Written by Jake

12 Aug 2009

As with many men, I have always dreamed about my wife having sex with another man. My wife Jackie is a size 10/12, 5 ft 4 in tall, blonde hair and is a firm 34d. We go on holiday to our house in Spain 4 or 5 times a year, dependant on business at home. When I’m sunbathing at the house, I tend to do it naked, as no-one is able to see me. On our last visit Jackie, who always where a swimming costume never a bikini, shocked me by coming out of the house in her robe, removing it to reveal not a stitch underneath. She said she wanted to see what I got out of it doing in the nude. At the end of our session I asked if she enjoyed it, to which she said she had and would definitely do it again.

The next 3 days were repeats of the first day. On the fourth day Jackie was out before me and was laying on the sunbed on her stomach and asked if I could put some sun cream on her back for her. I was happy to oblige and she seem to get turned on by this. The next day we were out for lunch and the wine was flowing. Jackie was totally relaxed when we got back to the house and suggested we should do some sunbathing. Off came the clothes and on went the cream. I started at her feet and made my way up to her shoulders, thinking this was all that was required, I went back to my sunbed. Aren’t your going to do the front she asked. I didn’t need asking twice. She rolled over onto her back and I started to massage the cream into her body starting with her shoulders and working my way down, spending some time on her boobs, which should their appreciation with the nipples standing to attention. My hands went down onto her tummy and then down to her beautifully shaven pussy. As I rubbed the cream in, her speed of her breathing increased and in no time she had pulled me on top of her and we were making love. We’d never had sex outside before and the sheer idea of the fresh air and our naked bodies brought us both to a fabulous climax.

The following day we went down to our favourite beach bar where we managed to down almost 3 bottles of wine between us. I then thought to myself, if I could persuade her to go down to the nudist beach with me. I made excuse and went back to the car to pick up a couple of towels and the car blankets. Returning with them moments later I suggested going down to the beach and catch some sun. She agreed without persuasion and off we went. We walked along the beach and round the rocky corner to the nudist beach. There were a number of people about, all shapes and sizes. I asked if she was happy to put our towels down there, to which she replied, no problem. I spread the blanket out on the sand and put the towels on top of it. I removed my shirt and shorts, just leaving my trunks. As I put my hands down the side ready to slide them down, I asked if Jackie was going to join me. On you go she said and I’ll join you when your laying down. So, off came the trunks, never before done in public and I lay down on the towels. Right are you ready, Jackie asked. Go for it I said. In one quick move her dress was off, again revealing she was wearing nothing underneath. What do you think she said with her hands on her hips. Great I said, now come on down.

We lay together for about 40 minutes, just people watching. A few folk walking past said hello, with one well endowed guy taking to us for a good 5 minutes. How Jackie managed to keep her attention on his face I don’t know. Jackie loves the water and as it was quite hot, she said she was going for a swim and off she went. I could see her swimming away and then noticed a couple of guys swimming up to her. and start chatting to her. They were out a fair distance and I could just see their heads and shoulders. The guys were quite close to Jackie and it was obvious that their bodies must have touched at some point. Suddenly, one of the heads disappeared only to reappear minutes later. Then another head disappeared, once again coming back a few minutes later. They seemed to be getting closer and I noticed that Jackie’s head was now fractionally higher than the guys. They splashed about for a while and eventually came out of the sea together. Jackie brought them up to me and introduced them to me. They commented on what a good sport Jackie was and that they’d love to meet up again. One of the guys, George, suggested meeting up the following day. Jackie, said she’d love to but hubby (me) was going home early the following morning. But, George, not taking no for an answer, said that they could all meet up in the afternoon and that he was sure I wouldn’t object. If Jackie wants to meet up tomorrow, that’s entirely up to her, I said. The guys now happy with the answer went back into the sea for a swim. We lay for another half hour and then packed up to go home. We had our dinner and went for an early bed, as the taxi was coming at 4am. Jackie asked if I minded her meeting the guys the following day. Only if you tell me what happened in the sea. She then spilled the beans. When the heads had disappeared in the water, they were actually diving to view her pussy and George gave it a lick while he was there. She was so turned on, by everything that was happening that they both had sex with her. She was very apologetic and explained that it was the drink and the heat, plus the fact that her new found freedom in being naked, had given her the courage to do what she’s done. I agreed to her meeting up with George and co, but couldn’t have done anything to prevent her going anyway.

When I got back to the house 10 days later, she was full of news about her 2 friends and a few others she’d been introduced to. She said, you remember that I wasn’t too interested in sex? Well I think you’ll find I’m a new woman now. That afternoon we went down to the nudist beach and she introduced me to at least 6 different guys, who later said had tutored her in the art of good sex. Our sex life has improved dramatically, but I don’t know if I like leaving her on her own now.