Written by rosie

14 Apr 2009

im an extremely horney bi asian female with 38g tits,which men love!!

i met a couple(john and anita) once in a hotel for a threesome.anita was asian and john was white.im a large size 16,and am convinced im a total nympho!

They were complete strangers...

i first watched them getting it on with each other....he was a huge 6ft bloke and she was 5 ft and very small an petite,but with big its.i watched them fuck and suck while i played with my fat juicy cunt,fucking it with my fingers.

im bi....so when john finished with anita...hmmm i licked the juices out of her throbbing cunt...and her petite body wriggled in delight!!

the anita suggested to john lets suck her cunt together.

oh wow what a thought....my cunt was very wet by tis time!!!

i sat up against the head board and said to them hey look at my cunt all ready ad open for you both to use and abuse!!

they promptly came dowm on my wet pussy and licked it togther.....it was shear heaven i can tell you!!!i was saying im cumming.....as they licked and sucked and finger fucked me harder.....then i came with a shudder!!!john then sat to one side as anita wanted me to herself.i was much larger than her soo she came on top and 69d with me...oh....she said you have such a fat juicy delicious cunt!!!

then we sat facing each other with our cunts grinding against each other in a scissor action....oh that felt sooooo good the my fat cunt rubbing a her little twat!!! anita came and i felt her cum juices on my cunt all hot and wet!!

then john said he wanted fuck me....he had a hard 9 inch fat cock that i knew was going to stretch my cunt....he got me in a doggy position on the bed and anita layed down on the bed with her cunt exposed to me so i could lick and suck her off while john fucked me good and hard from behind.....there he was then fucking me to the hilt fucking and fucking with is 9 inch dong banging into my fat juicy cunt and all this time im sucking anitas pussy and we are all making alot of noises of sheer ecstasy.\'thats it john gige the a good hard fucking till she cant take any more...john fucked me for a good half an hour before he came in my now sore well fucked off wet pussy and grunted his load into me.....

he rolled off me and anita said wait i want to eat you out.....i stood up and she came with her toungue below me looking up between my spread out legs and suckked all of johns cum......oh what an afternoon that was!!!!

i went home feeling like a dirty little bitch that was very well fucked and satisfied!!!