Written by LauraVS

7 Jun 2018

My partner loves hearing stories about my younger days when I was new to the lifestyle.... a few nights ago he left a massive load inside me and was watching me laying there with is still deep inside me. It reminded me of the 1st time I was on pill... after years of sex with condoms and 'pulling out in time' watching out of the baby making juice it was liberating to be on the pill and not have to worry... yes yes I know about STDs but hey I was young and I was fucking without a condom anyway but they never finished inside... it was always a blowjob to finish or what ever...

The few nights in to the safe zone , I was fucking some guy and he was about to pull out but I kept going and said keep it inside... he pumped harder than before.. the last few seconds before he came was so intense and I felt it throbbing and pouring inside me.. he pulled out there it was a load of cum pouring out and no worries about it at all... He kept on fucking after that and it was a foamy mess but it was so much fun! My relationship with cum started there.. I had no fear of it.. I didn't mind in on me, in me , all over me... it was just a way of getting more sex coz all the boys just loved to see it on me or in me.

After I got into to the more advanced fun days when I was in to threesomes and stuff the cum games got even more fun! My boyfriend loved seeing other guys cum on me while he fucked me.... the most cum I had was when my partner and I had 4 guys join us ... they were off the internet so none of them got to fuck me with no condom but I had my partners cum inside me while I had 4 other loads all over me! Some of them went on to fuck me again so I had a good load on me that night..

so yeah.. cum is fun... I stopped fearing it ... learned to love it!