Written by stokecouple5

3 Apr 2017

Kath and I are swingers. We are both in our fifties and are now enjoying some of the better things in life. We travel and enjoy staying in nice hotels, the family are grown and off our hands.

Our sexual CV includes full swap, clubs, parties, exhibitionism and voyeurism Kath has enjoyed a few single guy fun events and a little bit of dogging, she is also bi..ish if turned on enough she will play but not into doing the show for the guys.

As I said we are both in our fifties reasonable fit and still active. Kath has a full figure like a lady should have. Curves in all the right place, she loves to dress to please and rather surprisingly she has some hair on her pussy. Strange in these modern times I know. It’s not the full bush, but a nice trimmed pussy.

Having been around the swinging scene for a good few years, we have made lots of contacts and shared information about clubs etc. We have some friends who are based in the Europe, they have a lot of knowledge about clubs in Europe and further afield. They had told us about a club in St Louis a few years back, and after bumping into them recently they gave us more details, saying that they had enjoyed the ‘facilities; at a recent trip

Over the past 2 years I have been travelling to Detroit a couple of times a year on business. On a couple of the trips Kath has joined me, mainly to just be together and along for the ride. She likes to shop and enjoy the hotel facilities etc., and we have visited a few places that we wouldn’t have done, if we had to make the trip from the UK.

Early in January I had to visit my contacts in Detroit, and I asked Kath if she could tag along, with a view to maybe visiting this club in St Louis. She agreed and we flew into Detroit on the late-night flight from Heathrow. The flight was uneventful we enjoyed a few drinks and drifted off to sleep to be awoken almost at touchdown, taxi to the hotel. I went off to my meeting Kath relaxed around the hotel.

Relaxing over dinner and a few drinks Kath and I discussed the day, and I mentioned that Bret and Stella my business contacts had invited us to dinner later in the week, Kath suggested she contact Stella and arrange something, but added that maybe our dinner should be after we had been to the St Louis club. That made sense so the next day I called Bret to explain that business would take me over to St Louis and we would be meeting them after the weekend.

We flew to St Louis on the Wednesday evening. Club night was Saturday night. So, that gave us some time to relax.

We hadn’t real done our homework on this place. We had heard from ’friends’ that it was worth a visit if we were in the area, and we had been given a number to call.

We made the call. Kath spoke to a lady, who wanted to know who had given us the number, who we were and did we understand the group rules etc. we answered most of the questions, except the one on rules and we asked if she could run through them just to make sure that we had things clear. She made it very clear that it wasn’t a club, it was a group, and such we would be must be interviewed before any party.

We explained that we were in town for only a few days, and had hoped to be having some fun over the weekend. The lady explained that she would have to make a few calls and get back to us later. It’s fair to say that we were disappointed, more with ourselves for not doing our homework.

So, we hit the internet to look for options.

Thursday morning, we got the call back. We were in luck they could meet for an interview that night, she also pointed out that it was a ‘one off’ chance, it was either that evening or nothing.

She added that we would need to dress to impress and that the interview had a couple of physical aspects. She wouldn’t go into more detail.

We agreed and took the address details and time.

I mentioned earlier that Kath is a well put together lady, and prides herself on her appearance, she always wears matching sexy undies, and knowing that I like to see her in stockings always packs a couple of pairs.

We dressed and made our way over to the address, little was said in the taxi, the driver made some small talk as we drove.

The taxi dropped us at a pair of large wooden gates, we rang the bell and a voice confirmed our names and the gates opened, as we walked through the front door of the house opened and a tall well-dressed guy smiled and said welcome.

We shook hands and he took Kath coat, and then showed us into a what appeared to be a home office type room.

