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Fun in the Sun - part 3

"Me and Annie go full on together"

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After a while we had to get ready to go out

Annie wore another frightenly tight short dress which although not see through made it obvious that she wasn't wearing any underwear. I wore a nice dress - and with a lot of Annie's encouragement went out braless for the first time ever !!! -but I wasn't ready to abandon my panties

That night we hit the bars together – it was probably the happiest night I had enjoyed for such along time

We drank , we danced together and we even did karaoke together – one of the songs was “Voulez Vous “ by Abba and then we followed that with “Gimme Gimme Gimme a Man After Midnight” which we had a standing ovation for :)

Obviously our choice of songs meant we had attention from lots of guys and plenty of free drinks too :) – at one point we were sat on some bar stools and a cocky young guy came over and said to Annie “I’d love to get in your knickers later darling”

She opened her legs giving him a good view up her dress !!! which made his jaw drop and then replied “There’s 2 problems with that – first as you can see I don’t wear any, and second I’ve already got my girlfriend to give me an orgasm” and leant forward and gave me a deep French kiss right in front of him

Annie then said " Actually I probably would have let you fuck me if you hadn't been so rude now piss off"

It was so funny hearing her speak to him like that in her posh voice – he looked really angry and walked away shouting out "prick teasers"

Annie shouted after him "And I take it up the bum too"

The whole bar was laughing at him

He turned around glaring at us- me and Annie nearly fell off the stools laughing

There were some girls stood near and they came over to us - they were crying with laughter and told us they had heard what he had said and that he had tried the same line with them so they were really happy she had put him in his place

I told Annie that she was so naughty but she said "Look we are on holiday - we should have some fun "

Eventually we got back to the room Annie said what a good night she had had

I replied “It’s not over yet" and told her to take her dress off – she quickly removed it and stood there naked smiling at me

I pushed her onto the bed and told her to open her legs wide - I then put my head between her thighs and got to work with my tongue and fingers

It was the first time I had ever done that and although it felt strange it also felt so good- especially when my tongue played with her pierced clit

I must have been doing ok because soon Annie was gushing and her hands gripped the bed sheets as she came – I climbed over her and kissed her deeply so she could taste herself

“Are you sure you’ve never done that before” she panted – and I had to tell her it was my first time

“Would you like to go further” she asked and when I nodded she undressed me and told me to get on all 4’s

She got behind me and starting licking me and even teased my bum hole with her tongue – I had never ever had that done to me before – and I was soon coming in floods

She then went to her bedside drawer and got a strapon out and put it on – it was massive and I told her I had never taken anything that big before but she assured me it would be fine

She coated it with lube and eased it into me – checking I was ok – I nodded – and soon she was thrusting away as I started screaming with pleasure

Then she asked if I had ever had anything in my arse – I whispered no so she asked if I would like to try

“There’s no way your putting that in my arse “I yelled pointing at the strap on but Annie laughed and said “No – I meant this “ and held up a small butt plug

Ok I replied but promise you’ll stop if I say so

I then felt some cool liquid on my bum and then Annie coated her finger with it and started easing into my bum

I told her that it was ok so far so she remove her finger and a moment later I felt the tip of the buttplug  being pushed in

Then I had a searing pain run through my whole body as I felt it pop in and yelled out

Try to relax "said Annie

Suddenly just as quickly as the pain had started it disappeared and all I could feel was the sensation of my bum being full

How’s that asked Annie and I told her it felt good

Annie then put the strapon back in my pussy and began thrusting away

Wow – the feeling was amazing and I was having orgasm after orgasm wash over me and kept telling her how much I was loving it !

"Double penetration is the best way to have sex " purred Annie

After about 10 mins I was completely drained and had to stop but had an intense warm feeling envelope my body and mind


Afterwards we jumped in the shower together and washed each others bodies before climbing wearily into the same bed where we cuddled our naked bodies together and slept all night

More to follow on Day 3 if you want xxx

Written by Beckyf

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