Written by Andrew J

16 May 2018

My girlfriend and I are very open minded when it comes to sex, we travel a lot and have got into the swinging scene in lots of different countries. My GF Is Clair, she’s 26, around 5’ 2” tall, slim with small breasts with short ginger hair and I’ve watched her being fucked by fat guys, skinny guys and musclebound body builders so my GF could see what it was like but the most weird and oddly the most sexually satisfying fuck fest was on our recent holiday to the states where we had a scary but orgasm filled coupe of days and I am going to share it with you all because just re living it gives me a hard on.

We were staying in New Orleans and we had looked into what clubs to go to that were frequented by swinging groups and had even made contact with a few people and shared photos and so on and we were really looking forward to having some new experiences but what we did get was way out of our usual experiences.

We decided to just do our own thing for a few days as we were there for two weeks and wanted to do the sight seeing thing and just chill out. We were getting e mails from our new friends eager to meet up (actually, just eager to fuck Clair’s brains out) but we started to feel pressured so told them we would get back to them. Then we went to a bar, not one that they recommended just one that looked ok and that’s where we met a woman called Alyssa Destiny Brown. Alyssa Destiny Brown is a larger than life character and someone who once met I never forgotten. She is a little taller than me and I’m 6’ plus she has a very Amazonian figure, well tones with huge breasts. As soon as we walked in she took one look at Clair and left her friends to come over and introduce herself.

It was as though she was smitten, ‘don’t you look delightful’ she announced holding out her hand in a way that made me wonder if we were to shake it or kiss it. And then she gave a big grin and loud laugh and in minutes she knew how Clair and I had met, where we were from and how long we were in New Orleans and where we were staying. Alyssa stuck to us like glue and we even arranged to meet her the next day when we were shown around her home town and had a great time. That second evening the three of us went to a few of her favourite bars to meet her friends before we went back to our hotel for more drinks. she poked fun at me and my northern accent and said that I looked nervous then the mood changed, she leaned towards me and said ‘you have nothing to be nervous about handsome’ then took Clair’s hand and said ‘you on the other hand are a different situation all together’ emphasizing and drawing out in her southern drawl every word. Claire said that she wasn’t into women and I thought that would be enough to put Alyssa off but she just smiled and said ‘honey, I’m more than enough for both of us’.

No one said anything, we just walked to the lift and into our bedroom. Alyssa drops her oversized bag on the floor and stands behind Clair and runs her hands down her shoulders to her hips. ‘ Don’t nervous honey’ she said ‘ lets see what we have under here’ and started to unbutton Clair’s blouse until it was open. Claire just stood there looking at the floor biting her lip. Alyssa undid Clair’s bra strap and let it all drop to the floor, cupping my GF breasts she moaned ‘aren’t these the sweetest’ and started to massage them before unzipping her skirt and pulling it down along with her knickers.

Then Alyssa undid her own blouse and stepped out of her trousers. Her body took my breath away, her breasts were huge and soft, her body was amazingly well toned. She turned Clair round and examined her body with her hands before hugging her tight and rubbing her upper thigh against my GF shaved pussy.

Then she took Claire’s face in her hands and kissed her mouth, her tongue exploring Clair’s lips. I was so hard it was almost painful but I wondered how Clair was handling it but I needn’t have worried. Clair extended her tongue and the two of them sucked and ran tongues over each others mouths’ and face. Clair had Alyssa’s huge tits in her hands and was squeezing. But then Alyssa took Clair by the arm and pushed her onto the bed before walking back to her bag. I couldn’t resists and got my cock out but Alyssa looked at me and told me to keep ‘that’ to myself and told me in no uncertain terms that ‘that’(my cock) won’t be needed tonight. She opens her back and gets out a large dildo but throws it back in taking out a big black strap on cock.

Clair just sits on the edge of the bed looking like she was excited but scared to death at the same time.

Alyssa was wearing her cock in seconds. Then she strode over to my GF and the only way I can describe it is, she took my Clair, she used her.

Alyssa pushed Clair onto her back quite forcibly before dropping to her knees and lapping at Clair’s cunt. Clair was squealing and squeezing her small breasts whilst our friend made a meal of her pussy. I was wanking for England now at the sight of this black Amazonian body fucking my lilly white hot as fuck girlfriend.

Alyssa was giving out deep grunts before she came up for air, her mouth soaking wet with Clair’s pussy juices. She ran her tongue up to Clair’s small breasts and devoured them, sucking and running her tongue over her nipples. Then she took her rubber cock in her hand and started to guide it into Clair’s pussy, ‘ I’m going to fuck you hard now girl’. With that she thrust herself forward and I watched this huge woman fuck my Clair like a man.

Without realising I had done it I had undressed and was tossing myself off watching her huge tits almost suffocating Clair who was seemingly trying to get as much of them in her mouth as she could whilst her fuck buddy was pounding her hard.

I stood there with my cock in my hand and watched Alyssa drag Clair round the bed, turn her over and doggy fuck her little white ass. I watched Claire bouncing on Alyssa’s ‘cock’ and her little titties wobble as she did do moaning and crying and rolling her head around.

I couldn’t hold on and shot cum all over the floor. Alyssa literally bounced to the bottom of the bed whilst Clair was still riding her and got up holding Clair in a vice like grip and walked round the room with Clairs’ legs wrapped round her back and this woman fucked my GF standing up. The two of them grunting and sucking face.

Then Alyssa lifted Clair off her cock and threw her back on the bed, undid her strap on, opened Clair’s legs and scissor fucked her until the two of them came so hard I was worried that Clair would pass out. The two of them were soaking wet with perspiration, sweat ran down Alyssa’s shiny black body and huge wet tits, Clair’s ginger hair was wet and sticking to her head as though she had just go out of the shower.

And then there was one last scream and groan and the two of them collapsed. Even as they lay there out of breath Alyssa was finger fucking Clair before putting her fingers in her mouth.

I was rock hard again and desperate to slide it into Clair or Alyssa. I walked over to them and Alyssa moved out of the way so I could slide into my GF. It didn’t take long before I came in her and I felt a little pathetic because Clair didn’t make a sound or seem to notice.

Alyssa said ‘come here honey’ and grabbed my ass and cleaned my cock with her mouth.

I slept on the sofa and left the two girls to have the bed. I woke up in the early hour in the pitch black to the sound of muffled moaning. I have no idea what time it was but I could make out Clair’s figure on top of Alyssa. They were fucking again

We met Alyssa twice more for more marathon fucking sessions which I was allowed to join in on, it was the first time Clair had two cocks in her pussy at the same time and we had an amazing time.

We did get to meet our swinging friends on the last but one day and enjoyed a 6 way fuck with me getting my cock wet with a couple of very nice older woman whilst Clair was shafted by some half decent guys but as Clair said, Alyssa spoilt it for her.