Written by Paul B

27 Feb 2008

During a time whilst I was single some 11 years ago and between marriages, I had the pleasure of meeting Christine,a divorcee like myself and mid 40s. We met through a newspaper advert and went out for Sunday lunch, she was very pleasant on the eyes and a bubbly personality. After lunch we went back to mine and within minutes we were kissing and undressing each other with fervour. Wow she could kiss and her body was something to really applaud. We had, what seemed like hours of fun lovemaking and she had a strange request, that I took her anally and smacked her backside as hard as I could at the same time. As she came and came again I erupted insie her and felt totally spent. Chris wasnt finished rolling ontop of me and licking and sucking me clean.

After discussing what had happened she admitted that she was also bi and loved to play, as introduced by her ex. Some weeks before we met I had the pleasure of meeting a local couple, Glenda & Perry who loved all that is good in sex. Glenda was small, petite but with a voracious appetite for making love in any and every way and Perry loved to sit and watch.

After my second meeting with Christine I mentioned about Glenda and Perry and she was keen to meet up. I arranged an informal meeting, but pn the day Perry could not be there but Glenda and Christine got on like a house on fire and actually ha a kiss and cuddle. We arranged to meet 2 Sundays later at mine and swap partners, Glenda and Perry arrived on time and after some pleasantries the girls went upstairs to put ona show of lesbian lovemaking.

Once they had finished Glenda and myself went to a seperate bedroom leaving Christin and Perry. Some 5 minutes later Christine came into our bedroom and said that Perry had cum and could do no more and would we go and join them. Glenda was in agreement and we joined them on the bed and whilst I gave Glenda a good time, Perry just looked on with Christine playing with Glenda and myself. As soon as I had shot my load into Glenda Christine wanted some of my cock and gently eased it into her pussy and then rolled over to have inserted into her arse. Perry had sat up in bed and Glenda climbed up his body and made him lick out all of mu cum and he appeared to really enjoy this. Whilst this was happening I shot a load into Christine and then Glenda made Perry slide down my body and lick my cock clean. A first for me but it felt good as this was happening the girls were playing again. At the end of the night after Glenda & Perry left, Christine asked if we could do it again.

I spoke to Glends the next day and she said she was up for it but Parry felt he had let himself down but was keen for her to play and would watch and lick all of us clean. This happened several times and each time Perry was eager to lick every orifice clean including our backsides. That was good