Written by bellyboytim

31 Aug 2011

We have recently returned from a holiday at our villa in Spain and I thought I would share our exploits with you.

We were there with my wife's sister and her husband and Paula, my wife's lesbian mate who I have written about before.

Our in-laws have no idea that we have had sex with Paula and would be shocked to find out too, so I did not imagine that anything would happen during our break. But I was wrong.

One evening, the in laws said that they were going into town for a meal and drinks and asked if any one wanted to join them. I accepted but my wife and Paula decided to stay home as they were "so tired". My wife gave me a sly wink as she said this and my belly flipped at the thought of what might happen.

The three of us went out and were gone for about 3 hours. When we returned my wife and Paula were sitting by the pool reading.

"I thought you would of been in bed by now", I said and my wife replied that they had just been chilling and she was waiting for me to get home.

We went to bed soon after and as my wife climbed in beside be her hand went straight to my cock which hardened immediately. As she came to kiss me, pushing her tongue into my mouth I got the unmistakable taste and smell of pussy.

"Ok, so tell me about it then"! I said

"We had sex", she replied, "and it was so good I had a massive orgasm and so did Paula. I enjoyed sucking her juice and now need my pussy filled with cock if that's ok?"

With that she climbed onto me and my stiff cock slipped straight up her sopping pussy. She rode me really hard and horny and it was not long before I shot my spunk up her. She collapsed next to me and we soon fell asleep.

Two days later, the Saturday, it was market day and again the in-laws were going to go. My wife loves the markets and decided to go with them but Paula and I decided to stay at home.

For an hour or so we just lay by the pool in the sun. I was watching Paula from behind my sunglasses and kept imagining her and my wife having sex. She sat up on her lounger and began to rub sun cream into her shoulders, chest and tummy. I watched thinking that she couldn't see me doing so.

Her hand went inside her bikini top and it was soon obvious that she was not just rubbing cream in. She was definitely playing with her tits. My cock started twitching.

She turned to face me, stood up and let her hand slip into her bikini bottoms and smiled at me. "I know you're watching me you dirty perv" she said and bent her knees before pushing her hand deeper between her legs.

She sat on the edge of her lounger spread her knees and was soon rubbing her pussy quite hard. I removed my shades and moved closer to her. She looked up at me and said that she so needed to cum but the rubbing just wasn't doing it. "Did you guys bring any toys with you?" she asked but we hadn't. "Shit", she said, "I need something up me. Can I use your cock?"

My swim shorts were off in a second and I was kneeling between her legs ready to push up her. "Do it now and do it hard" she instructed, so I did. Bang! Straight up and started to fuck her hard and fast. "Oh yes!" she gasped and her pussy tightened round me as she came hard on me. My cock twitched and soon I was filling her with spunk.

We sat on the lounger for a while catching our breath. "I thought you were gay", I said, "so what's with the being fucked by a cock thing all about?"

"Some times the rubbing and licking just doesn't do it and I need to feel my pussy full. Normally a dildo or bottle or anything like that does the trick but you were handy that's all".

So she had just used me! I wasn't complaining!! I told her that I knew where she was coming from as I liked to have my cock sucked rather that fucking sometimes. Luckily for me - she got the hint!

She said nothing but lowered her head and took my semi hard cock into her mouth. I was soon hard and she continued to suck and lick me.

I told her that I knew that she and my wife had fucked the other night and began to tell her what they had done. This must of excited her as she sucked and licked harder and faster. One of her hands went to her pussy and she started to wank herself too. Spunk and juice squelching.

As I felt my orgasm approaching I told her I was cumming and she closed her mouth around my gland, gently rubbing her tongue on the underside, and I spunked off into her mouth. She sucked every last drop out and then swallowed it all.

"There you go", she said, "we're squits!"

Soon after, the others returned from their shopping trip. I haven't told my wife what happened yet but I suppose I will have to. I'll wait till we are mid fuck one night and see what happens. I'll let you know!