Written by janet

26 Jun 2007

My husband decided he HAD to go to Athens for the match which really pissed me off.To make me better he texted his friend,John,and told him that i would be very lonely for the week he would be away for.Dave left on the monday and i went to work.When I finished work at 1;00 I had three texts all getting more suggetive. The last one sent at 12;00 said never mind then,if you dont want to meet. I texted him back saying thats a pity and he replied saying that he could still make it.I rushed home, washed and was deciding what to wear when there was a knock on the door. I quickly threw on a silk kimono and answered the door."What a welcome ", he said looking me up and down. He came in and we kissed .I grabbed his hand and we climbed the stairs. He let go and felt my bum saying he was admiring the view! We entered the bedroom and I went and closed the curtians.As I turned he had stripped off and his cock stood out in my direction."Glad you brought your friend", I said and walked over to him,kissed him and reached down to wrap my fingers around his swollen knob.Keeping eye contact, I slid down his body and swallowed his cock, sliding my mouth up and down his length.He lifted me up, pushed me away and slid the kimono down to expose my boobs.Taking one into his mouth he twisted the other nipple gently.I looked down at his bald head and thought fleetingly-very fleetingly- that it shouldnt be happening. He slid the kimono off completely and pushed me onto the bed.He lifted my legs and lapped at my ,by now, soaking wet pussy.

I leant back and closed my eyes.His fingers twisted in my pussy opening and his thumb pushed against my bumhole.After 5 minutes or so he came up for air and I tasted my juices on his lips." like that do you?" he said " i better get you some more".

He went down on me again,licking around and around my clit.Time and again we did this until finally he came up and leant over me to insert his prick into my cunt.My legs lifted of their own accord and he slid in fully to his balls, filling me to the brim. His cock is about the same length as my husbands but a lot thicker.He fucked me in that position but kept pulling out, licking my pussy and pushing back into me again.