erica. I was hooked. I'd discovered some of what I had been missing out on. I wanted more, lots more and I was determined to get it whatever the consequences. My only regret was that I hadn't spoken to Erica sooner.

My story is perhaps not as raunchy as some, but it was my first time, I was still learning and I found the experience horny, erotic and as she'd warned me addictive. Erica, Jeff and their friends, male and female, still had much to teach me, including recently introducing me to the contents of the other side of Erica's wardrobe which I mentioned in part one.

Unsurprisingly my marriage was doomed after that night so I doubt you will be surprised to learn that Will and I have now separated and that for the moment I am living with Erica and Jeff until the house is sold. Having discovered I have a rapacious appetite for sex I can't get enough cock and occasionally pussy. I'm determined to make up for all the years my pussy was deprived and neglected. I'm not actually sure how many guys fucked me before I left Will, about a dozen I guess. Nor am I sure how many have had me since. It's probably between forty and fifty, if I include the ones who paid to fuck me, at an event in a hotel when we were mistaken for a pair of whores and decided to play along. That is all another story. Perhaps I'll relate it sometime if you want me too.