Written by lucky old git

12 Feb 2014

I told dawn that i was not feeling well and needed to stay out of the sun for a cpl of days and she should carry on with the holiday till i felt better,

for the next 2 days i spent in the room with the ac on and out of the sun, each evening dawn would return, telling ryan and john had been trying to get her back to their room to carry on where they left off, but she had refused wanting to wait till i was better before she took them both.

It was monday before i felt well enough to venture out in the sun again, by this time the rest of the lads for the the stag do were arriving 8 in total.

we didnt see Ryan or John till late monday afternoon. they were in the pool /bar when we came up from the beach as were the rest of their party. we were introduced to them all, but i cannot remember all their names. instead of the usual 2 or 3 drinks we stayed for a long while chatting and finding out about them.

dawn was sitting on ryans knee and playfully moving her hips, when one of the lads said to the other one sat besides me " if ryan aint carefull her old mans gonna smack him" I just laugher and turned round and said not a chance shes a right little horny cum slut and ryans been after getting her bikini off for a few days

the poor lad sat next to me didnt know what to say. dawn was not happy that i had said that with 6 total strangers around us, when ryan piped up so can i have her later?

we will see i said, let me see how i feel in the morning as i am still not 100% after the sun stroke!

we made our excuses and left them to it. back in the room dawn had a little moan at me for saying what i did in front of ryans mates. I asked what see was mad about as she was a little cock hungry cum slut at times!!

that evening we headed up to the entertainment bar to watch then show, Ryan and john were already seated and had saved us a cpl of chairs, there was no signs of the other lads, which dawn gave a sigh of relief. we spent and hour watching the entertainment, when dawn lent forward and said to ryan and John do you fancy taking me tonight now that hubby is feeling better ?

With that we left and made our way back to our room. Ryan wasted no time in stripping dawn of her dress and bra, leaving her totally naked (she never wears nickers) within minuets they were all undressed and were exploring each others bodies (dawn was right ryan was impressive, whilst john was a little smaller than average) they both took it in turns to fuck her pussy whilst the other fed their cock in to her mouth. i took some great pics of the action ryan was like a machine he came 3 or 4 times each time lasting longer between.

by the time they left around 3am dawn was completely shagged out and red raw well and truly used and abused by ryan. they left saying see you on the beach tomorrow.

The following day was a late start for us as dawn was still a bit tender down below. we went down to the beach around 12ish and the entire stag party was there having saved us a cpl of sunbeds. needless to say Ryan and John had told them everything from last nights fun. Dawn was faced with a million questions, not surprisingly if she would do the rest of them? maybe in a cpl of days she said as ryan and john had given her such a punding last night she was very tender today. which was met with roars of laughter and whoots.

the following evening we decided we would have some more fun with the lads so after the days activities we told them to come up to our room with a few drinks and see what happens when dawn is tipsy and horny. around 8 ish they all turned up carrying bottles of wine and excessive amounts of cans of beer.

Dawn had dressed for it too nice little tartan mini skirt hold ups no nickers white silk vest top no bra. and 6 inch heels.

the boys trouped in and made themselves comfy where ever they could find a place to sit. drinks flowed and banter began dawn eyeing up al the lads one stood out a lad called chris very well built almost a body builders body. things started off fairly slowly with a game of truth or dare, dawn kept choosing truth answering every question like a little school girl. the boys obviously choose dare and within no time all were down to their boxers. some sporting impressive bulges. the boys were getting bored with dawn just answering qustions and not removing any clothes when it was suggested she should start doing dares.

eventually all were naked and hand were allowed to probe dawn in a mass assault of her senses. before she knew it dawn was laid on the bed taking her first 2 cocks of the evening being spit roasted with the rest cheering on, everyone kept telling Ryan and especially chris they had to go last. ryan was big but this paled in comparison to chris. it looked huge and angry and would not have looked out of place on an farm animal!!

by this point dawn was being fucked by 3 guys john was fucking her face and she was being dp'd by 2 other guys, when they had finished ryan and chris stepped forward and dawn looked a little worried at the size of chris saying she could not possibly take that monster.

nonetheless chris offered dawn his cock to suck on whilst ryan fucked her from behind, ryan withdrew his cock from her pussy and chris laid down on his back dawn straddled him and started to lower her self on to his very impressive cock bit by bit lowering herself till she had taken his entire length, ryan then moved round and stood over chris pulling dawns hair and guiding his cock into her mouth. dawn was loving the size of chris's cock stretching her pussy to the max, she got in an rythm with chris and ryan she must have cum several times when one of the lads (james i think) got on the bed and was trying to put his cock in along side chris, but ended up feeding it into to her arse in stead, now dawn has never really like anal, but she was powerless to stop this and eventually she was filled in all 3 holes at once!! the sight had me shooting my load like mad before i returned to the camera.

eventually everyone of the 8 lads had fucked all 3 holes and cum in all aswell. they all left slowly leaving just ryan and chris to fuck her one last time that night (well morning by the time they left)

over the next week and a bit dawn took all the lads again sometimes 2 at a time sometime 3 and 4 other times she just took ryan and chris together

the photos i took during that holiday were sent to ryan, chris and john, we have met them a few times since we returned travelling down to the midlands for them to have dawn again