20 Jul 2015

This is the follow up to Part 1, where I had been making my way back towards my tent having just put my t-shirt on over my boobs , as I reached my tent one of the other dads there came over to tell me he had been watching me for the past hour or more , he took my hand to lead me away from the tents towards a assault course on the camp.

We chatted quietly as we walked I asked him what he wanted ? as he said I think you know what I want !! As we walked I was trying to think of his name and which child was his ,when it suddenly came to me he was Matt , dad to a boy Toby in my daughters class.

Then I remembered something my Hubs had told me some while ago that Matt was a bit of a cocky sod , loved himself , also that not many guys seemed to like him much, we got to the Scouts assault course and Matt pressed me up against a large wooden pole , now Matt is tall, slim, quite a good looking guy and it seemed a waste if he was a bit of a poser.

He kissed me trapping my arms between us , as he worked my shorts down my legs telling me to kick them off which I did ! , he parted my legs with his knee and put his hand down to rub my clit and finger my wet pussy, I was still feeling horny from earlier and I soon relaxed and began to enjoy the effect his kisses and fingers were having on me.

He eased off of me slightly so I could free my hands an arms, which also gave him room to push my shirt up to free my boobs as his other hand was still busy between my legs , I put one arm around his neck as my other hand went down to pull his t-shirt up so his bare chest was pressing against my bare boobs. I also undid the buttons on his shorts to put my hand inside his pants to feel that hard cock of his that was pressing against my belly, I put my fingers on it to find it was very hard and also quite large.

As I pushed his shorts an pants down his legs I glanced down to see the head leaking pre cum , smearing it over the helmet , Matt groaned and said I can see you like to suck cock Wendy after watching you with Dave earlier, he looked at me saying do you like mine Wendy as you can suck it in a minute and see how big it really is . I stood there thinking what my Hubs had said about him, agreeing with his description of Matt ,but also thinking that I was looking forward to getting to grips with Matt's big hard cock .

Matt told me to get on my knees on the rubber mat and pull my shirt off as he took his off , he said you have lovely tits Wendy I noticed those earlier , he stood in front of me holding his cock out for me to lick I had to shuffle nearer on my knees , I guessed he wanted to see me move closer to show I wanted his cock . I now realised how big it was as I could also wrap my fingers around his cock as he held it in his fist the tip leaking pre cum on to my tongue, he took his hand away and I squeezed up and down the length of his cock as I licked it and placed my lips over the head sucking on the head of it ,I had my other hand between my legs rubbing my clit as I was feeling so horny now.

I was now getting into sucking on his big cock when Matt said I think we better go to my tent , pulling my mouth off his cock, he told me to pick up his an my clothes, we were both still naked apart from our shoes and he led me back towards the field where the tents were, I was glad to see his tent was set back from the others a good distance as if he was one of the first to set up camp, I was also pleased nobody saw us walking back in naked .

Matt opened the tent up telling me to stay in the middle of the tent, as he had lots of things around the outside not just his , I couldn't see anything as Matt closed the tent up but felt his mattress on the floor with my feet with the sleeping bag on top , I sat back putting our clothes at the foot of the mattress, we both kicked our shoes off and i lay back my legs apart expecting to feel Matt climb between my legs.

When Matt spoke to me in the darkness and told me he wanted me to suck his cock once again before he fucked me with his piece of fuck meat he seemed to be more confident now and ruder with it, he told me to get on all fours with my legs wide my head down to suck his big fuck stick. I felt with my hands to find him knelt down his cock pointing up as I began to lick and suck it for him ,with him pulling my head deeper onto it I heard some noise followed by a couple of flashes as Matt held my head on his cock .

I wondered what had just happened ?? , when I felt a pair of hands on my waist and some body shuffle between my spread legs I could feel hands running over my bum and pussy, then I felt another cock being rubbed between my bum and my pussy lips , I tried to speak but Matt held my head tight, then quietly told me I was going to fucked and sucking cock together now.

He also told me to turn around now as he was going to fuck me with his big piece of meat and spray my insides with his cum, ( again I thought of my Hubs words ) I shuffled around , this time I felt for the new man and his cock , as Matt gave my arse some hard slaps making it sting ,before pulling me back on to his hard cock I was so wet and ready for him but I still took in a gasp as his cock pushed past my pussy lips. I was then reminded of the other cock as it was rubbed over my face and against my mouth I began to lick it as Matt pushed the rest of his cock inside me, I was soon sucking it trying to move in time with Matt's thrusts.

I was just enjoying being filled at both ends when another load of flashes went off in rapid succession lighting up the man knelt in front of me, as I glanced up I recognised Paul who was a bit of a hunk and married to a friend of mine Lisa from the school , who was probably asleep in a tent a few yards from my own tent, totally unaware her husband had his hard cock in my mouth at that moment.

I then saw the tent being lit up dimly with a lamp from the right side of me, as I glanced, to see another dad who I didn't know, knelt there with a camera in his hand , I now knew what the flashes were all about , then I felt a mouth kissing my back and shoulders and felt a pair of hands feeling my boobs and pinching my nipples as I guessed all 3 men were touching me now .

Matt stopped fucking me for a moment and I felt him rub the large head of his cock between my bum cheeks making me think he was going to put it elsewhere, before sliding it back inside me , pausing to tell the others I told you I would get her back here ( as if I wasn't there listening ) I said she was hot and up for some cock tonight as you could see she had no pants on under those shorts its just a pity she let Dave fuck her first.

I was thinking what a bastard he set me up to fuck the 3 of them, I was also thinking I hope my hubs never finds out as he would go mad and hate to think of that prick Matt fucking me , though he did like Paul so that wouldn't be so bad , but don't think he would think much of some random guy called Jason fucking me as well.

Then Matt pulled out told Paul to fuck me as he moved around the other guy Jason moved in front of me as he held his cock ready for me to lick and suck, Paul had his cock in me and began to rock me back onto his cock as he thrust forwards, he told me I have always fancied you Wendy have always wanted to fuck you and never expected it to happen tonight but you cant say anything to Lisa though as we have the photos of you with Matt's cock in your mouth and also of both of us fucking you as I am sure your hubs wouldn't want to see those pics, now Wendy ???

I was just enjoying Paul fucking me as he said am going to blow my load in you Wendy , I told him to wait for me as I was desperate to cum as well now which he managed to as he fell on to my back whispering that was good Wendy in my ear , if you ever want to do it again ,let me know ,Hun , ???

It all proved too much for Jason as I suddenly felt his cock twitch in my mouth and my mouth began filling with his salty seed as I swallowed it down , I guessed having to watch the others proved too much excitement , he rolled back onto his sleeping bag to watch with Paul as Matt who was lazily stroking his cock moved behind me to feed his cock in to me again , Matt fucked me hard for a few minutes before making me cum just before he added his seed to my wet pussy to mix with Paul's.

I stayed with Matts cock inside me for a couple of minutes before kneeling up I asked Matt for my shorts and shirt as I dressed put on my shoes , while Paul offered to walk me back to my tent , we chatted as we went him reminding me of the photos and not to tell Lisa , as if I could as she was my friend as well , Paul also said as he gave me a parting kiss there is still another night to go yet Wendy and laughed !!???

If you want to hear more of this story let me know and I will type some more for you???? Wendy xx