Written by M

16 Sep 2008

I have posted on SH various times now in the past 12 months or so, we got into swinging after a night out for our anniversary. This had led to my wife fucking 12 blokes over a 12 month period. I have only had the 1 encounter. My wife has fucked various men and to be honest I love it. We never advertise for people, we live our normal lives and see what opportunities present themselves. We find this much more of a turn on. This brings me to our latest post which is 100% true, as is all my postings. It happened last weekend.

We went to an engagement party at our local cricket club in Leeds. It was a work friend of my wife R. There were loads of her colleagues there and the night was a good one. We all had plenty to drink. One couple there was Carol and Luke. We knew them very well and had been friends for about 2 years. R and Carol had worked together for around 5 years. We had often spent weekends away together, nights at each others houses and nights out etc. We had played strip poker on occasions but nothing had ever happened beyond that. They had no idea of any of our encounters.

During the evening we all had plenty to drink. Last orders came too soon as we were all in the mood to party on. Carol suggested we go back to their house for a few more drinks. We agreed and ordered a taxi. We finished our drinks and the taxi arrived. We climbed into the taxi, as usual the banter in the taxi started and Carol and R started flirting with each other. This wasn\\\'t a new thing. They always tried to wind us up about how they wanted to have sex together. Nothing ever happened though. It was all talk. The taxi ride took around 15 minutes and we were all soon at Carols house. The 4 of us went in. After we had all got a drink Luke realised he had run out of cigs and wanted to nip to the petrol station. It was only a 5 minute walk so I agreed to walk with him. The girls went through into the lounge. We left via the back door and set off to the petrol station.

On our return some 15 minutes later, we went in and Carol and R were nowhere to be seen. They had obviously gone upstairs. We went up, they were laid in bed together watching a film on TV. Luke pulled the duvet off them. Both girls were naked apart from a thong. Carols was White, R\\\'s was Black. They both tried to cover up, I just laughed as we had both seen each others girls tits before. Carol told Luke to piss off as she was trying to have sex with R. We all laughed. Luke told her to go ahead, he\\\'d love to watch. After a lot of banter Carol and R both agreed they would try girl on girl if we left them to it. They didn\\\'t want us to watch. We agreed to go downstairs and have a drink. We agreed to let them explore and told them we would return in an hour. Luke was confident nothing would happen but decided to call Carols bluff. I knew different as I knew about R and her encounters.

Me and Luke went downstairs and got another drink. We went into the conservatory so Luke could have a cig. We were talking and he told me Carol wouldn\\\'t have the bottle to do anything with R. I asked him how he would feel if he was wrong. He informed me he had often fantasied about Carol and another women. But was still sure nothing would happen. I wasn\\\'t so sure, R had played briefly with another girl at a wedding reception but had never made it a regular thing. Could go either way but I soon got turned on thinking what if. Luke surprised me by telling me he had in fact thought about R in a sexual way. I wasn\\\'t surprised as R is attractive. It did however surprise me he\\\'d admitted it. I thought what it would be like to fuck Carol. She was quite short and a little plump. She was very pretty and had a huge pair of pert tits. The thought of swapping came flooding to mind. I was aroused and tried to hide the fact. Luke admitted if he had chance to fuck R he would be happy to let me fuck Carol. We agreed it would be very unlikely as both girls had a fair bit to drink, they had both probably fallen asleep.