He offered us a seat, and sat on the edge of a desk. He asked to see our passports and asked what type of work we did. He again questioned us ‘how did we know about the group’ we explained that a friend from London had been and told us about it. He confirmed that we knew the group was full on sex and that not playing was not an option. We nodded our consent. He also pointed out that it was always a drug free even, and that over indulgence in drink would result in us being asked to leave,

I must admit that I thought that this was the interview, but as he said ok I will take you into the interview room, adding that the group interviewing will all have eye masks on to protect their identities as were we not yet members. He also said that we would be asked to perform tasks. He took time to remind us that it was a one-time only interview, fail to impress and we wouldn’t be given another chance

We were lead into another room, this time it was much larger, the sofas had been arranged facing two chairs placed against the largest set of patio windows I had ever seen.

Sitting watching us walk in were 3 women and 5 guys including the guy who had conducted the first interview. He introduced us a Paul and Kath from England as we sat down.

The first person to speak was a lady to my left she was tall black and beautiful. Speaking to me she asked our ages and had we been in the lifestyle long. We explained our history she then asked me to stand and strip.

I must admit to nerves as I stood and stripped my jacket, shirt and trousers as I dropped my boxer shorts I placed my hands-on hips and stood facing the group. Now I equipped with an average cock no monster width or length and I am uncut. So, I did feel a little unsure of my credentials for membership.

One of the other ladies said ‘ok honey why don’t you jerk it up for us to see let’s see you get it proud for us’

I started to pull on my cock and with the blood rushing to my head not a lot was happening, worrying again I looked over to Kath.

I have never failed to get hard, but was this to be a first? I looked at the faces as the group watched, as I looked at them on of the girls said don’t worry maybe this will help and opened her legs a little. At last something was stirring in my groin, as I saw a flash of pussy under her skirt.

Kath was asked to stand, and she was questioned ‘was she a willing participant’? Kath nodded her agreement. But was asked to speak. ‘Yes,’ she replied

The next question. ‘Did she like to fuck’? again she answered ‘yes’. ‘Girls’ and Boys’? She explained that she had ‘enjoyed fun with girls but that it was passion rather than just a show to get guys turn on’

Next one of the women asked if she was submissive? Kath said that she wasn’t but hadn’t experienced any fun that way.

‘Are you turned on now’? now asked one of the guys. Kath confirmed that she was aroused.

‘Are you wearing panties’? he asked next again she confirmed she was

‘Are they wet’ his next line. ‘A little damp’ Kath said in what I thought was a very English accent, I was still standing a few feet away from Kath nude with a hard on.

‘Ok Kath take them off and bring them to me’ he said.

Kath quickly lifted her skirt slightly and reaching under started to reach for her knickers. ‘Stop’ he barked. ‘Paul hold her skirt up so that we can see her dressed and then as she pulls them off’ He instructed me.

I moved behind Kath and pulled her skirt up exposing her stockings suspenders and black lacy panties. Kath then reached the sides and slid her knickers down with a wiggle of her bum. Her sex was exposed and she moved to step her feet out of the knickers I still held her skirt bunched around her hips.

‘Nice pussy’ came from her questioner said ‘don’t forget to bring me the panties’

Picking them up Kath moved and I let go of the skirt, it stayed over her hips as she walked the few feet to her questioner and handing her panties to him he smiled as he felt then tasted the gusset. She turned and walked back to her chair.

One of the women said ‘Kath you can just unzip your skirt and take it off’ Kath again complied with the request.

So, we stood in front of ten people Kath in heels stockings and her blouse pussy on show, and me stark naked with a hard on.

One of the other ladies on the ‘panel’ was next to speak, Kath I would like you to follow me into the Den? ‘OK’ said Kath, Paul ‘one of the others will bring you to join us in a few minutes’.

Kath was lead away followed I watching Kath’s bum sway out of the room. Hearing two pairs of heels clicking through the hall

Next one of the guys spoke, Paul, “Our friend has taken Kath to the den are you ok with that”? “Sure’ I replied, adding, “Kath will make it known if she isn’t happy”

One of the guys nodded and the four of them stood making their way out of the room, I stood and watched them walk down the hall way.

