Written by Funcouple

16 Jul 2010

Mrs FC was a virgin when I met her. She was nearly 20 and was, and still is, very beautiful so it certainly wasn't for a lack of male attention. So I was the lucky first and as we've stayed together ever since I probably should have been the last too. Luckily for her I wanted her to have other men though she wasn't keen at first. I kept going on about it and eventually she told me about a fling that she had had been on holiday with her friends. She met a Portuguese DJ in a Algarve club and ended up fucking him to see what sex with another man would be like.

Of course I was jealous when she told me years later but I was also excited. I wanted her to do it again and tell me all about it straight away. She still wasn't keen though and she couldn't understand why I wanted it so badly. I used to tease her and call her a virgin. I told her it was a waste of her beautiful body. She got excited when we talked about her having other men but nothing happened. I almost gave up and then things changed forever. One night she came home from a work do and I could see that she had something to tell me. She was nervous and made me promise not to be angry. I happily made the promise and then she confessed. One of her work colleagues had managed to get her on her own in a bar and had started to kiss her. Flattered and remembering what I wanted she responded. It was a fairly public place but he had managed to touch her tits and finger her pussy. Was I pleased? Of course I was pleased though I was also a tiny bit disappointed. I wanted her to have full sex but it was a great start. The next week they went to Green Park in London after work. She told me that it as fairly busy but she got his cock out and wanked it for him. He told her that he was going to come so she finished him off with her mouth. Another great story but I wanted more. They went back to the park the next week and this time he fucked her properly, probably while being watched. This is definitely what I wanted.

Now the floodgates had been opened. Her boss told her that he fancied her so she fucked him at their hotel after a Christmas do. She had carried on fucking work colleague number one as well. This was what I wanted but I still wanted more. I loved it when she came home with a story about being fucked. Even better though was when we went to friends for a dinner party. I went to bed and the other wife went too leaving Mrs FC downstairs with my friend. I knew that he fancied her but I wasn't sure how brave he would be. I tried to stay awake but fell asleep only to be woken up up at about 6am. Mrs FC told me that she had been naughty and let me touch her spunk filled knickers. My friend had kept her talking but eventually Mrs FC had lost patience and had kissed him. He needed no further encouragement and fucked her from behind over the sofa. This was when I started keeping score. Including me and the holiday fling she was up to five. She's now up to 28 so plenty more stories to tell.