Written by Luv2PlayAway

18 May 2017

I'm an overweight middle aged wife, but I have opportunities with men since I have a bubbly personality and am a bit of a flirt. Twice a year away at the company semi-annual conferences, I have no trouble having an 'extramarital experience' as I call getting fucked by a man other than my husband. Hubby has no knowledge of my other men since, unlike so many other wives in stories here on SH, I'm not the kind who fucks and then tells my hubby in bed afterward because I'm sure he would divorce me.

At the meet and greet the first night at the last conference, I got lucky and pulled a younger married guy. He fucked me in my room afterward, first with me on my back and then with me on top. Neither of us came, he because he was saving it for the finale and me because I'm a difficult come; but by the time he fucked me hard from the rear, which I love, I was worked up enough that I easily came when he pounded his cock into my cunt after a long and delicious fuck. We collapsed lying next to each other as we recovered from our heavy breathing, then cuddled together for a while afterward.

Before he left to sleep in his own room in case his wife called to say good night (same for me), I gave him my extra room key card and ask him to return in morning to continue our very enjoyable session. In the morning as I slept, he slipped quietly into bed with me. I awoke on my back to the feel of his lips sucking my nipples and his hand between my thighs working it way up to my pussy. As I came awake, his fingers slipped inside and he finger fucked me long enough for me to have a small come.

He then slipped between my spread legs and fucked me slowly. The previous evening, he used a condom, but that morning I asked him to 'bareback' me sinceI love the feel of a man spunking up me. I knew I wouldn't come, but having a man between my legs slow fucking me always feels grand. He took his time and fucked me for at least ten minutes before he speeded up and came. We cuddled for a bit, but then had to get ready for breakfast and the first meetings.

All day I thought about it and by the time I returned to my room after the least session, my pussy was swollen with arousal and the gusset of my panties was soaked with my juices. I needed to be fucked right then, so I called him in his room and he told me he felt the same way. In just a few minutes, I was bent over the foot of my bed with my dress up around my waist and my panties pushed aside as he stood behind me with his trousers and pants down around his ankles, fucking me hard with his stiff cock.

He pounded into me like a mad man and we both quickly came. I actually screamed out my orgasm, something I almost never do; and he grunted and bellowed like a bull as he spunked me before collapsing his upper body on my back. We lay there for a while catching our breath. When he rose and pulled out, his cum dripped out of my pussy onto the carpet below. It was grand feeling like a naughty lady taken by a stranger, which was close to the truth.

We cleaned up and joined the others for dinner and a short evening session, then couldn't wait to come back to my room. We fucked in bed for over two hours before he returned to his room in case his wife called. The next morning he again slipped into my bed and we slow fucked as before. We were together the rest of the week the same way, evenings and mornings in my bed, and also right before dinner for a 'quickie' with me bent over the foot of my bed.

It was a wonderful week and I returned home that Friday evening in an unusually chipper mood, the same as after every conference in the past. Hubby was so horny from my absence, he immediately took me to bed and fucked me to two comes. Remembering my conference lover and how well he fucked me made it easy for me to come with hubby. During the following fortnight or so, I was so horny from the memory of the fucking I had received by my conference lover, I initiated sex with hubby almost every night to his delight.

I almost 'lost it' a few days later when he said I should attend more conferences if I was going to be so horny for him afterward. Little does he know the real reason, or maybe he suspects and doesn't care. We'll see.