Written by unigirl

28 Dec 2015

I'm a 20 year student , currently studying at Birmingham Uni and live near Luton . During this Xmas holidays , I was offered work at a local off license who is also my dad's friends and drinks at our pub village . Adrain is in his late 40's, divorcee , 6ft 3 , and very well built . I'm size 10 , 34D and keep myself lean by performing yoga regularly , also regular sex at uni helps too !!

My duties include stocking up, at the till during busy times and assisting customers with suggestions and wine tasting . It's located in a affluent area and we have regular customers spending good money on expensive wine . Many men come and with my flirting they are forever leaving their nos and trying to meet for a date .

I must confesss , have played with myself after shifts thinking about their cocks ...! My boss is also included in my thoughts . He is very funny , dresses very smartly , drives a Porsche and a real ladies man. I have noticed him looking at my bum and legs when I bend over to pick up things and at my breasts when facing towards me . It turns me on and I stay bended over that much longer. His hands soflty touch me when passing by or showing me at the tills when stuck.

On xmas eve , we were very busy , rushed off our feet due to last minute shopping for work , home and parties. Come 4pm we shut up and Adrain opened an expensive red and we shared the bottle , sitting in the office on a sofa. Been mild , I wore a short skirt and a loose semi see through top. Enjoying the wine and been relaxed , my skirt was pulled up , showing more of my legs . Adrian eyes could not looking at them. I exposed of them and cheekily commented 'anything else for xmas you want?'

She replied 'yes , you all night'!

We bith were merry and don't know who made the first move but we ended up snogging . He was so gentle, stroking my thighs , while caressing my mouth with his tongue. I leaned back and enjoyed the senastion of a mature and experienced man. (In uni , it normally consists of a quick kiss, lick and sex. )

His hand moved towards my tong and into my wet pussy . He began to finger fuck me while kissing my neck , down to my top of breasts. I pulled off my top , and Adrain was soon licking my rock hard nipples. Occasionally biting . The sensations had me gasping with pleasure.

I started to massgae his already hard cock . His jeans were off and exposed a rock hard 8inch shaven cock . I began to massage his balls with my long nails and soft hands. He began to moan and asked to carry on . I leaned on the floor and took his cock in my wine flavoured mouth . Been expereinced in sucking cocks , I slowly kissed his whole length , massaging it with both hands , spending time licking his swollen head. And then , with him encouraging me , taking the whole length in my throat and giving him deep and lond sucks. I could taste his precum . He asked to stop .

He layed me on the sofa , widen my lengs and started to finger fuck me again . This time i was totally naked and he started to kiss my neck, breasts , stomach , leading to my inner thighs, and then around my soaking pussy until his tongue was deep inside me . His finger began to flick my clit . Never have I been licked like that. The feeling was mind blowing .

I wanted to be fucked. Adrain played safe and sat upright and held me on his lap . I guided his throbbing cock inside me.

Again , been experinced in riding cocks (my fav position ) , I began to fuck his 1st 3 inches , gliding up and down , giving him a semi ride . He loved the feeling my wet pussy teashing the top of his cock. He was massaging both of my breasts and pinching my red nipples. I then began to ride all his cock , deep and slow . The speed was increased , riding him like a sex crazed woman. His hands were on my thighs giving me extra support . He began to fuck me too . With synchronised movements, I began to feel my orgasm coming and with both of us moaning , I screamed with my orgasm at it's peak . I continued until Adrian moaned with untimate pleasure and shot his load.

I collasped in his arms and we soflty snogged . Dressed, locked up and wished each other Happy Xmas. He also paid my wages and dropped me home. I could not believe this all happmed with an older man and my dad's friend.

During Xmas, we could not stop texting . I sent him many rude and nude pictures . I asked him to cum for me and send me the video . I recorded me playing with my vibrator .

On boxing day , he was the pub and with my family there it was so difficult to keep calm . I offered to help him with teh drinks at the bar . And like a gentleman he asked , 'if i was ok with what happened? '

I replied ' Absolutely' .

I go back to work tom and can't to be fucked by him again...

Shall I continue or not ??