Written by norfolklad69

18 Feb 2007

i was 18 at the time, and had always thought about being with a bloke, but i never had the balls to get up and do anything about it, i like the feel of wearing tights so i wore then under my jeans with socks on, not the most seductive look, but i knew they where there and i would walk around with a hard on most the time, id just finished college and had walked the bus station with a hard on, whilst sitting there i looked over at a man in a suit and he was looking over slightly rubbing himself, never really seeing like this sent me red as a beetroot, but i couldnt stop looking, i wondered why he was looking at me then realised my tights where halfway up my back and very visible, he came and sat next to me and put his hands on my knee and asked where i was going, how old i was etc. he finally asked me if i wanted to come back to his, i sat there thinking of what could or might happen, and muttered the words yes,

God what was i thinking, a strange man in a bus station asking me to come back to his, i thought to myself this sorta stuff usually happens in stories.

the bus arrived and i walked straight to the back of the bus, i sat on the back seat in the corner and he has next to me, whispering in my ear asking me about the tights and why i wore them, before i knre it he had undone his jeans and put his hands straight down there,, i was already hard and he slowly stoked me which felt great, i mean i had wanked myself in tights before but this did really feel great, DING he stood up and said time to get off, so i quickly zipped myself up nd followed him,

100 yard walk down the road and we where outside his house he walked straight in and went upstaires, so as a young lad i followed, straight into the beedroom and sat on his bed, i didnt really look at the decor or anything i was to interested in him, he told me to get undressed but leave the tights on, which i did, he rubbed me all over and i felt like i was going to cum, id never kissed a man before but it felt great he slowly made me bend over his bed, i could hear him going something then al of a sudden i noticed the mirror infront of me, i could see him openeing a draw getting some ky out and a condom, and i thought FUCK what is going on an i gonna let him do this,, i didnt want to say anything which i thought to myself must mean i wanted it, then all of a sudden, RIP, thats a hole in the back of the tights and then a cold wet finger being pushed in my are, it felt different to say the least,

then i felt something a little bigger push against my tight virgin arse and i knew what it was i could see him standing there with a grin looking at my arse still in his suit slowly his cock pushing in my arse god the pain was unbearable but in the same breath it felt so goo, he slowly worked his cock all the way in, he said nothing i could just hear him breathing then he slowly pulled his cock out then alittle faster back in, slowly working my hole, then in a cool calm voice he said ' are you ready for the best arse fucking of your life boy' to which i replied, ' its my first so it best be the best' i heard the excitement in his breathing knowing i was a virgin arse wise.

he carried on slowly fucking me for a while getting fast and faster, the pain had gone and it was just pleasure now until he just started pounding away at my arse, it felt great i could see in the mirror than he was enjoying it he grabbed the back of my hair and it really felt like he was abusing me, calling me a little man slut and telling me that i was to become his little cock whore, i was up for anything at this point, he then pushed my head into the bed, i couldnt breath but this in turn felt great, then i felt him tense up then i felt him explode, ( at this point i then realised he didnt put the condom on, i wasn't really to worried at the time just felt abuse) i had cum running down my tights slowly seeping out of my abused arse,

but no sooner had he come he told me it was time to go, i got dressed and kinda hobbled down the stairs to the front door put my shoes on and heard from the stop of the stairs' we will do this every monday' we wasnt asking me he was telling me, i loved it, said ok and walked to the bus stop, witht he cum still all over my arse and tights,

this carried on for 2 years until we got caught by his wife but thats a different story