Written by BiGuy from the Mountains

4 Jan 2019

I've lived with a partner for nearly 40 years and we have two brilliant adult kids together but as a bisexual, I've never been able to resist the lure of outdoor sex, hard cocks and the thrill of the unknown.

So whenever the chance presents itself for some "me" time, I head to Cabopino dunes outside Marbella on Spain's Costa del Sol. The authorities are making it more difficult to have fun there : access by car is not as easy as it was but of course the male sex drive will not be easily deterred and where there's a will there's a way.

A few weeks ago now I arrived there in the late afternoon with 90 minutes of daylight left. Trawling the bushes near to the car park produced one guy with tracksuit bottoms around his knees stroking a generous-sized cock and inviting others to get closer for a proper look. I got bad vibes - sometimes it's just like that and I left someone else to take on that particular monster.

Nearer to the beach is another wooded area with lots of spaces for people who want to get intimate. I was eyeing up a couple of guys but they were not really my type. Suddenly from nowhere a late 20s couple dressed in sweatshirts and tracky bottoms moved quickly through the area, she with a rucksack on her back. Hopefully they were not offended by the cruising vibe that was pretty obvious. They headed off into the distance, apparently not upset or interested in what was going on.

It was a slow day and although I did some rubbing of my cock through my jeans and made eye-contact not a lot was happening. A 30-something Spanish guy caught my eye but did not return my interest. You can't win them all.

I followed some other guys for a few minutes without success and started to make my way back to the car. It was exciting to see the 30 year old guy again disappearing into some other bushes with someone else following, usually a good sign that there is some action to be had. I waited a few minutes to let them get "involved", knowing from experience that I was less likely to be dismissed if they were into one another and horny. I get pleasure from all aspects of sex, watching or participating, top or bottom, gay, bi or straight.

As I closed in on their location I suddenly realised I was in luck. One of the guys had hooked up with the couple I had seen earlier. The male half of the couple was leaning against a tree branch at his arse level and had his cock out. A metre away was one of the guys I had followed with his good-sized knob being extracted from his jeans by the female who had long blonde platinum hair pulled back in a pony tail. . I watched, along with one other guy, as she bent over and lowered her mouth over his cock whilst her hand rubbed up and down his shaft. Then she swapped over and gave her full attention to the guy she had been walking with earlier.

The other voyeur had his cock out and was only a metre away from the action. I took a risk and moved in closer to get a better look. It is always possible, especially as I am an older guy, to be told to move away but they seemed quite indifferent to our proximity. My cock was swelling and I had to release it from my jeans. She lowered her tracksuit bottoms and revealed a very neat pair of legs with sheer red panties encasing her lovely tight arse. Still giving attention to both cocks in turn, she then proceeded to whisper something to her new conquest. When he nodded she reached into the rucksack hung on a tree and brought out a condom which she quickly removed from its wrapper and slid over the guy's seven or so inches.

As I grew harder she slid her panties down to her knees, leaving her pussy and arse exposed as she bent over to continue the blow job for the guy she'd arrived with. Condomed man then positioned himself behind her as she bent over and as she opened her legs and, with her fingers, her pussy for him I watched spell-bound as his cock penetrated her easily.

I moved again to get a better view, my cock now fully erect and being stroked by me in rhythm with the fucking I was witnessing. Two things stand out in my memory as I watched: firstly she started to make gentle but erotic sounds of contentment as the new guy pounded her from behind and secondly I loved the way the muscles in her arse rippled as she was banged hard. This was not a quick fuck and she continued to suck her man throughout. I stroked my self marvelling at the free show and slowly built towards orgasm as they did. The other guy on his own was also keeping up the same tempo as he beat his meat.

The guy fucking moved up a gear in speed and her cock-muffled groans grew louder as her pleasure increased. Then it all happened almost simultaneously: condomed guy reached the point of no return and shot his load with grunts and a succession of short ,sharp thrusts. She moaned as it appeared an orgasm overtook her and her man shot into her mouth which she swallowed. Myself and the other voyeur rubbed our loads out onto the soft sand beneath our feet.

She pulled up her panties and bottoms, everyone else stashed their equipment away and we separated. There are wooden walkways to access this area and I followed a few metres behind the pair as they left hand in hand back towards the car park. She had obviously come looking for nothing more than a third party to fuck her and seemed very happy with her early evening's action. I wondered about asking them about their fun and if it was something they did regularly but decided to keep quiet and just replayed what I had just seen as they walked away.

I should have gone home at that stage but returned to the bushes where I had seen the guy with the big cock earlier. He had gone so I took his place and thought about that lovely arse I had just seen rippling as she relished her fucking. A well-dressed man appeared, maybe a little older than me and came closer rubbing his cock before taking it out through his flies. Nothing enormous but attractive enough. I lowered my jeans and turned so that he could see I was wearing an emerald green thong which split the cheeks of my hairless arse. (This not a woman's thong but one with a front pouch - the underwear I choose to wear every day.) He purred with pleasure at this and sunk to his knees. First he rimmed me which I love and then began to suck me. I was soon hard but knew it was unlikely that I would come again so quickly. He sucked well for a few minutes but I had to explain what had just happened and that I was likely to disappoint him if he wanted a thick load of sticky hot cum in his mouth.

He seemed fine with this and stood up to tuck his cock away. I asked him what turned him on and he told me he was a cross-dresser. I like to think I am open-minded and asked him what he was wearing under his trousers. He undid his belt and for the first time showed me black silky full panties with see through panels above his cock and hold ups. I loved stroking his panties and we talked about his situation. His wife knows he does this but would never join in. Then he found his phone and showed me hundreds of pictures of him in female dress and wigs and so on.

There were also pics of him in just knickers and suspender belts which I found much more exciting and then views of his arse being held wide open by his own hands.

I almost regretted cumming earlier because I would love to have shot a thick load of cream all over his panties there and then.

Now you may or not believe this story but perhaps it will be more credible if I tell you nothing more happened that day. I needed to get away for a meeting and we did not exchange numbers. I didn't fuck his arse nor did I go back to his house to shaft his wife.

However I did visit a sex shop after my meeting that evening and managed to find one selling poppers, not easy in Spain. So now I have even more reason to return to Cabopino to try my luck and see what presents itself.