The remaining two ladies stood and walked over the where I was still standing,

‘Don’t worry we won’t hurt you we just wanted a closer look’ said the blond lady, she moved her hand towards my still hard cock. The other had moved behind me, she was the beautiful black girl. I could feel her very close, breath on my neck as she moved her hands around my chest, teasing my nipples.

The blond said ‘we will keep you amused while Kath is prepared’ the black girl whispered into my ear, ‘have you ever watch her being fucked?’ ‘Yes” I replied with a dry mouthed voice. By now my new blonde friend had her lips around my hard cock, sucking and flick the head with her wet tongue. Naturally my hands went to her head. She shook her head free releasing my cock. Looking me in the eyes saying. ‘No, we control this is still your interview” The black girl adding, again in my ear. ‘Now be a good boy”

A finger traced down my back and into the crack of my arse heading towards my hole, teasing but not stopping, her long finger nails was scratch and teasing the spot between my balls and my arsehole.

My body was reacting to this constant arousal from two beautiful and talented ladies. A hard throbbing in my cock and the desire for more. The black lady spoke softly asking ‘would I like to touch? ’I nodded unable to speak.

She moved slightly to my side her friend still licking and sucking my cock. I moved my hands towards her groin hoping to feel and finger her pussy.

With a push, she moved it way, saying ‘Titties first honey” I turned my head to kiss her and latched onto her mouth tasting her mouth and breath hard and fast. My hand trying to worm into her blouse and bra.

I was on the edge of cumming, when it all stopped, the blonde stood and facing me, she took both my hands in hers and said ‘it’s time to go to the den”

My cock was bouncing with arousal and I could feel my precum dripping as we walked towards a big wooden door.

The room was dark, I wasn’t expecting that, the room was also longer than I expected, in the far end I could see Kath, standing now naked except for stockings suspenders and heels, as our group moved forward, I saw that she was standing on a raised platform her ankles and wrists had been fastened to hooks in the floor and ceiling, placing Kath in a spread-eagle position.

I could see from the look on her face that she was so hot and tuned on very close to an orgasm. Her eyes dark, focused, and burning with the need to cum . Her mouth slightly as she drew in breath, her tongue wetting and then her teeth teasing her lips. Cherry red nipples hard erect her areolas crinkled taut and no doubt aching. But her pussy was spectacular swollen lips red wet and inviting and looking closer I could see she was dripping! Strings of her thick wet juices dripping from her cunt. I had only seen her like this once before in all the years we have been together.

My new friend whispered in my ear, “Kath was brought here by Helen, she would have had the rest of her clothes removed and fastened to the frame, no one can penetrator her yet, but they can kiss and caress and inspect her. She will have given them permission to do that.” It certainly looked as if she had been touched.

I was led over to stand on the raised area, and my legs were being clamped at the ankle, and my hands raised above my head. I was facing Kath about six feet away from her, But I could smell her perfume along with the aroma of arousal.

My friend had stripped down to her panties, she walked over to me licking her lips and squeezing her tits together. She stood in front of me and gripped my cock, considering my eyes she rubbed my cock along her panties. She spoke saying “you said you liked to watch Kath getting fucked? Well can we fuck her?” ‘Yes ‘I replied.

She stepped aside and move around behind me, Kath once again was the centre of my vision. Gloria (my new friend) was whispering in my ear, almost like a running commentary.

‘I got the job of taking care of you honey’ she said, adding that Clare and Dawn would be preparing Kath. I watched as the two girls appeared nude approached Kath, Clare stood in front of her and kissed her mouth long and hard, I know that kissing is a major turn on for Kath, Dawn was behind Kath teasing and playing with her nipples, pulling and twisting.

Gloria was breathing hot breath into my ear, and as she watched she mirrored what they did to Kath’s nipples teasing mine.

