Written by John

10 Nov 2009

I need to set the scene for this as it does affect what happened, so please bear with me. My wife Evie and I had been married five years when she became pregnant, however, things did not go well and she ended up having a miscarrige late in the pregnancy. It's what happened after that that caused all the problems, she became extemely depressed. She wouldn't let me near her, couldn't even touch her let alone kiss and hug her, sex was completely out of the question. I tried my hardest to cope with this but after two years things started to become quite fraught. I was, of course very frustrated, we had enjoyed an extremely active love live and dammit I did actually love the girl.

It all became too much in the end, we certainly discussed my problem, if you consider her advice was a discussion, 'If that's what you're worried about go and find a prostitute!' Well, I wasn't going to do that, but I did think privately that if I did come across a lady who might fancy me, I might well fall and that is precisely what happened.

I have been a season ticket holder at our local league club for some years, you could say that it was my one indulgence. My seat was next to the aisle seat just off centre in the main stand and I had noticed that the old boy who had the aisle seat had not attended a match for the last six weeks of the previous season. He was a taciturn old man who had a job just to acknowledge my cheery hello, so I can't say that I missed him much.

Now this season I found his seat occupied by an attractice lady who, I guessed was probably in her late thirties, early forties. I said hello and introduced myself to her and she said, 'Oh, my name is Alison, people usually call me Ali. I'm the widow of the man who used to have this seat, he'd already bought his season ticket for this season so I rang the club and explained what happened and they very kindly allowed it to be transferred to me.'

'You seem very young, if you don't mind me saying so, to have been married to ...er ...whatever his name was.' She laughed, 'Yes, he was a miserable old bugger, wasn't he? He wasn't always like that, I was quite young when I married him and you wouldn't believe what he was like then. But I have to put my hand on my heart and say that I'm not sorry that he's gone.'

Anyway, after this initial conversation we got on quite well, always chatted our way through a match and so on. After the first three home matches the club played, my firm sent me away on a course for a couple of weeks and I missed two matches. The next time I went Ali said, 'Oh, there you are, I thought you'd given up, especially as the last couple of matches a young man has been sitting where you are.' 'That's because, if there is any reason that I can't get to a match, I notify the club and allow them to allocate my ticket to some deserving lad,' I replied, 'I am a season ticket holder just like you.' 'Oh, I'm so glad,' Ali responded, 'I have come to quite look forward to watching a match with you because I'm no expert and you explain things so well.' I felt quite flattered!

Then a couple of games later I asked Ali if she wanted a cup of tea, 'Oh, that would be lovely!' she said, so off I went. Now our seats were just over half way up the stand and the nearest exit was a good few rows down and as I returned I looked up to ascertain exactly where I was and stared straight up Ali's skirt which was on my eye level. Her knees were parted as she started to get up and she treated me to a wonderful view of her stockinged legs, supported by a suspender belt, six inches of naked leg and then an extremely tight and stretched pair of white cotton knickers between her thighs.

I tore my eyes away as I climbed the last few steps and resumed my seat and handed Ali her tea, I apologised, having no doubt that she had seen me looking up her skirt. 'Oh, don't be silly,' she laughed, 'it was my own fault, surely you don't imagine that I don't know what a man looks at if he has the chance?' 'Well, if that's the case,' I rejoined, 'all I can say is that it was certainly well worth looking!' She laughed again.

As halftime drew to an end I asked her where she lived, 'Oh, that's on my route in and back,' I told her, 'I could always pick you up and take you back if you like.' At least Ali was always straightforward, 'That would be very kind of you, John. I am actually learning to drive but I'm not there yet so it would save me a lot of time.'

