Written by meforfuncpl

7 Feb 2010

well from our last story and i can already hear you yeah yeah lmao

an old colleague (David)of my wifes who she dated a very long time ago even before i was on the scene came to visit us on friday night, they had stayed intouch and me not being the jealous type ad given her permission in the past to meet up and have some fun together this time however i wanted to watch so she agreed that he visit us and that if any fun was to be had then id be there to take it all in.

David arrived as planned, i made us a meal and we all sat at the dining table talking for hours drinking wine we moved into the living room and again the lager and wine flowed freely, every now and then id leave the room hoping that the action would start as i was sure that David was nervous and if i left for a few minutes Donna would make a move on him as she was sat next to him on the couch, i entered the room and thought that nothing had gone on and as the wine flowed the conversation started to turn to sex and David was complimentary on our open arrangements that she could fuck other men and women come to think of it, it was at this point that i again left the room but this time i stayed at the door and could hear Donna giggle as i heard her say to David this takes me back i had all sorts of scenarios running through my head! i heard david say will Chris be ok with this??

of course she said ( she wasnt fuckin wrong ) at this point my cock was twitching for 2 reasons 1 i hadnt a clue what was going on and 2 because i knew it wouldnt be long before something was!

i plucked up the courage and couldnt wait any longer i opened the door and from the way Donna was sitting i knew she had been playing footsie with Davids cock as he'd a massive looking hardon !! and when i looked down Donna's trousers looked all loose at the front and her face was well she looked flushed i sat down opposite them and we all sorta giggled and laughed Donna said its getting a bit hot in here i may need to take these trousers off ( i swear she did ) i leaned over and turned the lights down as she stood up and slowly took her trousers down she sat back down next to david i moved closer and as i moved over i took my top off, Donna said mmmmmmmmm you boys not joining me David ran his hand over one leg while i touched her gently on the other from her knee up to her pussy still coverred by her skimpy knickers i could sense her geting excited and just had to feel her wet cunt! and boy was she wet !!she leant her neck back and gave out a huge sigh as i gently let my finger probe for her clitty

David started to push her top up and as he did i kissed her deeply tongues darting in and out at this point i removed her top and bra to free her lovelly tits for us both to suck on her erect nipples i also removed my jeans and boxers as the strain was killing my cock but i also wanted her to suck on it and as she lowered her lips to my cock David removed his trousers and as he hadnt any boxers on his cock was already stiff and protruding he looked thicker than me and as i took my cock out of Donna's mouth he replaced it with his own.

Donna was so so excited and as she was sucking on davids cock i wanted to taste her and licked at her pussy she was pushing her pussy up of the couch to my tongue i asked her do you want to feel my cock in your pussy she took Davids cock out of her mouth said yes and put his cock back into her mouth as i pushed my cock to her soaking wet cunt my cock slid in so so easily she was soaking wet and i could tell from her breathing she was loving it i started to pump my cock into her as i know how she likes it fast and deep and i just loved watching her sucking on his thick cock!

i knew i had to watch if i carried on it wouldnt be long before i exploded so i asked David if he would like to swap places Fucking to right he said so we jumped up and David placed his cock into her soaking wet eager pussy i watched as the tip of his cock stretched her pussy lips Donna asked me to put my cock to her lips and she started to dart her tongue around the tip of my cock she knows this drives me wild after a few minutes of this she asked us both to sit next to each other and sat on his cock 1st and fucked him facing away from him i couldnt help myself i had to lick her clit it was a goal of mine that i wanted to do im str8 but the thought of licking her clit as a cock is in her just drives me insane lol so there i was now lickin my wifes clitty as David was fucking her deeply Dona started to gush the was pussy juices everywhere

next i sat next to him and she lifted herself of his cock and sat onto me again facing away from me so she could suck on his cock this carried on for what seemed hours

i could tell that david was a little bit unsure of the situation but was getting lots of satisfaction from it as we all were Donna now sat on the floor and started to fuck her pussy in front of the 2 of us and said that she wanted us both to wank our cocks for her which we duely obliged as Donna started to cum her moans were really loud and i came first thick wads of spunk shot out from my cock onto her tits at the sight of this David couldnt hold on any more and he gave out a loud moan and shot his load over my lovelly wifes tits and pussy!!!

god what a sight that was my wife lying on the floor with a swollen pussy and spunk everywhere !!!!

the only thing she complained of was her pussy was very very swollen and sore boy she could hardly walk from the fucking she had been given!!

again i dont mind sharing this story and yes its 100% true

dont see the point in lying!!

cant wait for our next adventure

we have had lots of little exciting times anyone else wanna hear em ? lol