Written by dirty old git

12 Feb 2014

Hi There,

This Is a true story of what happened the last time we visited sharm el sheik.

we have been swinging for a few years off and on Dawn my wife at the time was just 40 (it was her birthday treat) she is 5'3" great little figure 36 b an arse to die for and always clean shaven below. I am 6'3" well toned body (years of playing amateur rugby helps)

We had booked for a 4 week stay in sharm as we both wanted to expand our diving licences. the plan being to spend the first and last week chilling on the private beach and the middle 2 diving.

For the first 2 or 3 days we split our time between the Main brit bar /pool and the private beach snorkeling.

at the end of each day we would spend an hour or 2 at the brit pool / bar making small talk with other brits, Dawn and many other of the brit women would got topless in the pool area, but, had to cover up on the beach (even though it was private)

By the end of the 4th day we were talking to 2 lads from bloxwhich ( thinks its near Birmingham) Ryan and John, both were in their late 20's fairly well toned and reasonably good looking, during the course of our chat we found out that they were the advanced party

for a stag do of 8 lads in total. and they had also planned to go diving the next week, some were experienced divers some not.

Dawn sugested that may want to join us down at the beach in the morning as she fancied a days snorkeling and exploring the reefs.

the following day we headed down to the private beach and grabbed a cpl of sunbeds Dawn had decided that she was wearing her latest bikini and tiny yellow number fastened by the thinnest of ties. we were joined by Ryna and John around 10ish we spent a little time chatting about football and generally making small talk, then headed down the pontoon over the reef to the end where you could get in the water and headed off to explore the reef snorkeling, we were out for about 20 mins when Ryan and John caught up with us so we carried on exploring the reef when i noticed dawns bikini bottoms were becoming loose at the string fastenings ( as i was slightly behind and off to one side) I made my way over and tried to get her attention but must had inadvertently brushed against the string holding her bottoms on and they fell off sinking down 5 mtrs to the bottom of the red sea.

Dawn tried as best she could to cover up but its hard trying to tread water and cover your bits up st the same time, Ryan and john both noticed this and were trying to get an eyeful of dawns clean shaven pussy, when Ryan dived down to recover her bottoms. all 3 of us tried to help dawn get them back on, eventually having got her decently covered we headed back to the pontoon and got out. To say she was not best pleased with me would be and understatement we headed back to the sun beds, whilst dawn headed to the ladies room to make sure her bikini was fixed properly.

Whilst she was away i apologized to the lads, but they said not to worry as they had enjoyed seeing her body and it was a damn fine one, Dawn returned and the lads thanked her for the quick peeps show laughing all the while, when Ryan out of the blue asked if they could see more? to everyone's surprise (mine included) dawn said maybe later if you are good boys!!

I must have dozed off as i woke up around 1pm, there was no sign of dawn and the 2 lads.

my head was thumping (spent too long in the sun with no shade) so i decided to go for a dip to cool off as i got to the end of the pontoon dawn was just climbing out with Ryan and John. I said i wouldn't be long as i need to cool off.

I spent 10 mins just bobbing up and down in the sea to try and cool down then headed back to our sunbeds, dawn was laying face down with Ryan and john sat each side ho her rubbing sun cream into her back and legs. unable to find any shade i told dawn i was feeling unwell and was heading up to the room. I asked Ryan and John to look after her whilst i had a lay down in the cool room.

I awoke around 7pm that evening but dawn had not returned and i was feeling even worse. I(sun stroke would be my guess) I got up and made my way to the brit pool/ bar but she was not there so headed down to the beach, which was no empty except for a few staff clearing away the days clutter.

not overly worried i made my way back to the room dawn was already back and in the shower.

i asked where she had been and she told me she had been with Ryan and John they had left the beach at 4 and had gone to the pool /bar area for a few drinks, then they had headed off to the lads room for a few more drinks.

Did you let them have their treat from earlier i asked ? Yes and much more she said! and began to tell me all the details of what they had done with her

she said as they entered their room Ryan went in first with john following up the rear and before the door had closed they had both pulled the strings holding her bikini up and she was left totally naked in front of them. she said she tried to complain as it was not fair i was not there to enjoy what was going on and asked them to stop, but it fell on deaf ears. they both dropped the trunks and in dawns words ryan was very impressive whilst john's seemed a little less than average, they both grabbed her and man handled her on the bed ryan making straight for her pussy with his mouth whilst john played with her impressive tits. she told them both that she would not fuck them at this point, but would allow them to play with her pussy and tits and suck them both dry, as she knew i would want to be there to enjoy seeing her being used.

more to follow later