Written by Richard

27 Feb 2018

Rachael was created when after a bottle or 2 of red wine, and a good session with the wife, I asked why it took her so long to get ready when we were going to our local swing club. This prompted a reply that maybe I should try being a woman and getting ready to the standard she does, as Sharon always thought I would make a good woman. So a challenge was set. I have never thought of me as a crossdresser, but this changed me overnight into Rachael and I love it.

The following Saturday morning I was ordered upstairs to shower and give myself the closest shave possible, then to a dressing gown only and call downstairs to Sharon. This I did, fortunately I don’t have much of a beard so shaving was easy, as I waited in the bedroom my mind was racing as to what was to lay ahead. Sharon came upstairs and immediately asked me to lie on the bed, she undid my dressing cord and opened it, stood back and said right all this body hair will have to go. Before I could comment the razor was out and she attacking what little chest hair I have. Then she moved down to my pubes, I protested, but her comment was “you shave me, no you can see what it feels like”. My legs were next again very little hair to remove, so in no time I was hairless.

Right now to get dressed, Sharon went to her wardrobe and pulled out 2 carrier bags and emptied them on the bed. First a suspender belt was put round my waist, then a matching bra was fastened around my chest and a pair of silicon boobs slipped in to give me a B cup, which looked quite realistic and felt good too. A pair of black stockings were offered to me and were duly slipped on and attached to the 6 straps on the belt, the touch of the nylon against my legs made me feel all sexy. By this time my cock was twitching, so Sharon knelt down and started to suck me off, taking a full load in the mouth. That will stop any more of that she said. Now I am not most endowed bloke so as my cock calmed down Sharon introduced the knickers to match the bra and belt, and they contained a ‘tummy panel’ which held my tackle in tight. As I looked at myself in the mirror I could see me being slowly transformed. Sharon then produced the makeup, starting with nail polish, then moving onto my face to complete my transformation. A wig was produced and when I saw myself in the mirror I could have been my sister!

To complete my dressing Sharon produced a blouse and skirt and with a pair of smart heels I was now Rachael. What was needed though was a quick education on how to walk in heels, how to sit with ankles together etc. All this accomplished Sharon suggested we go shopping for more outfits, so I borrowed on of her coats and headed out to the car. What had I started, what ever it was I was enjoying it, was I now a crossdresser or just satisfying myself? A quick journey by car and we were visiting charity shops looking for dresses, blouses and skirts. Trying on dresses in shops as a crossdresser was a wonderful feeling, knowing that next door were real ladies, if only they knew!

Back home with some new outfits and even racier lingerie, stockings and even nightdresses, Sharon suggested going to our swing club as a pair of lady swingers, this set my mind racing. I chose my new little black number with my new black lingerie complete with fully fashioned stockings, I had also got some high heels from the charity shop to complete my look. Sharon also dressed to kill, complimented me on my knew look and said she had done a good job of creating a another swinger to join her.

Sharon drove us both to the club, and a pair of ladies we got in free, not even the regular barman recognised me as Sharon introduced me as her best friend who was interested in soft swinging. As we walked round the club rooms with Sharon explaining what went on in each room, nobody questioned this crossdresser as we watched couples enjoying themselves, in fact I was even propositioned by one couple asking if I would like to join them. Obviously, I didn’t partake this time, maybe next time at the LGBT nights they hold.

So we left and made our way home, then Sharon stopped the car on a dark stretch of road and asked me to get out, she then ordered me to take my panties off and get back into the car, after all she said you ask me to knickerless so now you know how it feels, and it felt good. Driving on Sharon then stopped the car short of our estate, we lived on one of those riddled with footpaths and I was ordered to walk home along the paths while Sharon drove home. Walking alone along these paths in high heels, stockings and no panties was wonderful why on earth you would want to wear tights is beyond me!!

As I turned into our road I could see another car on the drive, and as I entered the house I could hear voices, I wasn’t really ready for this meeting friends dressed as a woman, but just as I was about to go upstairs Sharon came out of the lounge and insisted I came in. Sitting there was Bill and Karen friends from our swing club who we had shared many an intimate session with. I also noticed that Sharon was dressed as a man in my trousers and shirt. I was asked to come into the middle of the room so all could see me and was immediately set on by Bill with his hands sliding up my dress to my stocking tops, see what it’s like Sharon said. As Karen egged Bill on he ordered me to unzip his trousers and take his cock out. Suck it shouted Karen, something I had thought about many a time in the club but never did, but as Rachael how could I resist.

Bending from the waist I took his cock in my mouth and started to lick and suck the bell end, just as I started to enjoy it, I felt hands riding up my legs and lifting the hem of my dress exposing my bare arse. The girls then started stroking my arse and applying some sort of cream in my exposed crack. As I looked round Sharon had stripped off and was wearing a strapon cock and before I could say anything she had entered my arse giving me a right good fucking, take his cock bitch she shouted, now you have been spit roasted, nice isn’t it. And yes it was!! After what seemed like minutes the strapon was removed and my dress was removed and I was led over to Karen who had removed her dress and panties and I was instructed to lick her out as Bill entered my now well lubricated arse. I felt his warm cock enter my arse, which was a lot better than the dildo, and after a number of stokes felt the warm shot of spunk as he shot his load up me.

As Sharon said later, now I feel what it’s like to be a woman in a swing club, and the best of it is I enjoyed it. So Rachael had been created, we still enjoy going to our club and I still enjoy female company, but now have a better appreciation of what you go through and yes Racheal still gets her fair share when Sharon and Rachael go on the pull, but more of those tails later if you want.