Written by Brbcam

11 Feb 2011

I had been having some really erotic dreams which brought out the bi side in me.SSo i told my fuck buddy S who said that if i was willing to try she would fuck me with her strap on, after a bit of thinking time and beers i said why not so we arranged to meet up ather place.

When i got there she had set the place up had some beers chilled and we had a few and i told her what really went on in my dream as I was telling her I was getting turned on my cock hardening by the minute. S noticed this and had moved her hand into my jeans and started to slowly wank me to full hardness. then sh e led me to her bedroom and stripped me off and pushed me onto the bed then she removed her clother except for her stockings as she knew I liked fucking her in them.as she lower her mouth to my cock I grabbed her so that her wet pussy waas above my face and my tongue flicking in her pussy lips. I could taste her sweet juices trickling down my throat. S was sucking my balls and pre cum was leaking out my bell end.

Now me and S had dabbled in BDSM handcuffs, blindfolds and whips so when she said she wanted to tie me up I gladly let her my cock was getting harder now. then she suddenly got off the bed I asked her where she was going she told me to be wait when she returned she had on her strap on and was rubbing lube over it she positioned herself between my legs and told me to she was going to pop my cherry arse i was getting really excited now and S slowly pushed the tip of the plastic cock onto my exposed bum hole, slowly she eased it it as she did I began to relax as it eased in S asked if I was enjoying it I was panting yes. She then slid the full length in me and just left it in there so that I could get use to it. S began to fuck me then slowly at first but getting faster and harder as my bum hole relaxed but tried to grip the plastic cock as if it was real she also started to wank me off as well. After a few minutes of this I was going to cum and S sensed this so she stopped and pulled out of me the she turned me overso my arse was up in the air she then moved round so that the strap on was if front of my face and told me to suck it which I did.

Then whilst I was doing that I heard someone else enter the room it was as I later found out S Flat mate Rich who as it happened was in when I had told S about my dream and he is also bi which I was just about to find out, as rich grabbed me from behind and I could feel his hard cock at my bum hole he was larger than the strap on but he slid in me easily as S had warm me up he then began to fuck me hard and a hand had hold of my cock wanking me off Rich fucked me fast and it didnt take long for me to cum then I coould feel Rich push himself deep into me and shoot his spunk deep in my arse. We then collasped onto the bed all three of us in a heap and getting our breath back so that we could then carry on with a night of hard core fucking of each other which I will tell you about maybe!!!!!