23 Dec 2015

Frost's Fav Fantasies;

Punishment Gangbang;

I love Frankie to pieces, lots of us do, she's amazing and gorgeous. I like to look after her, protect her, and shower her with love and affection as much as i can. I want her to feel like a true Princess.

BUT, some times when Frankie has done something wrong, or is deliberately out of line, i love to punish her, and teach her obedience. (She does it on purpose quite a lot...)

Now the following 'Crime' is all true, the discussions that followed are all true, but the punishment will be hypothetical.

So the Truth... Frankie was working abroad on a photo shoot.We had just been chatting and talking about her Fucking another guy on video so i can see, she loved the idea, it made her super horny. That night she had finished work and was at the bar, she's got talking to one of the band that had played there that night, and one thing led to another, they got flirting, got kissing and Frankie was planning to suck this guys cock, video herself, and send it to me the next day. But the guy didn't want her to video him, so she kept trying and asking and flirting and kissing, but he said no.

Now that's not really the crime, part of me thinks that's quite hot. The Crime is she didn't tell me about for ages afterwards. Hiding the truth. Dishonest.

I'm not really easily offended and at the end of the day she was trying to do something for me, but the fact that she hid it for so long warrants a punishment, and to this- Frankie agreed. We actually discussed it at great length.

The problem is i can not fuck her roughly myself, she enjoys that.

I can't get me and my mates to go to town on her either, because she actively wants that to happen. And obviously i don't wan to hurt her.

I'd like to humiliate her, and degrade her, make her orgasm over and over and over again, so she learns her lesson though.

So we settle on a Scenario in which she is suitably punished.

I arrange a Party in a cheap and small hotel room. I publish this party on a certain Swinging Website, i then take names of Single men, all ages, races, sizes.

The only rule to this party is i'll provide the snacks and "entertainment" each guy has to bring some booze. Now the numbers game argument went on for several days, she thinks because she basically only kissed him,- the maximum number of strangers to Gang Fuck her in that hotel room should be 6. I said i don't think there should be a limit, it's a punishment after all. The next day she came in from work and said she'd be willing to let 10 strangers fuck her- and that's it. Again i reminded her, she's a Sub, she's being punished... She smiled.

Over the course of the next few weeks, i took the liberty of ordering several different sized butt plugs, anal relaxer and a large amount of Lube. She asked where all the Condoms were? And i told her that we'd never agreed to the guys wearing condoms, it should be optional for the guy fucking her. And so the planning continues...

Anybody up for a party in this hotel i know??

Frankie the Whore;

Now i love the idea of being my own Boss. Not having to answer to anyone is a dream for me. My ideal job would to be a journalist, or an author. Something where i can express all my thoughts in their completeness.

Some of you may have read about the fact the we've applied to several Porn Studios about Frankie shooting her first Porn Flick, well all that is entirely true.

A few weeks back i was chatting to a friend of mine about Frankie going into the Porn business, and when he asked why i was so happy about it, i said because it suited our lifestyle, she wouldn't have to work long hours, and she'd get to fuck AND get paid to do it.

My friend laughed at the my simple mind-set. Now this was a turning point, although we were both fairly tipsy, and it was a loud environment, i'm sure as he took a swig of his Lager, he mumbled something like;

"Earn a fair bit laying on her back that one..." I honestly didn't catch what he said word for word, but i asked him to repeat himself, he stalled and changed what he said to;

"I mean, i'm not saying she'd be a Whore or anything..." And that was it...

I suddenly felt very Sexually excited about the idea that guys would actually 'pay' to Fuck Frankie!!

I went onto my KIK app (back when it worked properly!!) and got talking to this guy, a nice bloke, and i put the concept across to him. Would he pay to Fuck Frankie?

He said of course he would. And literally offered me £200 there and then!!

I refused and said that it was just hypothetical. But the idea really turn me on.

All the above is 100% true, but this next part is just how i fantasized about it all happening.

