Written by databoy

17 Sep 2016

recently been away on hols to Mallorca , we were there with brother in law and sister in law and the wifes aunt who will be known as Ann.

Ann is only 62 years of age and with us being mid fifties she is not that old. Well she has always had the hots for me if i say so myself and is always kissing me on lips when coming to visit. OK it is just a peck but normally people give you a kiss on cheek when they visit or say bye. Anyway we were having a sun bathe by the pool as you do and i couldn't help noticing that Ann had quite a nice body for her age which was probably a size 16 and with ample tits. She looked up a couple of times and caught me looking at her but said nothing. One afternoon the wife, sister in law and brother in law said they were off for a walk into the town to which i refused as i said i would remain by the pool and continue to get some sun. Ann also decided to stay behind and no sooner had they gone that Ann said could i rub some lotion into her back and legs to which i agreed to do. I started to rub in the lotion and continued down to her legs and whilst at the top of the thigh i moved my hand towards the parting in her legs and at that she moved them open a little. I moved my hand so it was brushing against the edge of her pussy and then once complete i sat back down on the lounger. Ann looked up and said "by the look of you that was also enjoyed by you" and i looked down and saw a semi hard on that was in my shorts. I replied "that's nothing to what it could be like". "well we will have to see" she said as she got to her feet and headed towards her complex which housed her room and i quickly followed. Once in the room we turned to each other and kissed very passionately and i began to remove her bikini top and bottoms and quickly pulled off my shorts. Ann was down on her knees like a shot and took me into her mouth and began giving me the deepest blow job i have ever had. I was close to coming and told her so and she rose up and knelt on the bed and said "stick it in me its been so long since i had any". I moved over to get behind her and slowly pushed my cock into her and she let out a moan and i started off fucking her slowly. With every thrust forward i got quicker and quicker and by now i was well in my rhythm and pumping hard into her now sodden pussy and Ann was letting out deep moans with every one. I was near the point of cumming and said to Ann "where do you want me to cum" and she replied "over my face" and so i pulled out and she quickly turned around to take my full load into her face. She never swallowed any at all but loved it over her face which was okay with me. the rest of the holiday was enjoyed and we never mentioned it to each other and haven't since but i will always remember that time with Ann as special.