Written by Alan

20 Jul 2009

So there I was left on my knees still with the taste of my wifes lover in my mouth as he bent my wife over the settee and started to fuck her again ,afer around 10 minutes he said ooy bitch get your self over here now .I went to get up but he told me to crawl over on hands and knees so I knew my place .

I went over to him and he said I am about to shoot my load and I want you to take every drop in your mouth do you undertand,I hesatated and he backhanded me across the mouth ,yes I mumbled,sorry he said did not hear that ,Yes sir I said good now stay on your knees and get ready for a drink of real man juice.

After about 5 minutes he says you open your mouth and come closer so I moved nearer and he pulled out of my wifes pussy grabbed my hair and stareted to fuck my mouth then I felt his cock start to expand as warm salty come was shot in my mouth ,He held me there till he was fininshed pushed me away then sat back down with my wife and told me to get them a drink .

When I came back from the kitchen they were laughing on the settee I gave them there drinks and my wife said Alan we need a footrest and I have volentered you for the job I looked at her in shock ,she stood up smacked me round the face and told me to get on the floor now,so I got on my hands and knees and they both put there feet on me.

I am not sure how long I was kept there when he told me to stand up ,I stood up and he said we have been talking and dont think you should be able to wear trousers any more in the house so take them off ,I took of my trouser and my wife said sod it I want you naked so I took the rest of my clothes of and he laughed and said do you wonder why your wife looked else where with a cock that small.

Anyway he said I am feeling like some more fun so start sucking a real cock he grabbed me by my head and put his cock in my mouth as my wife laughed I sucked away at him for a while then he took me off his cock and said now do you understand now that you are my bitch I nodded my head No let me hear you say it he goes YES I am your bitch he smacked me across the face you will call me master from now and your wife is mistress do you get it ,Yes master I replied.

Good he said now I want you on your knees as I am going to to fuck your arse to complete the job ,please dont I begged ,shut up bitch said my wife I have something here to help you ,I look over and she is holding a jar of vasaline and smiling at me .

more to come