Written by fuck4me

19 Mar 2009

Been a entrepreneur I have several properties in the City and i rented out a 1 bedroom apartment to a married lady, who had recently moved here from the USA , working for a leading American broker. She was 45 years, 5ft 8, really long legs and was very slim and extremely sexy. As she was looking for her own property we agreed a 6 month contract. Not having many friends, we went out several times for a drink and she also invited me to her posh work do.

For the first 3 months she paid on time and in cash, perfect for me. As we gone on really well, we started to date more regularity and eventually we ended up in bed, fucking each other at any opportunity.

For a 45 year, she had an incredible stamina for sex, shagging at least 5 times a day. She always commented how sexy English men were compared to the rude Americans. She loved to be fucked doggy style and on many occasions up her arse hole. Depending on how horny she felt, she enjoyed tying me up and totally dominating me by whipping, smacking and scratching and biting me all over. We have many outdoor adventures , shagging in the parks, on the balcony overseeing the Thames and even at her office. She had a large collection of vibrators of all sizes and enjoyed playing in front of me and asking me to use them on her.

Her pussy was always nicely shaven and she screamed in pleasure when cuming on my tongue.

So we agreed she need not pay me cash anymore but instead by her shags. As i had all my properties paid for for it was a perfect contract.

After 6 months and due to the economic downturn she was made redundant and had to go back to the USA.

What a shame.