Written by The Mechanic.

28 Jan 2019

It was coming up to our fifth wedding anniversary, my wife's family asked us if we had any plans to celebrate the event. Because we have a three year old son we had not even thought about going away for a few days but then Mary's parents suggested that they would be only too happy to look after their only grandson if we did decide to spend a few days on our own. Mary and I discussed it and agreed that it would do us both good to spend some time alone. Our relationship had become a little stale, probably because both Mary and I had stressful jobs and this obviously affected our sex lives. Most nights we were both very tired but occasionally ended with us having a quick shag which neither of us found sexually satisfying.

I asked Mary if there was anywhere in particular that she wanted to see and after some thought she said that she had always wanted to visit the vineyards of the Mosel Valley in Germany. It would be an easy trip to arrange and the grandparents had no objection to looking after the boy for the five nights that we would be away.

Our anniversary was in the middle of June so the weather should be fair. I reserved travel for our car on the Channel Tunnel and booked a hotel in Bruges for the first night then three nights at a hotel overlooking the Mosel river in Bernkastel.

The morning we left Mary's parents arrived at our house and we said goodby to our son, he had a good relationship with his grandparents and was not upset by the thought of them looking after him, in fact I think that he knew that he would be getting spoilt rotten while we were away.

We checked in to our hotel in Bruge later that afternoon and had dinner at a restaurant near the main square and a few drinks at a nearby bar. On the short walk back to our hotel Mary pulled me into a dark doorway and we snogged like teenagers and she rubbed my erect cock through my trousers. "Take me to bed before I fuck you right her" she said. Back in our room we undressed each other and when we were both naked we made love slowly and gently, just like when we were first married and we fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning I awoke to feel Mary lying with her head on my stomach with her hand cupping my balls and her lips and tongue moving along my dick. It had been many months since we had the opportunity to have sex first thing in the morning like this. I did not want to finish this way so I eased her up my body and slipped my dick into her pussy as she sat on me. She slowly rocked on me grinding her pussy against my erection inside her. Her orgasm came very quickly and mine followed just a few minutes later. She lay naked on my chest breathing gently with my arms around her until my dick softened and slid out of her. Later we shared a shower dressed and packed our bags.

We stopped for lunch near Liege then headed towards Bernkastel. It was a beautiful sunny day and the scenery as we dropped into the Mosel Valley was stunning. We stopped the car at a view point overlooking the river, Mary began to run her hand along my inner thigh and then over my crotch. When she felt that I was getting stiff she undid my zipper and put her hand inside. I had to stop her because there were a few other cars parked close to us. She looked at me and said, "Do you remember when we used to fuck in the long grass behind a hedge before we were married, I want to feel you inside me like that now". She undid a few buttons on her blouse and pulled it away so that I could see her naked breast. She also lifted herself of the car seat slightly and reached under her short skirt and pulled her panties down her legs and put them into the glove box. I quickly told her that I would see if I could find somewhere more suitable.

I drove towards the river and shortly came to a downhill hairpin bend in the middle of the rows of vines with room to park close by. I locked the car and we crossed the road into the vineyard. We walked between the vines for about fifty yards until we came across a wooden bench. Mary undid the few remaining buttons of her blouse and took it off. Her breasts are as firm now as they were when we first met even after breast feeding our son. She sat on the bench, undid my trousers and pulled my dick out and straight into her mouth. When it was hard she got me to sit on the bench and lifting her skirt she squatted over me and lowered herself onto my dick with her tits pressed to my face so that I could suck on her nipples as she fucked me. She slowly raised and lowered herself on me , suddenly I heard a noise like a twig breaking,

I looked to my right and saw a young man dressed in cycling lycra standing about twenty feet away watching us. I told Mary that we were being watched. She said that as far as she was concerned she was not going to stop now , he could carry on watching because she was close to cumming. With a loud sigh she pressed hard down on me as she shuddered and I felt her cum dripping over my balls.

Mary looked across at the man watching us and I was amazed when she motioned him to come closer. We both could see that he had an obvious erection visible through the tight lycra. Mary lifted off my cock and sat next to me, she asked him to get his cock out and when he did she took it in her hand and started to wank him. I pushed Marys legs apart and stood between them with my dick level with her face . She opened her mouth and sucked my dick into her, I could hardly believe that my wife was sucking me off while she was wanking the cock of a complete stranger.

In less than a minute the man groaned and a stream of cum shot out of his cock, Mary wiped her hand clean on his leg and he mumbled thanks in French as he returned to his bike parked by the road. I was now very close to cumming myself and Mary looked up at me as my semen spurted into her mouth. She swallowed the mouthful and then we both burst out laughing, Mary said that she had never done anything like that before but admitted that it had been fun. We tidied ourselves and returned to our car. and looked for our hotel. We were on the bed fucking as soon as we closed the door to our room. We did have a couple more al fresco fucks in the vineyards over the next two days but made sure that we were at a more secluded spot.