Written by Bev

7 Dec 2013

I work at the local hospital in the radiology department and the other night we were having having a small department get together to celebrate the soon to be Xmas break. Also we had one guy who had been working as a locum doctor in the department who was leaving as his contract was up.

It was nice to have a few drinks and some snacks as the job can become very humdrum and boring.

The guy who was leaving us was in his early twenties and nice looking, I had caught him on a few occasions having a sly look at me around the place which I found flattering as I am mid forties, we were once in an office together and I could see from a reflection in the window that he was ogling my legs when I crossed them, our uniforms are a simple white button through tunic which I wear with just mt bra, panties and stockings underneath, and I thought well he's a long way from home and he's nice why not let him have a flash?, I had to get some files out of a cabinet so went over and opened the drawer, I got the files in my hand and managed to drop them on the floor, I bent down to retrieve them and quick as a flash he was over to help, I could see he was gazing down the top of my tunic and having a look at my lacy topped bra.

I was again happy to let him and thought why not show him a bit more? the hem of my dress had ridden up a bit and he noticed and his stare followed it all the way, I then parted my legs so he could see my stocking tops and bare thighs above and also a little peek at my brief panties.

Anyway nothing further happened between us although he continued to have a furtive look whenever he could.

Anyway on the night of the do things had started to wind down and people had started to leave, I was the last female there so went to our locker room to change out of my work clothes and go home. I had just taken off my work dress when I was sure I could here the door open slightly, I knew I was the only woman remaining so being intrigued who it could be stepped back from my locker door to this young guy just inside the door watching me.

My heart jumped and my tummy was upside down, I manged to blurt out that I hoped he was happy seeing my in my underwear, I had already discarded my dress so was stood in my bra, panties, stockings and shoes.

He was very cool about it and not in the least bit embarassed, he said he had watched me a lot and had been masturbating almost every day while thinking about the flash I gave him before.

He came over towards me and he erached out to touch my bare arm, I was totally unable to move, he moved closer and bent to kiss me, I responded and he reached around to unclip my bra, my boobs came free and he started to suck my nipples, I was moaning at this and he then had his hand in my panties stroking my clitty, next thing he pushed my hand down to his flies, I unzipped him and got my hand on his dick, he said lets use one of the chairs, we staggered to an armchair and he sat on it while I straddled him, his dick soon impaled me and I rode him till be both came together.

I was totally drained after this so it took a while for me to get dressed and fix my hair etc.

He gave me a lift home and continued to give me a feeling up while driving. He left the next day and I have heard nothing since but the experience did tell me that although I am mid forties the younger guys still are attracted, I will be trying my drop the files routine again when the opportunity arises.