Written by jaccaboo

23 Jul 2009

this morning got an e mail on here from a guy called robert who was going to break me in .

Drove to his house not far away,he answered the door naked.

Igreeted him by rubbing his huge and very thick cock,we went to the bedroom immediatly I was shaking like a leaf and he was atad nervy as well.

I handed him the jar of vaseline ,he greased up my hole and his cock which was getting harder ,at first he kept slipping in and out of me .

So he fingered my tight arse to loosen me up some,then I greased up his pole ,next I was on the bed in the doggy style ,he eventually got in and banged away at my tight arse before falling out again so I suggested he do me with my legs up on his shoulders to which when he got in he was rock hard and stretching me silly,I did'nt feel as much pain as I thought I would.

I asked him if he was cumming ,he said yes where would you like it ,I said up me and he duly obliged he kept fucking me silly till he was spent ,after I went home and was leaking all the way,went to the toilet to shit it out and there was loads and how deep it went in much to my pleasure.

This is a true story and happen on thursday morning ,I,m hoping to meet him and being stretched again.