After what seemed like ages the hour we agreed had passed. We both drank up and climbed the stairs. When we got to the room the TV was off but the CD player was on. The room was in darkness. The only light was a faint glow coming from the street lights. Once my eyes adapted to the darkness you could see quite clearly. Luke went round the bed. I went round the other. He pulled the quilt off and both girls were pretending to sleep. Once the quilt was off they both started laughing. Both girls still wearing their thongs. The atmosphere changed quickly as we started kissing the girls. We were with our own partners, I was kissing R passionately and she opened her legs. I was soon knelt between her legs. I rubbed her pussy through the thin material on her thong. The gusset felt soaking wet. I slipped my fingers in and started to finger her hole. It was very wet and i suspect she had all ready been fingered by Carol but I was unsure. After a while of this I moved away. I took all my clothes off, I looked over in the darkness and Carol and Luke were all ready naked and kissing. Once I\\\'d shed all my clothes I grabbed R thong. She closed her legs and lifted her bum to allow me to remove it. Her legs flopped apart. I moved up her body and started sucking her nipples. I was rubbing her wet lips and clit with my hand. She reached down and grabbed my cock. She adjusted her position ready to receive me. She offered my cock to her hole and I let it slide in. We fucked gently for about 5 minutes. I looked round and saw Carol sucking Luke\\\'s cock. She was sat up and he was knelt between her legs. I pulled my cock out and went down to lick R out. By now Luke was doing the same. Both girls were laid on their backs getting a good licking and fingering. They turned their heads and started kissing. I sat up to watch them kissing. Luke soon followed and we sat there watching them kissing. I grabbed Luke\\\'s arm and moved it towards R pussy. He took the invite and started rubbing and fingering her. R never looked up. I reached for Carol but could reach properly. I could see she was shaven. Luke then moved past me and we swapped sides on the bed. I looked in front of me and Carol was laid there with her legs open. By the time I\\\'d thought of it Luke was already eating R\\\'s pussy. I slowly went down on Carol. Her pussy was also dripping wet from the fingering. I sucked and rubbed her fanny. After a while I heard a groan come from R, I knew by the noise Luke had shoved his cock up her. It was a noise I\\\'d heard many times before. I looked up to see my wife with her legs wrapped around Luke and I could see his buttocks tensing as he was fucking her. I moved up Carols body and started sucking her tits. We then started kissing. I reached down and offered my cock up to her hole. With a quick push I was in her. I fucked her slowly at first but it soon became rough. We were all going at it hard and both girls started to cum. They both cum very quickly. I saw Luke pull out of R. I pulled out of Carol and we swapped back to our own partners. I put my cock back up R and fucked her hard. She cum a second time and I emptied my cock up her. Luke finished off by spunking on Carols tits. We all laid there and got our breathes back.

R asked me to go down and get her a drink. I couldn\\\'t as I didn\\\'t know the alarm code. Carol agreed to come down with me as she also wanted a drink. I put my boxers on and Carol put her dressing gown on. We went downstairs. We stood in the darkness of the kitchen getting the drinks. Whilst we were getting sorted we heard the odd bump come from upstairs. When we got to the hall way it was clear that R and Luke were fucking again. We could hear the grunts and groans coming from R. He was obviously fucking her hard. We stood there listening. Carol turned to me, she was still turned on at their first swinging encounter. We put the drinks on the table in the hall. We started kissing passionately. We went back into the lounge. Carol pulled by boxers down and pushed me onto the sofa. She opened her gown and straddled me. We started kissing again. She reached down and guided my cock up her soaking hole. It felt better than before. We started fucking, she was riding me hard. Really grinding herself hard onto me. We fucked whilst listening to our spouses fucking above us. Carol cum and let out a real cry. She rode so hard. I couldn\\\'t hold back and I shot my spunk all up her. After we got our breath back she climbed off me. Spunk ran from her hole. It was all quiet upstairs. We picked up our drinks and climbed the stairs. R and Luke had finished fucking and were laid in bed. R climbed out and I saw cum run from her, Luke had obviously spunked up her. We went into the spare room and climbed into bed. She told me that she and Carol had indeed played a bit. Nothing major, just a bit of kissing and fingering. No more than that. I fucked R again before drifting off to sleep.

The following day it was a little bit uncomfortable around the breakfast table. This was a first for Carol and Luke so it took them a while to come around. By the time we left they had both agreed it was a god night. We have no plans for a rematch but we won\\\'t rule it out. I\\\'d love to fuck Carol again. But we\\\'ll have to see. We are going out for a meal with them end of October so who knows. Will post if anything happens.