Written by pleasurerider

8 Jan 2016

I have been having a relationship with 78 year old Rita for over 5 years now.( see granny on the bus). The reason I have not continued with my stories was because I was getting too close to Rita and doing the honourable thing and not disrespecting her by telling the world all our secrets.

But now I have decided to reveal some of the antics that we have got up to over the last few years. I am now 68 years old and keep myself fit by walking up to 10 miles a day, five days a week. rita is also an active walker and regularly joins me on my walks through Ainsdale/ Freshfield squirell reserve near Southport. We normally walk around 7 in the morning and the woods are very quiet at that time of the day. Going off the beaten track Rita loves nothing better than to wrap her arms around a pine tree and be taken from behind by me. We will have sex while she is bent over a picnic table or bench, Her trackie bottoms around her ankles while I pump her from behind and she fingers herself. We will walk down to the beach and she will drop to her knees in the dunes and give me a blow job without any hesitation.

When we go to a pub/ cafe for a drink/coffee she will tell me she is going to the ladies to remove her underwear and when she returns she expects me to finger her under the table while in the vicinity of other punters or diners. Nothing worries her and she enjoys her sex life to the limit.

Sex outfits from Ann Summer are the norm as are toys ranging from light feather dusters to Hitachi Magic Wand and everything in between.

I(married for 48 years). have even been shagging her in her own bed when family members have unexpectedly called on her. She brazenly left me in bed while she went downstairs, naked under her dressing gown and entertained her 50 year old 6 foot son and family, while I was shitting a brick upstairs in case I was discovered

I have a multitude of stories about our escapades, so if you are interested for more let me know