Written by bigmicky10

6 Oct 2011

I was 19yrs old, just left collage looking for a job,one afternoon i was wondering what to do, it was a really cold day and feeling pissed off I went to a Cinema in Islington London,the cinema was almost empty so I went to the back looking forward to watching the film, all of a sudden a guy sat next to me which I thought at the time was strange, he placed his raincoat across my lap, at this point I was shit scared but kept on watching the film then his hand landed on my knee,he then took hold of my gloved hand and whispered to me to take off my glove, which I did, really nervous now but excited, I felt his bulge which was to me, huge, he then unzipped his flies and the next thing I was playing with his cock which was nice and thick and long, to my surprise i was enjoying it and felt my cock get hard,he whispered to me to follow him out,which I did, why I thought to myselve. he took me to a very dark ally where we wanked,sucked, he said he wanted to put his cock into my bum, I told him to fuck off and I run off. Later that night I thought about it and wished he had, I ended up giving myselve the best ever wank and fingered my hole, it felt so good and shot a big load.

True story,