Written by alwaysbus1

1 Mar 2009

hi i had a funny sort of day today been chatting with a married 54yo woman on another site for a couple of weeks and asked if she fancied meeting up for a drink sshe suggested meeting at the cheshire oaks for a coffee see how we got on then we would go for a drink so i got dressed left my car at home got a bus to liverpool then a bus to cheshire oaks a all round 2 hour journey when i got there i text her to find out where she was then proceeded to starbucks for a coffee we chatted for a while i then asked if she fancied going a quiet pub she agreed we sat in a corner chatted about her husband and kids i then leaned across put my hand behind her she leaned on me i kissed her gently on the lips her tongue was in my mouth like a flash i then lowered my fingers to gently run around the nipple on the outside of her blouse she then asked how i was getting home i told her either bus or train she agreed to take me the train station we walked over to her car stopping by the drivers door we kissed i put my hand up her top and moved her bra off her breast she started to moan next thing a couple came across to a car parked along side we clinbed in the car and headed for ellesmere port station there was no train in so we pulled behind a wall in the station pub car park she switched off the engine i asked her to let her seat back then started kissing her gently rubbing her ears within minutes i had her bra off her breasts again and started to lick and suck them while my other hand was working into her waistband on the trousers she had on i then undid the buttons pulled down the zip and slid my hand in allowing 2 fingers to go straight to the pussy lips and start playing whilst still sucking on her boob within minutes she was moaning tugging my shirt out of my trousers and trying to get my zip down i raised my arse off the seat so she could pull them down she then started playing with my cock i still had my fingers up her pussy she then lowered her head and started licking and sucking my cock i tried to pull her head up she was having none of it she sucked like a dyson till i shot my load down her throat she started to bring her head up and a car pulled along side us the male sat looking across we discreetly got dressed she started the engine drove me to the end of the car park we kissed a little i got out of the car she went home to her husband and family and noone gets hurt looking forward to meeting her one night during the week