Written by slutdivorcee

1 Sep 2011

I'm 55yrs old, divorced 5 years ans ever since i'v been enjoying sex with all ages. I have always have had a large appetite for sex , one of the reasons i was divorced. Where I live, i have fucked several married men, while still been friends with their female partners. To be honest they are just as bad..

Anyway, the about 2 months ago , one of my friend's son came back from uni, they live a street away. I had recently bought a new set of wardrobes , all flat packed and needed someone to assemble it for me. My friend, offered the services of his son, who needed a few pounds and a job.

When he came around to have a look, i could not believe my luck. He was 6ft tall, very well build and with his tight t shirt and shorts, gave my pussy tingles. That evening , i layed on my bed all naked and played with my vibrator thinking of his cock inside of me. I was so wet and orgasmed twice..

He came around early next day, with his tools. I purposely just wore a light gown, with my g string on and no bra. Upon hos arrival he looked a bit surprised when seeing me in a gown half naked. he was in his t shirt and cargo shorts. His muscles were clearly visible. My pussy started to throb and i could feel the wetness.

I showed him my bedroom and where the packs where and asked him for coffee. I have a large bedroom with a double ks bed and to be honest it was in a mess with clothes, underwear all over the place and i forgot to put the vibrator away and he caught a glimpse of it. I picked it up and said 'need must when your're alone'... he just smiled and his eyes lit up.

I left him to it and went downstairs to make coffee. I was on heat. Went back upstairs and I saw him bent over unpacking the stuff. I sat on the bed with my cup and started to chat. Crossing leg, exposed my toned things, he couldn't take his eyes off. I lent forward to hand him hos cup and he caught a good eye fall of my 34D breasts. I bent over longer then usual so he could see my hard nipples.

I noticed his bulge in his shorts and commented' that is huge, don't want that wasted'. I put my left hand on his cock , rubbed it and took it back. He stood up, came on to my bed and kissed me deep. He stripped off my gown and started to massage my tits with his large and smooth hands, squeezing my nipples. I took his tongue deep inside me and unbuttoned his shorts. Out poppped a huge 7inch throbbing cock.

I started to massage it, he pushed me back on my bed, took my gown off and spread my legs. My thong was soaking. He pushed them off and started to lick my clean shaven pussy. He was an expert, taking time to softly kiss all of my pussy, then flicking my clit, while hos hands were all over my chest, tits and waist.

The feeling of a young man all over me was sensational and i could help but to cum on his tongue. He licked it up and continued to suck my pussy.

He then moved up to my nipples, licking and biting them so tenderly.. I was on heat and shouted, 'fuck me babe'.. I showed him where the condoms were. He moved back on his knees, pushed my legs onto his shoulders and pushed his cock deep inside of me. I felt all his length fucking me hard. The feeling was awesome. I encouraged him to fuck me harder. he held my legs for support and pounded me. His movements became faster and faster., i was beginning to orgamsed again and it wasn't log before he moaned with pleasure while shouting his load in me . He continued until I screamed with pleasure. My 2nd orgasm.

He cleaned himself up again and started to kiss my hot body. I took his cock in mouth and licked all his remaining spunk in my mouth. We just cuddled up for a while.

That afternoon he fucked me again, this time , i wanted his cock from behind while standing up.

He came around all that week, assembled a bit a day and we fucked most of the afternoon. I am still fucking him at least 3-4 times a week.