Written by DeeJay12

19 Apr 2014

We have just arrived at our hotel just of the M6, ready for a weekend of fun.

Part of our package is the use of the hotel swimming pool, so after a brief settling in period (kissing, groping, more caressing and resisting full sex!!!) Donna decided it was time for us to go and enjoy the leisure facilities.

The water was lovely and warm, like stepping into a bath. We enjoyed a relaxing session, doing a few strokes and having a laugh as well as the occasional brief touch whilst passing in the pool and in the jaccousi.

After an hour it was time to get out and go to get changed. We has chosen to go into the family changing rooms which were nice and quiet and to our delight had a shower and changing area within a lockable cubicle.

Donna and I locked the door and she took her swimming suit off and I removed my shorts. I got in the shower and she joined me. Looking at her stood naked, water running down her tits and tumbling off I found it hard to resist and started soaping myself up right next to her.

As she turned round to rinse I pressed myself up against her back and she smiled at me as I felt my cock start to harden with the thought. She reached back and wanked me until I was rock hard, I knelt on the floor and fingered her, sucking her tits until she was ready and then she whispered "fuck". I nodded as we had to be silent, the cubicles had cut off doors and we could hear people outside.

She bent over and rested on the changing bench while I fucked her from behind, how she kept quiet I will never know as she is usually a screamer. I shot my load all over her arse and we both stood,kissed and went back into the shower to clean up, but I didn't go down and her encouraging me, stroking my cock again, kissing me and doing the smile that means she wants more made me turn her around and bend her over again to fuck her a second time, she stood up pressing herself against the tiles so i could grab her tits while we fucked. I blew another load on her and we turned around trying not to say anything as we casually showered and got dressed.

I think we will be staying at this hotel again!!