Written by nudie2

8 Jul 2011

A few weeks ago my wife and I decided to make a return visit to a well known south coast naturist health club which has a pool, steam room, saunas and several jacuzzi's. The club isusually frequented by straight and gay single males as well as couples who like to play. While my wife was taking a dip in the pool, I decided to use one of the smaller jacuzzi's which can take about three people sitting side by side. I noticed that there was another guy already in the jacuzzi so I said "hello" climbed down the steps and sat next to him on the seat. Having become very relaxed in the warm bubbly water I did not notice at first that something was touching my leg. I quickly realised that the other guy was rubbing his hand against my leg so I decided to see how far he would go. He obviously realised that I was not going to object and gradually his hand moved further until he was grasping my cock which by then was fully erect. We did not speak to each other and to anyone outside the jazuzzi it would have appeared that nothing was happening. I decided that I had to tell my wife about my experience and got out of the jacuzzi to find her. I told her what had happened and asked her to come back with me to the jacuzzi to see what would happen if we both got in. As we were getting back in, I made it obvious that we were going to sit so that the other guy was in between us both

and he seemed to realise what we had in mind. After a short while I felt my cock being grasped again and looking at my wife it was obvious she was being fondled as well. By this time I had become very horny and before long began to cum. My wife hearing me moaning slightly began to climax and as soon as we were both satisfied our jacuzzi partner got out and left. We both found this a really big turn on and plan to repeat the experience the next time we visit. We would love to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience.