Written by studentwhore

2 Nov 2009

Been at college and nearly 19, i took a 2 week work experience at a local small business within the account department. The office was recently downsized and there was only the director, a field salesman and myself. I was responsible for inputting all data into the software programme to generate invoices for client aswell as other day to day admin duties.

On the 1st day , i was introduced to the two men . the salesman was a bit chubby late 40ish and not really attractive. However the director was 6ft tall, very well built, short hair with the new designer beard that's about ad very good looking. I instantly took him. I hadn't been fucked for a few weeks and was in between boyfriends, and was really gagging for a new cock. I was dressed very smart and wore my best perfume. Dave commented on that whilst sitting in front of him in the small office. I made coffee several times in the morning and I could sense him looking at my legs and my tight arse, so I purposely bent down longer for him to get a proper look. The 1st day went quick and we got chatting on our interests. He was married with kids but his wife was on the road most of the week doing promotion work.

On the 3rd the fireworks started, I wore a really revealing top, short black skirt and high heels, knowing her would be impressed. As soon as I worked in, his eyes popped out and said I looked really sexy. I said 'just for you' in the heat of the moment. He worked up to me and leaned over and kissed me, I took his tongue and slid my around his. I felt his hand move up my leg toward my thighs and very soon he was stroking my wet tong. I stroked my hands along his cheat and moved them to his cock. It was extremely hard and I kept stroking him whilst he slid his finger into throbbing wet but shaven pussy. I eased my legs apart for deeper entry. He continued to kiss my neck and finger me at the same time. He led me to the executive desk, pulled down his jeans, and out came his 8inch hard cock. He lifted me on the desk, opened my legs out, took down my tong and pushed his hard cock right into my pussy. I was very wet it slid in easily and with his physique he rammed his cock in and out of my pussy at great speed. I was loving it and had never been fucked by a older man like this before. I could feel my clit been rubbed harder and harder and very soon I was beginning to cum and with his deep stride I shot my cum all around his cock and screamed with pleasure. He continued to fuck me deep until I could feel his legs tense up and he then shot his load in my wet pussy. Once he cum, he very slowly caressed me all over with his hand and soft kisses. We got dressed and continued in our day duties.

Since that day we fucked at least 3 times a day , every day, sometimes in the office, couple of times at the local travel inn and once even in his Jag.

It was the best work experience I had...

We keep in touch and have continued to fuck, mostly during the day, when I pop around. Everytime he showers me with money or expensive presents. My overdraft has started to reduce!