Written by Gerrie

25 Jan 2018

I am Gerrie , married cuming up to 8 years , my hubby works all over the Uk and overseas, last summer he was in New York away on business, late in the night i had a water emergency , the ensuite toilet leaked all over the bathroom , shitty water everywhere , Kens brother lives in the next village , hes done odd jobs for us before, i phoned him i knew it was stupid o clock but i put on my desperation voice , i could tell he wasn't happy especially early Sunday morning , anyway he arrived and aftera couple of hours the blockage was cleared and the bathroom was cleaned up as if nothing had happened. Tom asked could he have a shower as he was bogging , it was the least i could do i also gave him a t shirt and track suit bottoms , telling him to leave his close and i would wash them.

I offered him a drink he said could he crash out on the couch and he would let himself out in the morning , i said ok and got him a pillow and quilt , he asked could he have a stronger drink, we had a whisky and then , i went to bed .

Ken had been away for a week , i had just finished my period and as girls will know for me i am horny as fuck during that week , knowing Tom was down stairs was getting me wet and my fingers were playing with my pussy , i know it was wrong , with a hand over my mouth a cum and spurted . The naughty devil appeared on my shoulder i put on a dressing gown to go down stairs for a drink from the fridge , Tom was awake and he joined me , i flirted with Tom , i knew it was wrong but i needed my urge fixed and Tom was going to help . The mood changed and Tom kissed me and then we made love on the couch , he was very gentle to begin , i had to tell him to fuck me hard , time for seduction was over . Tom a man to his word , fucked me good , i sucked him , he licked me and then doggie fucked me , pulling out and cuming on my arse .

I was still close , with my legs back he licked and finger fucked me to orgasm.

I lay in his arms , and then he went for my pussy again , i wanted his cock again and he fucked me good , slapping my arse which i love , he said he was close to cuming i turned around a sucked his dick , he cum in my mouth .

Hearts pounding we fell a sleep on the couch , i woke up and went back upstairs , i heard Tom down stairs , and then he left , he left a note saying thanks , guilt kicked in , Ken was away and in my horny state i fucked his brother.

I did phone Tom and he said dont worry no one will know,to give me piece of mind . Yes i was wrong , but i did like getting fucked by Tom and when Ken got back and we were having a catch up in bed i did fantasise it was Toms cock in me .

Tom has not bothered me at all , we did meet up at Christmas as if nothing had happened , i have deleted so many messages to Tom , and next month Ken is going to Aberdeen for a long weekend and i am tempted , am i wrong ? Is it worth it ? and guidance - advice would help .........please x