Written by sue

9 Jun 2017

this is a story of what happened last week , my husband suggested I put it on this site.

my name is sue I am pushing 50 but still have a decent 10 - 12 figure , great legs I am told and still firm tits. last week with the weather being hot I was around the town , hubby was at work and I had nothing to do. we only live 5 mins from the town centre , any way I dropped into a pub we use ,it was empty so I thought a quick one then home , I sat down alone and 10 mins later the barman a young bloke called jim sat with me after his shift , I had put on jeans and he was saying ,you must be hot in those ,you normally wear skirts . anyhow for some reason I started looking at pictures on my phone , showing him my grand kids etc , he said here let me look and he started flicking through them , then he said wow what about these ones, they were pictures and videos my hubby had taken , me in a very short lycra dress laid on the bed some showing my shaved pussy and one or two videos of me and my vibrator, I took it off him saying I forgot about those and he said I would love to see that dress , we had another drink and I said you know it is hot I might go home and change. he said I can come if you want ,I said you can sit and wait nothing else.

anyhow back home I told him to sit on the couch , and again he said come on lets see the dress , so I got it out to show him . he said lets see it on , I said your persistent ok wait a minute . I went in the bedroom and put it on with my heels and went back in . he said fuck me that's short , can I feel it , I walked over and stood in front of him , he touched the hem saying it felt silky ,then his hand went down to my thigh , saying so do these , and before I knew it his hand slid higher to my pussy saying is this still smooth , I had not put any panties on and I was now wet . I said god no jim you are far to young but he continued touching me , I forced myself away and went into the bedroom but he came in and said look what you have done , his trousers were down and he was hard ,a good 8 inches , before I knew it we were on the bed kissing he was touching me ,I was touching him , then he was on me , I reached down ,took hold and guided him in , I had forgot about youth , he fucked me for I good 5 mins , I came then he said he was ,I told him to come in me , and he did lots of it I felt the hot pulses as he came in me , I thought he would go soft but he didn't so I went down on him , he soon came again in my mouth , ok not a lot but some.

over 2 hours we had sex 5 times , and later when I told my husband , he fucked me , saying lets try a threesome ,

we will see