Written by HornyCpl

12 Aug 2017

We recently were on holiday in France visiting the vineyards of Burgundy. It was middle of the afternoon one day after a two hour lunch and on our way to the last vineyard that day when my wife began stroking my leg as I drove. I love it when she initiates it and I was sure that's what this was when her fingers brushed against the cloth covering my rising cock. I saw a narrow country lane off to my right that looked like it went near a copse of woods a few hundred yards away from the near deserted road we were on.

She saw me scouting with my eyes and gave me a broad smile and a nod when I glanced at her. Slowing and turning into the lane brought her hand hard against my cock and her fingers sensuously wanked it through the cloth. I was now hot, and it wasn't from the heat of July. We rambled up to the trees and parked beneath the shade. Got out and grabbed from the boot our oversized beach towel we use for a blanket when we go do it in nature. Laid it down next in front of the car so we were shielded from the lane. Wife was already naked knelt on the towel facing me and motioned for me to join her standing. She made quick work of my belt buckle and zip, then lowered my jeans and pants to my ankles. My cock was at three-quarters. She grabbed it and put the front half in her mouth, and licked and slurped and sucked me to one hundred percent.

When I started to unbutton my shirt, she gasped, "No. I've been randy for you since lunch. It began as a slow burn, but now I need to be fucked. Right now!" She then fell backwards onto her back and in two seconds was lying there staring at my cock through spread legs an raised knees. I took one look at her thinly haired cunt, and when she saw me look at her there, she brought one hand to her puffy slit and began fingering herself.

She knows doing that instantly inflames me and I groaned as I threw myself between those sweet thighs. Even before I was firmly settled on my elbows and knees she grabbed my cock and had the knob end against her hole. I shoved in and found she was sopping wet inside. She snapped her head back and gasped at my sudden penetration, then quickly looked back at my face and smiled when she said, "Nice going. You know I love when you ram into me like that. That's what I need. Fuck me hard and fast like you're raping me. I want it rough!"

With an invitation like that, how could any man refuse? I did as she asked and fucked her like a man possessed. Within less than two minutes she had gone from urgent desire to moaning pleasure to heavy breathing and gasping to wailing as she came. Her orgasm was strong and her hip rolls and body trembling almost sucked the cum out of me, but I held off, knowing when she's like this there's much more to be enjoyed.

When she recovered we cuddled and kissed with me lying in her between her thighs. She then began rolling her hips to get me back to full hardness and as I went from half hard to rock hard, I teasingly said, "Does my lady want more?" She grinned as she replied, "You know damned well I want more - a lot more!" She wrapped her arms about my neck as she gave me deep kisses with lots of tongue, which she knows I love when I'm inside her. When I was fully hard again, I suddenly withdrew my cock.

When she opened her eyes in surprise I said, "On your hands and knees. You've had yours, but now I want mine." She grinned since she knows what that means and quickly got into position. I slipped my cock in from the rear, grabbed her hips with both hands, and began fucking her slowly but deeply, building her up to her next climax. I fucked her like that gradually increasing speed over the next few minutes. By the time I was pounding her pussy she was gasping, "Yes ... yes ... fuck me ... make me come ... God, yes, make me come ... make me come now!"

At that, I speeded up even more and she went over the edge, wailing out a long climax. Her orgasm must have been more intense than normal for she was pounding her hips back into my cock with a little scream each time my cock nudged her cervix. It took a long for her orgasm to run its course, and then her body stilled. I kept my cock inside her as I gave her a bit of a rest, but then began pounding into her again.

I caught her just right, about half way down, but still randy for it. I pounded her to another come, then repeated. By the time I bellowed out my own come and shot a heavy load of hot cum up her, she had had a string of five orgasms.

I kept my cock inside her as I lay on her back where she collapsed onto the towel, just soaking in the wonderful swamp of her pussy and silently thanked Someone for giving me this fantastically horny woman, who not only fucked me whenever I wanted, but also loved me and was my life companion.