Written by luckboy

26 Jan 2011

I can't believe what happened last weekend. I'm 24 male and for the last 6 months been seeing my new GF. She is similar age, training as a nurse and works some long and unsociable shifts. She lives with her mum, 45 years old, divorcee and to be fair very good looking and extremely flirty.. I often stay over and see her bring back guys to stay over and no strings sex.. There been time when we heard her been fucked and she screams when cumimg... It turns me on and I end up fucking her daughter thinking of her.

I came over last weekend and my gf had a sat night shift. So I ended up spending the night with her mum, over a couple of wines and a film, we got very friendly. The topic turned to sex and we exchanged our past and I confessed hearing her been shagged.. Been tipsy, she also said she hears us fuck and she ends up frustrated and uses her vibrator to please and relief her.

We were very close of the sofa and we sort of leaned forward to each other and kissed. Her hands were all over me and under my shirt. Mine were on her breasts (34D) and erect nipples. Her tongue was deep inside my throat and she positioned herself on my lap, kissing and stripping me naked. I raised her skirt, exposing a very wet pussy. She started to lick and bite my nipples and stroking my shaven chest with her long nails. She was sliding over my erect cock and it was long long till we both were totally naked.

I placed her toned body on the sofa and softly started to kiss her neck, chest, paying particular attention to her hard nipples. My tongue moved to her thighs, her legs widen to greater pussy exposure and I knew she wanted to feel my tongue inside her. I put the tip on her wet pussy and she moaned. I continued to lick her deep and finger her too. Her moans grew louder. She whispered 'fuck me ' please. I lead to her to her bedroom and upon entry we dropped her n her king size bed and I slowly entered her from top. She wanted a deep fuck and raised her leg over my shoulder. While still snogging her I was banging her deep and long . Her hands were on my back slightly digging in me as my cock was pounding her. Within 5 mins she screamed louder than i ever heard her. I realised her had cum.

I turned her around, re entered her dogging style . My favourite position, I grabbed her hips and with knees bend, I fucked her hard and enjoyed her moaning with each movement.

The feeling of precum was really exciting me , i continued and the enjoyment cuming inside her was out of this world.

We just layed together in a cuddle and softly kissed each other, not believing on what just happened. She asked to sleep with her that night and we fucked at least another 3 times. Just before my GF came back early hours of the morning, I had showered and climbed back into our bed.. As usual she wanted a fuck and I just managed to satisfy her too...