There was no denying the fact that Ali and I had drawn quite a lot closer as the season had progressed and now that we travelled together we became more so. The fact was that I fancied her like mad, at one point she confided in me that her husband had been unable to perform his marital duties for a considerable time before he died. I said, 'Then you must be as frustrated as I am,' and went on to tell her of the problem I had with my wife. She laid a hand on my arm, 'Oh my dear,' she said, 'how awful for you, I feel that women forbear a frustration like that more than a man can, but I must say that I do kmow exactly how you feel.'

Shortly after this the first round proper of the FA Cup was drawn and we were paired with a West Country club in a higher division, away. I said to Ali, 'How do you feel like going to the cup-tie with me Ali?' 'Oh, I'd love it, I haven't been to an away match yet, or seen a proper cup-tie even.' So I bought tickets and arranged to pick her up at half nine on the morning of the match. We had a nice journey down and stopped for an early lunch at a pub I knew.

We saw the match, and very exciting it was too as we won by one goal scored late in the second half, after a pulsating one end to the other sort of game. Ali was transported and went on about it, I laughed, 'You've been dead lucky, Ali, I've been to loads of these matches and I have never seen one like that, ever!' We made a quick stop at a Services and had a snack and a cup of tea, we'd eaten well for lunch and didn't feel like a big meal. Then we were off again and we got back to Ali's at about half seven.

'Why don't you come in for a cup of coffee, or even something stronger if you'd like it?' Ali said. 'Why not?' I thought and followed her into her neat bungalow. We had a vodka and tonic, 'I feel you've earned that,' Ali said, 'you've looked after me so well, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.' 'So have I,' I replied, just as Ali put her glass down and hugging me tight, kissed me. It was quite a passionate kiss and I returned it, 'I hoped we might get around to this,' Ali murmured, she pressed her breasts against my chest and my body began to respond. We kissed some more and soon she was in no doubt about what was happening. 'You've no idea,' she murmured as she kissed my ear, 'how much I have yearned to feel one of those up against me!'

Well, I suppose it's fairly obvious what happened next, but I'll tell you anyway. As we kissed and she pressed herself against my erection, I caressed her breasts through her clothes. After a few minutes Ali panted, 'We're both grown-ups, John, come on,let's do it!' I followed her into a bedroom where she immediately stripped to her knickers, stockings and suspender belt. Then she lay on the bed and watched as I got my clothes off, I stripped completely and she stared at my cock.

'What a lovely prick!' she said, reaching for it. She began pumping it gently. I got on the bed and kissed her beautiful breasts, I thought that perhaps I had misread her age because those very well-shaped breasts were so firm. I kissed and caressed them then kissed her nipples before starting to suck them, they weren't very big but they were very hard and erect. I licked, sucked and bit them gently. She gasped and gripped my cock hard. I kissed my way down over her stomach, she knew where I was going because she said, 'No-one's ever done that to me!'

I slipped her knickers down and off leaving her lovely neat cunt framed by the suspenders and belt, I kissed her there and she gasped. Then I licked her outer lips, up one, down the other, several times. They quickly engorged and, as they parted I saw the inner lips thicken and start to grow, she had a sizeable clit too. After kissing and licking her inner lips I tongue fucked her then kissed her clit. I had never seen one like it before, it was like a thick, very short, finger and had a head incredibly like a man's glans. I licked it and she twisted about and moaned. Really getting into it I sucked the clit and all that delicate flesh that surrounds it into my mouth and 'chewed' it with my lips.

She cried out, convulsed and came noisily. 'You gorgeous cunt!' I was struggling hard to control myself, 'I've just got to fuck you, now!' She spread her legs wide and I moved over her, no finesse, I just aimed my cock at her swollen wide open cunt. By some chance it went straight up her and I began fuckimg immediately. I only managed half a dozen thrusts mind you, I hadn't actually fucked a woman for several years and I came uncontrollably. I shot my load, spurt after spurt, deep inside her as she cried out with pleasure, 'Oh, Oh, ohhhhh, yes, darling, fill me up!'

