Written by Bert

12 Aug 2008

For years we had spoken about a threesome, normally when Joanne was totally blitzed and was invariably raised by her, but this particular day, albeit that we had ha drink in, but not drunk, she said she wanted to try it with another man. We mad our plans and the following day was Dday.

Joanne showered and shaved, legs and pussy and then put on a black short (not mini) skirt, white blouse, hold ups and high heels, with no underwear. We drove into town, where we had decided to pick up a guy for her at one of the busy hotels. We stopped at the front door to let Joanne off, while I parked the car. I noticed as she was getting out, there were 2 men at the door of the hotel and obviously, Joanne had shown a leg, or maybe more, as she got out. One guy smiled at her opened the door and exchanged a few words. I drove off to park up and came back to the hotel, going straight into the bar. The bar was full and I looked round casually to see where Joanne had plumped herself. I finally saw her away in a corner, drinking and laughing with the 2 guys I’d seen earlier. I went up to the bar, sat on a stool and ordered a drink.

I chatted away to the barman for about 30 minutes, before being able to catch Joanne’s eye. She shook her head, which was an obvious message for me stay put, which I did. I noticed one of the guys put his hand on her leg and up it went under the hem of her skirt. A smile came over his face as he either hit the bare flesh at the top of her hold ups or the juicy hole that was waiting for him. Joanne put her hand on his and whispered in his ear for a few minutes. He smiled, nodded and spoke to his friend, who also smiled like a Cheshire cat and nodded. They stood up, helped Joanne to her feet and off they went to the lift.

The barman had also been watching and commented about her being a new one. I didn’t understand what he was meaning and asked for clarification. He explained that the hotel got a number of prostitutes in to service their clients, but he’d never seen ‘this one’ before. I asked him what sort of money the girls earned. He said it could be anywhere between £50 and £100 and off course they always tipped the barman 10%.

After a couple of hours Joanne came back into the bar, pretending to ignore me totally, she ordered a drink from the barman and gave him £20. She then settled back on the stool further along the bar with her drink. The barman came back over and commented that she must be good, as he’d never known such a big tip. I thought I’d have a bit of fun and asked him to ask Joanne how much she would charge. He smiled and went over to Joanne. She looked me up and down and gave the barman a price. He came back to me and advised that the charge would be £100. I hestitated for a minute and then said that would be OK. He went back to Joanne told her that I was on for it, she knocked back her drink in one, handed over £10 together with her mobile phone number to the barman, got up and came over. She took my arm and out we went. Not a word was spoken until we got in the car.

She relived her experience, from his hand touching her pussy, to her quick reaction in telling him that it would cost him £100 and if his friend wanted to join in it would be £200. They got in the lift and their hands were all over her. They reached the room, one guy went in first followed by Joanne and then the other guy. The first one turned round and started to kiss her, with the second, literally following up the rear. They had her stripped in seconds lay her on the bed, where she experienced sex she had never experienced before. She said she thought she would be tired, but she wasn’t and wanted to get back to the house as quick as possible, where we enjoyed terrific sex.

We were just relaxing in each others arms when the mobile went. All I heard was Ok half an hour. It was the barman from the hotel asking if she was free and did she fancy another £100. She quickly showered and I ran her back to the hotel. After a call from her, I picked her up the following morning. She suggested we should go out and celebrate that night as she had received her £100 from that ‘client’, but had two more during the course of the night giving her a total of £300. We went out that night and just as we were finishing the dessert she got a call from her new pimp barman. The rest is for another time.