Written by Roadrunner

2 Jun 2008

Our friend Diane asked me if I could give her some advice on training for the local \"race for life\". Having been a runner for many years I was pleased to help. After several weeks she suggested we go for a run together.We met up on the next sunday morning at 10-30and set off in her car to the local park and set off for our run after about 20 minutes the heavens opened. We dived for cover in the shelter to wait for the rain to ease. Diane started to shiver so I cuddled her tightly. She cuddled me back for a few seconds then squeezed my bum in her left hand them slowly slipped her hand inside my shorts and eased them down. I was speechless as she held my fast growing cock not saying a word she started to slowly wank me. Looking around she could see no one around she then dropped her jogging bottoms and Bridgete Jones knickers turned her back on me and bent over. I quickly eased my cock into her tight but wet pussy. I slowly started to slide in and out of her going as deep as her pussy would allow her breathing became deep and panting. I kept going as she started to groan incoherantly as i went faster not stopping I felt myself about to cum. I went faster and harder as she shuddered and squealed we both had a fantastic orgasm. It was all over in no more then 5 minutes. We tidied ourselves up by which the rain had gone off and we finished our run. WE didnt say much in the journey back home but when we got back her hubby Steve asked how it went Diane said it was great and she would love to do it again wath a big smile on her face.Little did he know but that is a story for another day.