I would get talking to the guy, maybe on KIK on a cert Swinging Website, we'd chat a discuss what was available and the price list. I'd then give him a time and date to come to our house. When he arrived, Frankie would be walking about in her sexy Lingerie, Tits on display. She'd be serving us teas/ Coffees or something a little stronger. Once the guys settled in relaxed, had a little chat, and seen Frankie flaunting herself, he'd want to go upstairs. She'd take him up to the Master Bedroom and depending on what we'd discussed and what he'd paid for, the room and Frankie would be set out accordingly. It could just be a quick Suck and fuck, he could Frankie dressed up in some sexy Role Play outfit, she could do a Massage, BDSM,whips and leather, everything was an option.

It even escalated in my head to the concept of hiring Frankie out to Stag Parties, for when they were getting ready to hit the town. Frankie could join them in their Hotel room as an extra special treat for the lads. Football or Rugby Team locker room after parties, when the match has ended, Frankie could help was them all down in the showers... For a price.

I personally think Frankie would make thousands, she's so Game and filthy minded, and when turned on she's up for anything.

I spoke to one girl about it, and she said i could charge a discounted price, if she'd already been used disheveled, which again put all new ideas in my tiny mind.

Homemade Porn Collection;

I'll be totally honest, i have pictures of almost all my Ex girlfriends naked somewhere. I don't ever look at them anymore, because my wife is waaaaay Hotter,but i liked collecting naughtier images as almost memories, or trophies- i'm sure some would say.

One of my Fantasies is for a Slave-Wife to do the same- over time.

One day i'd like to look back through our Kinky Photos and see a selection of photos with Frankie in different Lingerie, in different cities or countries, with a different guys cock in her mouth. I'd love to flick through and see her being fucked by lots of different men, some MMF threesomes, her being DP'd, GangBang photos, outdoor pictures, Frankie hanging out with a Motor Bike Gang, Dogging pix, her licking out men's wives and girlfriends.

I just like the idea of Frankie making a visual library of all her Slutty Adventures.

Sex and Photography- two of our favourite things!!

Frankie's Boyfriend;

Frankie and I share many fantasies, some we agree on, others we disagree on. But this one we both absolutely love. It's quite a long term thing, some not as easy to work out, and it's worth pointing out that i'm straight and wish to have no sexual contact with any guy, but we both love the idea of Frankie having a long term Boyfriend, as well as a Master-Husband. I see him as a slightly younger, sporty guy. Better looking them myself. We'd all be in agreement to exactly what was expected of him and us. For instance, pure honesty and faithfulness, also Frankie would have a few of her belonging at his place, she'd stay round there with him over weekends. They'd go on dates, and holidays together, everything would be as normal Boyfriend and Girlfriend only she'd be married to me.

I'd like to be at work and get a text saying she's spending the weekend round her Boyfriends place, or a message from her saying that him and her were going to the Cinema together that night, did i want to join them? I'd like to call her, and she answer and tell me she's in bed with him but she'd be home in a few hours time.

Also thoughts like we'd all go to a bar or club together, and some of the night she'd be dancing and kissing him, some of the night she'd be kissing me.

And yes, the obvious one, i'd like to come in from work, find her laying in bed naked, i take my clothes off and join her and can see cum on her lips, then when i thrust my cock inside her, i can feel on my dick that she's still full of his cum.

I like the thought of the three of us sharing a bed with her sleeping in the middle, then waking up and seeing him laying on top of her back, pushing her face into the pillows and giving it to her hard from behind.

And to treat her occasionally we'd fuck her at the same time. One in her pussy and one in her arse.

Like i say, he would be loyal and trustworthy to her, like a genuine long term boyfriend.

I have many, many darker fantasies.

I'm writing one out at the moment about me Dominating another Couple.

Frankie being fucked by a Stranger, standing on packed train.

My Boss offering me promotion, for Sexual Favors from Frankie.

Taking Frankie to a Naturist Spa or Nudist Beach.

Taking Frankie to an Venetian Masquerade Orgy (Elements of Truth).