There wasn't much doubt about that, I had always had masses of spunk ever since I first found out that I could cum. I flopped on top of her gasping an apology at being so quick. 'Shshshsh.... it's alright, darling, it feels wonderful and I'm sure you'll be able to do it again in a minute!' Ali wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me inside her, she was red hot, throbbing and tight, as well as extremely slippery.

As I recovered I suddenly remembered using obscene words, 'Oh God, Ali, I'm so sorry if I used inappropriate language,' I stuttered. She kissed me, 'It's alright, darling, I think in words like that, although I never used them with my husband, I didn't mind.' Ten minutes later I was hard again and took things a little more leisurely. All the same, Ali kept having little orgasms and loved it. I fucked her for a very long time, it was messy sure, there was too much of her juice and my spunk mixed for her not to lose some. It squirted out round my cock, the smell and feel of it added to our enjoyment.

After I had finally come the second time, Ali said, 'Did you enjoy that after all this time, darling?' 'Certainly id, how about you?' 'Oh, women have the capacity to go on enjoying the sex they've had for a long time afterwards. Even after this,' she added and I felt her masturbating to keep herself going. 'God,' I panted, 'I love watching women do that, let me see!' I moved away from her and watched, she was obviously very practiced as she used a method by which she finger-fucked herself while at the same time thumbing her clit. She came, with a gasp, several times and even more stuff oozed out of her.

We rested after that, 'I've wanted to do that for quite some time,' Ali said,'I was really waiting for you to make a move!' I smiled, 'I don't suppose you'd believe me if I said that I have always been quite shy with women? It's true though, I've always had difficulty in asking a girl out, let alone anything else!'

Ali kissed me, 'I love you for that, but there's no need to rush things, we both know what we want. Well, I'm hoping we do, because I certainly want to be fucked at regular intervals now I've found you!' I kissed her back, 'Me too!' I confirmed.

When I eventually got home Evie said, 'Where have you been? I thought it was just a football match?' She was in bed and regardless of our situation, looked lovely. I didn't really want any deceit, so I said, 'As a matter of fact, I have been with another woman.' 'You mean having sex?' 'Yes.' 'Well, good for you, I wondered if you would ever get round to it!'

I said,'Matter of fact it's the woman who took over the aisle seat at the stadium. I think you'd like her actually, she's very down to earth and nice. She knows about your problem and she's extremely sympathetic' 'I'llbet!' 'No. I mean it.'

'What did you do then?' 'Well, you know....had sex.' 'I mean specifically.' What? You want me to tell you what we did to each other.' 'Yes, that's exactly what I mean. Tell me!' I shrugged, I hardly knew how to start but somehow stumbled into it and in the end gave her chapter and verse. I was astounded when, about halfway through, I realised that Evie was masturbating, she had her eyes closed and I was sure that she was visualising what we were doing. After I'd finished, she went on, until suddenly she came. Then she started crying. 'Darling Evie, what is it?' I asked.

'I've been so cruel to you, John,' she sobbed, 'however have you put up with me all this time?' 'Because I love you,' I replied. This occasioned another bout of crying and I hugged her close. Then she burrowed into me holding me tightly, 'Oh darling, do it to me too!' she begged. I undressed quickly, already becoming hard, I tore her nightie off and mounting her, felt for her cunt and, spreading the lips manhandled my cock into her. To my surprise she was hot and very wet and slippery. Not being able to help myself I rammed my cock hard into her and fucked her almost brutally. She gasped and came long before I was able to cum.

After I had emptied my balls into her she hugged and kissed me, 'I asked for that,' she said, 'but you can fuck me any time, John, I want it again, I want it like I have never wanted it before!' I said, 'And what about Ali, don't you thionk she needs some consideration?' 'Of course she does, if it weren't for her we wouldn't have done it, she can come and see us anytimne you like and you WILL make her welcome!' I was astounded and it made me wish that I had found a lover years earlier. However, now was better than nothing and I was able to enjoy both women for a long time afterwards.