Written by LVR

8 Apr 2017

My girlfriend Vic is about 5ft8, slim size 8 with nice perky 36 B to C tits and nice long legs. We are both in our early 30s and her being as hot as she is, we've found our way in to a few threesomes and sex parties over the years. At the right time and place its a lot of fun and we kind of look forward to every opportunity that we get.

We were travelling around not too long ago and ended up in a gorgeous place that offered a 7 day guided tour. A very friendly and a handsome young man acted as our driver and the guide for the holidays. The 1st few days were spent at beach side resorts and doing water sports. Our driver Sam got on great with us and we often invited him for lunch with us or to join us for a drink after dinner. We both saw that Sam was infatuated with Vic, he kept staring at her ass when ever she walked away and I could see him lust after her when ever she was in her bikini or a short skirt. It was entertaining and hot to see the young guy lust after her and she loved the attention.

Day 5 morning I said that we should have some fun with the driver before we go, Vic was happy as he was a nice guy and we made sure to buy a few boxes of condoms that afternoon. Vic wore ultra sexy swimwear that day, almost just a string covering her arse and cunt and a very thin white bikini top that made her nipples show when wet. Sam was having a hard time keeping his eye off her all day and finally by the end of the day we asked if he would like to join us for dinner as a treat for being a great guide. Vic put on a string top that was tied over her neck and a very short skirt with a pair of thongs, she had no bra on. We had dinner at the hotel bar and had a few beers and Sam was getting very tipsy and more open commenting how great we are and how lucky I was to have an amazing girl like Vic. After a few more rounds we left the bar and as we were walking to the lobby I asked Sam to come up with us to the room and he didn't even question it, we got to the room and handed him another beer and Vic sat on the bed and continued the conversation.She had crossed her legs so that the skirt was open and her thong was in our face and Sam was starting to get a massive boner. I took my beer and sat behind Vic and gradually pulled her string top and let it fall opening up her perfect tits to Sam, he just watched speechless as I kissed her neck and started to rub her cunt. I took over for a while and undressed Vic down to her thong and started to lick her sweet cunt, Sam was still dressed and watching us while rubbing his boner. Vic said c'mon Sam take out your cock and lets have some fun and pulled him towards her.

Sam unzipped ,he had a pretty nice size cock that Vic quickly started to suck. I pulled off my shorts and got inside her and off we went. I fucked her for a while and pulled out the condoms for Sam , Vic laid on the bed and guided him inside her as I watched. He was ferocious with her, he thrusted so hard and fast that Vic was foaming at her cunt in no time and having a blast. We fucked for around 2-3hours till all three of us were spent.

The next morning was fun, Vic gave Sam a big hug as soon as we saw him and said thanks for a great night! that seemed to put him at ease. She kept flashing him all day letting him grab her tits and arse . She even gave us a quick blowjob in the back of the van when we stopped for lunch and she took him back to the room that night for a quick fuck while I was at the bar. The last night was some serious hardcore fucking, It was clear that Sam wanted to pump Vic hard for every last drop that night. He kept her moaning on and on till we had to leave for the airport.