Written by d

5 Sep 2008

After reading about what went on in toilets at picnic spot in Caton i thought that i would try it out .

I drove into the car park and saw a number of cars parked , it was dusk so i decided to go into the toilets and what a lovely sjght greeted me a number of men were ther in various states of undress cocks out and standing to attention.I noticed one had a cock stuck through a hle in a cubicle door obvious he was be giving a blow job by look on his face . the sight of all these cocks was too much for me so i dropped to my knees and sucked all them one at a time as the first one exploded in my mouth i felt a hand undo my belt and loosen my trousers then as i took second cock in my mouth i was pulled onyo my knees and my trousers pulled down to reveal my bare arse and felt a finger enter my manhole, as the second cock came in my mouth i felt a cock nudge my hole and slowly enter it so there i was cock in my moutj and arse like a slut but enjoying it as the guy in my arse came so did the one in my mouth. imust admit i enjoyed it and had to take another one in me before i left feeling totally satisfied.

I will be back mmmmmmmm