Clare was still kissing Kath as her hand slowly slid down to Kath’s pussy, her pussy was already soaking, Gloria said ‘fuck she looks so wet and open’ Clare slid to fingers into Kath and I could tell they had no resistance, Kath was dripping, literally her juices were just oozing from her cunt and dripping in a string from her lips. Kath thrust her cunt against the fingers, trying to get more or deeper, her face, said that she was focused on cuming. Clare removed her fingers and held them up to her face as she started to lick her own fingers, Kath’s tongue was out stretching for a taste. In the back ground, Dawn quickly snapped clamped on Kath’s nipples, her face changed as the pain hit her body. Clare quickly started to work on Kath’s clit, again Kath was shaking as her body thrilled with an approaching climax.

I felt Gloria’s body move downward and slightly away from my body, then she was back, pushing her pubis against my arse. She had taken her panties off.

She again whispered in my ear, ‘I am getting very wet, my panties are wet, would you like to see them’. I nodded, she moved them close to my face, I could feel her sticky juices as she rubbed them over my cheek, them my nose. ‘Lick them’ she commanded My tongue was soon tasting her sweet womanly slime, as I watched Kath and her tormentors.

Gloria was stroking my dick, she whispered Kath will be meeting horse soon.

Knowing Kath as I do, I knew Kath was bubbling around her orgasm she was thrusting her pussy and straining at her restrains as the girls continued to tease her tits and pussy.

I then heard a guy’s voice ask if she was ready, Claire nodded and started to unfasten Kath’s arms from the restraints, her legs were still fastened as she was pulled forward over a leather covered table, this looked like something from a school gym only lower, I was gentle moved my new friends so that I was closer to the action, but clearly still under their control.

My view was now a slight angle to Kath’s rear, her cunt was clearly visible and I could she was still dripping her juices.

Claire pulled Kath’s arm’ forward again. that had the effect of thrusting her arse higher and her face lower. ‘Please let me cum’ Kath was almost begging.

A deep voice from shadows asked if she wanted to be fucked? Kath looked at me and said

‘Ohh Yes just fuck me “the look had said that she needed to be fucked’.

One of the guys stepped forward naked, he was a tall 40ish year old guy, very fit looking muscular and with a cock the likes I had never seen before. It was long but the girth was evident even from my distance.

Gloria whispered into my ear,’ That’s horse, a girl knows she’s been fucked once she’s had that cock in her”

Now watch that go up Kath. The guy had rubbed his cock up and down Kath ‘s dripping pussy lips, a couple of times before he pushed. His weight, strength and the wetness of her cunt made sure Kath was being fucked.

The sudden intake of her breath highlighted the fact that she was being penetrated, and as he repositioned and started to thrust Kath started to moan, and almost sob,

My cock was at bursting point, Gloria and one of the other girls where ‘taking care of business’ with me, teasing and pulling at my cock. However, my focus was on Kath.

Claire had moved slightly away and was busy rubbing her quim as she watched. Two guys had repositioned themselves in front of Kath wanking cocks and trying to get her attention for her to suck them, but Kath was lost in her moment. She started to cum and started to shout fuck me her legs and arse forcing back onto this cock.

My ladies had me right on the edge, and as Kath finally hit that spot she cum loud and very very wet, I had experience Kath spurting only on a couple of occasions, this wasn’t a spurt or a gush, it was more like a pee... This and the attention of two ladies had me spunking high into the air

Her friend was still going for his moment, and it quickly arrived filling Kath with hot spunk as he collapsed onto her back.

Claire was kissing Kath and stroking her face, Kath was dripping from a hot sweaty session but her cunt was soaking literally dripping her stockings had the scars of a hard fucking with spunk and female cum juice stains.

I asked if I could go to Kath, Gloria nodded her agreement. I eased my hand across her back and kissed her mouth it tasted of pussy, our eyes locked and she smiled satisfaction. Claire spoke saying that we would be allowed to tidy up. My hand naturally fell to Kath’s exposed sex, it felt wet, like never, and swollen.

We were lead away to in different direction.

We have gone on for a long time now, but more if anyone is interested?