Written by John

4 Jun 2008

Having retired nearly 3 years ago & turning 65 last year, it came as a great surprise that on of the female employees that had worked for me wanted to get in touch with me, as she hadn\'t had the opportunity to say goodbye to me.

She had called me several times & to be honest she was becoming a nuisance. Eventually I took the bull by the horns & asked her if she was looking for sex with me, thinking that it may deter her & stop her calling me. To my surprise she told me that she would love to have sex with me, as she loved older men & thought me cute.

Both of us are married but I couldn\'t resist the temptation of having a younger woman (47), that was eager to have me fuck her. A date & time were arranged & we duly met at the place we had agreed upon.

She got out of her car & came into my truck & instantly smelt that she had been smoking as she reeked of cigarettes. I felt that I must do something about that being a non-smoker.

Crazy as it may seem I decided that I would take her to my house, the wife being at work. Our conversation during the drive was light & stunted, because we both felt nervous about what we were about to embark on.

Once inside my house I asked if she wanted a coffee, which she declined. I asked her to kiss me. At this she practically fell into my arms, wrapping her self around me, parted her lips allowing my tongue to explore her mouth. Even though she reeked of smoke it was a lingering kiss. Our bodies gradually crushed against each other & our hands began to roam each others bodies. Mine finding her ample breasts, with hers finding my groin area, expertly rubbing at my penis bringing me to a hard on.

We explored each for several minutes, when I told her that I would like her to take a shower as I wanted her to get rid of the smokie smell. She was a little offended but agreed to a shower when I told her I would wash her. We went into the spare bedroom that \'s own shower, both of us eagerly stripping, allowing each other to see each others bodies. To my joy she had a wonderful pair of tits, gloriously rounded, with large nipples & her pussy had a mound of jet black pubic hairs. The shower was turned on, temperature adjusted. Both of us climbed in & immediately I found the soap, starting to lather her body, lingering over her breasts & pubic area. Her hand found my cock, expertly stanting to manipulate it to it\'s full arousal. Starting to kiss her I worked my way down her body to her breasts, lingered there for a while, kissing & nibbling them making her nipples become erect. My tongue & kisses started down from her tits, slowly working to her pussy. Once she realised where I was going she started to moan & hump her pussy up towards my mouth as it got closer to the area where she now wanted it to be. The first flick of my tongue on her clitoris made her groan even more & her legs buckled. My tongue worked swiftly at her clitoris making her push her pussy out allowing me to search her now open cunt giving her even more pleasure. Now my fingers began to play with her outer lips as my mouth & tongue pleasured her. Her hands by this time had forgotten my cock & she had them clasped around my head pulling me into her pussy. She began to thrust herself against my mouth faster & faste as I realised that my mouth, tongue & fingers had worked her to the orgasm that she wanted. She bucked at me like a women possessed, whailing out aloud how great I was, telling me to keep going, kiss my pussy, kiss my pussy was repeated over & over. As her climax waned one of her hands once again found my cock, pumping on it & telling me how wonderful her orgasm had been.

We finished washing each other, turned the shower off, dried each other off, then I gently picked her up, took her into the bedroom, laid her on the bed, climbed along side her & started to allow my hands to search her body, once again lingering on her tits & pussy which I now knew was going to give a 65 year old man a lot of pleasure.

To be continued.