Written by sexysubhotloins

28 Jul 2013

It had been a couple of days since me and my boyfriend had seen each other when he picked me up last night. The previous evening we had been on Skype to each other, teasing one another until we were desperate for sex but had banned each other from pleasuring ourselves until we were together. The next morning I awoke to a message from my man telling me his cock was hard and his balls were heavy with cum for me. Since he was at work I decided to brighten up his day by sending him naughty messages and a couple of pictures of me wearing a basque, suspenders and heels, making him even more horny for me.

We had organised to meet up with a friend of ours from work at a restaurant that evening and we didn't have much time to get ready by the time he pulled up outside my house. I decided to torment him a little more by wearing no bra and a tight vest, showing off my nipples. As I climbed into his car his hands immediately reached for my erect nipples and circled them with his thumbs before kissing me on the cheek and pulling out onto the road, the tease! During the car journey his hand alternated from pulling, twisting and flicking my nipples to rubbing my pussy through my leggings. Whereas, my hand was slowly working its way along the inside of his thigh eventually reaching his balls which I cupped and gave a gentle squeeze, encouraging his cock to get even harder.

By the time we got to his house we were both gagging for it. We burst through the front door and he pressed me up against the wall, trapping me with his hands either side of me and his body pressed up against mine as his tongue ventured into my mouth. This made us even more frantic and we began to make our way up the stairs to bed, stripping each other on the way up. My cunt was wet for him and we knew we had to be quick so he pushed me down onto the bed and slammed his cock into me hard. I cried out with shock and excitement as he began a relentless rhythm, thrusting in and out of me. I lifted my hips with each thrust and started to grind my clit against him, increasing the building pleasure. I was already getting close and was clawing at his back and using my feet to push him harder and faster into me. With one more hard thrust I screamed out as I started to cum, watching his cock as it continued to thrust in and out, now slick with my cum. I bit down on his shoulder as he picked up the pace and found his own release. Lying down next to me he tried to catch his breath while I got up to have a shower and start getting ready.

Just as I put on my red backless dress he came up behind me, slipped one hand into my dress to caress my nipple and presented me with some love balls with the other hand. He whispered in my ear to suck on the balls and once satisfied that they were thoroughly lubed up, he slowly bent me over. Pushing my lace thong to the side he inserted the balls into me and gently spanked my pussy so the balls jumped forward inside my cunt. As I stood upright I felt full but excited. It wasn't until I started to walk that the balls started to jingle, making my muscles clench around them.

Sitting in the restaurant was torture. I kept crossing my legs, squeezing my thighs together as I got more and more turned on. I could barely concentrate on the conversation and sat making my way through the wine. Obviously enjoying my torment my boyfriend was slowly circling his fingers along my bare back, getting lower and lower causing my nipples to harden and rub against the fabric of my dress. By this point I was tipsy from the wine and desperately wanted to get him home to have some fun.

As soon as we climbed into the taxi I pounced on him. Kissing him frantically, forcing my tongue into his mouth and running my fingers through his hair. He slowly slid his hand up the inside of my thigh and rubbed my clit through my underwear. Moving my thong aside he grabbed the thread of the balls and began to slide them in and out. I was biting my lip trying not to moan. He was kissing my neck when he breathed "take off your underwear" in my ear. Glancing at the driver I slid my thong down and put it inside my bag while he pulled my dress up over my bum. Feeling a little exposed I tried to close my legs but my boyfriend spread them wider apart and began again to pull the balls in and out, getting harder and faster. I lent over and started to kiss and bite his neck as my hand started to undo his belt then his fly before slipping under the waistband of his boxers to grab his hard cock. We were moaning into each others mouths as our tongues worked against each other while he fucked me with the balls and I wanked his cock. He then started to rub his thumb over my clit and I began to cum on the leather seats of the taxi.

The taxi then pulled up outside of my boyfriends house so we quickly had to adjust ourselves. My cheeks were red from my orgasm as was fixing myself, noticing the wet stain on the seat of the taxi. Thanking the driver, he said "Enjoy the rest of your evening, love" before winking at me in the mirror. I couldn't help but giggle as my boyfriend helped me up the drive.

Once we were inside the house the familiar, frantic energy overwhelmed us again as we started to kiss passionately. I made my way to go up the stairs when he grabbed my hips and turned me around. Dropping to his knees in front of me, he lifted my dress over my bum once more and continued to fuck me with the balls like he was in the taxi while licking my clit. It wasn't long before I started to cum again, moaning loudly and slowly dropping to my knees, weakened from the intensity of the pleasure.

He helped me up and supported me as we made our way into his bedroom, the balls still inside me. When we were inside the room he led me over to the bed and bent me over, pushing my chest down so I was flat against the mattress. Instead of pulling the balls out of me he was rubbing his hand over my wet cunt then covering his hard cock with my recent cum. Gently, he eased himself into me, pushing the balls forward inside of me. The pleasure was intense and I was so full. He picked up his rhythm as he fucked me from behind. Grabbing my hand he pulled it down to my clit and made me rub my own clit whilst he reached for my nipples and started to tease them. As I was getting close I moved my hand from my clit to his balls and started cupping them and gently squeezing them until I could feel his cock starting to swell as he was ready to cum. Just before he was about to cum he pulled his cock out and squirted his load over my back while pulling the balls out of me, making me cum for the forth time that evening. Lying down next to me, he pulled me to him and we continued to kiss and gently touch each other until we both fell asleep.

It is definitely not an evening I will be forgetting any time soon.