1 Apr 2017

Moving on a few years from my wife Carol and I having sex on the beach with a German couple see "First time1,2&3" we have had a few holiday adventures. At the time we were both in our 40s and still visiting Fuertaventura for our holidays topping up on our all over tans. We rented a villa apartment on the beach lagoons at ElColtilo, very handy to just walk up the coast for 10min to our favourite little rock shelter beside the sandy lagoons. Over a few days we got to recognise the regulars on that part of the beach some of whom stayed in the same villa complex.

Part way through our first week Carol started to relax, our sex life at home had become a bit dull but the hot sun was making us both randy. Carol had that day been giving me the odd quick suck and I had been sliding a finger or two into her wet pussy, it was late afternoon and most people had left the beach heading back to there parked cars.

Carol was sucking me again and I was nice and hard. Carol stopped and stood up and had a look around then straddled me and sank herself all the way down onto me, with another quick look around to see no one in sight started to ride my cock hard. It was our first outdoor sex of the holiday and we were both very turned on Carol came quickly then stopped for a few minuets before starting again she was now very wet and sticky coating my cock and dribbling onto my shaved balls ..... I was getting very close to coming when Carol slowed and stopped .... "don't stop" I said I'm nearly there. Carol whispered " the girl from the downstairs apartment is watching" ..... " don't care, fuck me.... make me come" Carol started again and behind her I could just see the girl well lady about 30ish standing about 10 feet away watching and with one hand inside her shorts rubbing herself, she came closer to stand just in the entrance of the stone shelter and dropped her shorts to play with her self, I told Carol and she looked round to see the girl smiling.

It was intense Carol started to come again and this time I was over the edge and started to come very hard deep inside her making her even wetter. Carol collapsed on top of me and when we recovered there was no sign of the girl.

The next morning we saw her again on the beach and in passing smiled and said "Hi" she was again in the company of a couple who she was with they seemed to be French.

Carol and I being fairy fair skinned usually left the beach and went out for lunch and we too turn about to drive. We went to a new spot that day and had a very nice lunch, ordered two G&Ts and some local pink wine, only to find out it was there happy hour when 4 G&Ts arrived and 2 bottles of wine. Carol laughed lots for me then and over lunch became very merry as she drank 3 of the gins and most of one of the wines.

We returned to the apartment parked the car and headed back to the beach, back in our fav rock shelter we got down to enjoying the late afternoon sun I was feeling happy as I was now drinking the second bottle of wine. Carol was quite drunk but randy and started to wank and suck my stiffening cock she stopped and I rolled onto my front as the couple and lady walked past. They stopped after a short distance exchanged kisses and the couple carried on back in the direction of the vila. The lady came right up to us and looking directly at Carol said" Can I join you for a while? " Carol said yes and she came into the shelter, she spread her towel and as she was already topless only had to take of her shorts to join us naked. She introduced her self as Fiona and was from just outside Dover with a very posh accent, she explained that she was on holiday with French friends from Paris. Over the next twenty min os so we chatted about all sorts.

Then It came out she smiled at Carol and said "I loved watching you fuck yesterday, if you do it again can I watch?" I could tell Carol was very turned on, her trimmed pussy was wet as both I and Fiona could see. She looked straight at Fiona and slightly slurred said "yes"

She reached over to me and pulled me over onto my back and started sucking at my soft cock, Fiona moved to my other side to watch, when I was hard Carol got on top and slid again ball deep onto me she was clearly very turned on Fiona kneeling at my side with her head almost on my chest, my hand was between her legs so I started to stroke her smooth wet pussy. I looked up at Carol and said "OMG she is soaking wet" Looking at Carol Fiona said "Do you want a taste?" ..... "Yes" we both said together . Fiona slid two fingers into herself and gave them to Carol to lick, Carol was getting very close to coming and was moaning "Oh fuck Oh fuck"

Fiona said " I love being with a couple when they fuck, its what I do with my French friends" she started rubbing Carols clit kissing her and squeezing her nipples she shuddered and came, she collapsed on me for a few seconds and then slipped of my still stiff wet cock. She kissed Fiona hard again and then said to her " I want to watch you fuck him"

Still flat on my back Fiona gave my cock a quick suck then took up the same position as Carol had, I lifted my head to watch her smooth wet pussy slide up and down on me, as she started to get faster I knew we would both come soon, Carol was now fingering, rubbing kissing sucking and pinching Fiona. We both came me shooting my lode deep into her tightening wet pussy, Fiona was still sitting up kissing Carol, she looked down at me and said "Do you still want a taste??" Oh yes was my reply, cupping her hand over her wet pussy Fiona mover up to crouch over my face with two fingers she pulled a big dribble of come from her pussy straight into my mouth, I was in heaven, Carol now slid two of her fingers into Fiona and started to pump them in and out getting faster until with a yell Fiona came again dripping more juice which I lapped up.

All three of us rolled apart, looking at each other we were hot sticky covered in sand and come. We started laughing, "Oh fuck lets do that again" I said then Carol leaned over to me for a very sticky kiss and then said "Not until I have had a shower and another drink, do you want to come back to ours Fiona??"

"That would be very nice"