25 Jan 2018

Hi,this is another true story of my many adventures whilst i go out dressed in my slutty lingerie and different outfits.

This happened last night at Malton Picnic site in Lanchester near to Durham City.

I arrived in the car park at around 9.45pm and there was no cars in the bottom car park but two cars in the top car park which overlooks the car park i was parked in. I parked up in the bottom right hand corner and sat for about 10 minutes smoking a cigarette. and then decided to get out of my car.

immediately to my right of getting out of my car there are some steps down to the picnic tables of which i went and sat on the table top with my legs on the bench seat. My outfit last night consisted of a white lacy Basque,white lace top stockings,white pipa crotchless french panties from ann summers along with my new pair of white 5inch stilleto shoes,on the top of my slutty lingerie i was wearing my red pvc mini skirt with a full lengh zip and a white lace see through blouse. i also had my blonde wig on aswell as full make up and bright red lipstick.

Whilst i was sat on the bench i lit another cigarette and heard a car door closing,my heart rate started getting faster as i get very nervous untill im sure everything is ok.

I was approached by a man in his late 40s and the conversation started between us. He asked me what i like ect and could see the tops of my stockings and white french panties as my skirt had ridden up a bit,it made it even more easier for him to see what i was wearing as it was a clear sky and quite bright.

I could see he was rubbing himself through his track suit bottoms while we were talking and he was looking at me and i asked him if he would like me to help him out,at which point he told me to go for it. I moved of the table top and sat on the seat and pulled his track suit bottoms down ,he wasnt wearing any boxer shorts and as i pulled his track suit bottoms down a very impressive 8inch cock was staring me in the face and i put my tongue out to taste his pre cum before i started to suck him deep into my slutty waiting mouth,i was sucking him deep and playing with his balls,whilst i was sucking the lovely cock in front of me i heard another car door closing and heard footsteps approaching to where we were,i continued to suck the cock in front of me without a care in the world. As the other man got to where we were he said can he join in and i just nodded my head. I was then taking turns sucking there cocks and i was moaning quite loudly as i get very vocal when im so turned on . As i was sucking there cocks another car came into the bottom car park and i stopped what i was doing before any headlights shone on us as neither of us new who it was. It turned out to be just another person out for some fun,.The reason i stopped was because the police are about quite a lot lately.

Any way back to my story, i proceeded to carry on sucking the two cocks in front of me and one of the men asked me if i wanted fucking and i said yes as long as he had a condom as i only do protected sex,neither of the two men in front of me had a condom so i said they would just have to do with me sucking there cocks and i would let them cum all over my face as i love being covered in hot creamy spunk. I then felt a hand touching my stocking clad legs and realised we had been joined by the other man who had pulled into the car park. I didnt say a word apart from did he have any condoms and he said yes he had and that he had been stood watching me being a sissy slut sucking on two cocks and had put a condom on whilst he was watching us ,i needed fucking so i got on my knees on the top of the table and told him to fuck me hard and the other two men stood at the end of the top of the table and i carried on sucking there cocks,i kept shouting to be fucked harder and i wanted to feel the cock inside me going as deep as possible .It all became very vocal with me begging to be fucked harder and all three of the men calling me a dirty sissy slut, a whore,i should be a prostitute,a cum loving slut,i was in heaven as i was being spit roasted but i had three cocks waiting to shoot there spunk all over me

The one fucking me was on the verge of cumming as were the other two so i told the one fucking me to pull out of me and to stand in front of me with the other two men and shoot there cum all over my slutty red lips and my face. whilst they were wanking over me i started to wank my own cock and we all more or less came together me soaking my panties with my own cum and with me moaning quite loudly some of there spunk went into my mouth and one of them shoved his cock in my mouth and called me a dirty bitch and to suck his cock clean of which i did. I cleaned the other two cocks and then went back to my car where i sat and composed myself,i didnt clean my face and anfter saying goodbye i drove home feeling used and happy, i really do love being a dirty sissy slut and love being dressed as one